He is a "fair" doctor unless you are on poor, old, disabled or on Medicare/Medicaid. Then after 10 years of acting like he "cares about you as a human", he will put you out on the sidewalk like you are a wet cat. With no warning or thought to how it will effect your health. Both physically and mentally. And his staff is the same. Smile to your face, turn on you in one heart beat. It is $$ ALL ABOUT THE MONEY FOR THIS DOCTOR $$. And he has not a clue what "do no harm" is truly about.
Dr. Piechal treated me for approx two years and I couldn't have asked for a more kind and understanding physician. Although the staff can be a bit "assuming" about for what, and why, you're there, overall, they are adequately efficient...and while they may be skeptical of you, it's not "you". Of the many patients they see, I've NO doubt that they've simply become "conditioned" to see most everyone that way. Ultimately, if you suffer from chronic pain, Dr. Piechal & HAMC are absolutely top notch.
He has been my pain Doctor since 2006, I admit he can be VERY Direct!... this can been seen as rude, especially if you are hurting like hell when you go in... When it comes to back pain, not much helps. I get trigger point injections if I have a flair up. Bill has always been willing to work with me and look out for me. I have been up and down on my pain meds as I get better or worse and he has always worked with me on that... But read the contract, he will fire anyone who breaks it...
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