the staff up front are very rude. they had me to drive all the way there to see DR COBB then told me they would not see me. I NEED A APOLOGY FOR THE WAY I WAS TREATED TODAY 5/10 /17
I had originally seen Dr Chris and while he was an excellent Dr Jock was even better. My first appointment was when I had somehow hurt my left foot/ankle area back in June/July and could barely walk. Both Dr Jock and his nurse were extremely patient and understanding. . I never once felt like an idiot because of my speech patterns ( when anxious or in pain I speak very very rapidly and its very hard to understand me ) which is huge for me. Dr Jock is very patient kind knowledgable
I have been going to Dr Burns for a couple of years. He is in a small clinic and there is no long wait time. He is very easy to talk to. If you don't have family dr I would recommend Dr Burns.
He listen to you, and concerned Doctor
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