After doing research on hip specialists in Tucson, I chose to schedule an appointment with Scott Slagis. I have a torn labrum and was looking for a means of controlling/ fixing my pain. He was very curt, very unsympathetic, did a very limited physical assessment, and literally told me I would have to "live with my pain". He was very negative about any physical therapy or surgical correction ideas I had and was obviously on a time crunch. I will not be recommending this provider to anyone I know.
Thanks to Dr. Tucker's over and above treatment effort, I was able to recover from a serious knee problem in time to be able to go on a once in a life time trip to celebrate my 25th wedding anniversary!
I've had Dr. Wild do surgery on me two times. Both times were excellent experiences. Everything went like clock work. Dr Wild knows his profession and enjoys helping people regain mobility and reduce pain.
Takes time with exam, thorough and explains what is wrong, what can be done, with options if they're are any. I've been treated by him for several years, needing knee and hip replacement since first visit, had injections to delay surgeries and finally decided to proceed with hip replacement. Success! Pain free! Couple of years later, knee replacement, released from hospital less than 24 hours later - success!! Still see for follow up on other knee that needs replacement. Thank you Dr. Jesse Wild
Recently, I was a patient at the Tucson Orthopedic Institute. I had a very good experience. 1. It was easy to make a timely appointment 2. The staff at the admissions desks was trained and helpful 3. The wait time to see the doctor was short 4. The diagnosis of my problem was carefully determined 5. All aspects of my surgery went smoothly with outstanding doctors, nurses and staff 6. All insurance paperwork was handled in a very efficient manner I highly recommend the Tucson Orthopedic Institute
Dr. Wild replaced my knee over a year ago, and I am still having a lot of problems with pain. After surgery he told me to go to the gym and work out, that I didn't need Physical Therapy. We don't belong to a gym. He is a very abrupt and always in a hurry. I would NOT recommend him.
Best orthopedic doctor you will find in Tucson, AZ. I was a patient of his for 10 years. I wish he was here in Texas.
Dr. Wild performed knee replacement surgery on both of my knees (eight weeks apart). His work is impeccable. He is professional and to the point. He was recommended to me by a family friend who also had two knee replacements performed by him. I too highly recommend him.
He took good care of me and gave me exactly the information I needed
Hip replaced - Dr. Wild was excellent all through the entire process
Performed a knee surgery on me that wasn't needed. He never looked at the MRI. I was bruised not broken. When I called him on the botched job, he said, I only scoped you get over it. It took me months to get over it and relearn to walk.
I was nervous because of the hip recalls I had heard of on tv. Dr Jesse Wild explained those were att. Looking for work. He assured me he would not a Dr. If he planted defective parts in people.
Dr. Wild is not only compassionate. He is a highly skilled professional. Some Doctors are technicians. Dr. Wild is an Artist. He performed an Arthroscopic Meniscotomy on my right knee. The recovery period was literally the 45 Minutes that I remained under anesthsia. I cannot say enough good things about this wonderful surgeon and human being.
3yr patient of Evans; won't return. I have a recurring ingrown toenail that Dr. Evans treated in the fall of 2015(5% chance of regrowing). In July 2017, the toe suddenly started throbbing overnight, and showed clear signs of infection. TOI told me that Evans had NO urgent appointments (NOT normal for DPMs!), and when I politely requested they check again, I was told that Evans himself said no, even though it was infected. NOT an adequate standard of care! When you need him, he won't help.
While i can assume Dr. Baron is technically adept, his arrogance, ego and lack of communication skills leaves him as a less than well rounded physician. He is curt, rude and more interested in telling the patient how long he's been in business than in putting on his active listening skills and treating the patient with respect. I was extremely put off by his approach and his lack of follow up. I believe he needs a remedial class in "patient interaction".
I don't know how this man has such a high rating.... must be paid lol He is arrogant, dismissive and does not answer yes or no questions. Save your money
Dr. Russell Cohen is the best knee doctor ever! He replaced both of my knees this summer. He did them 6 weeks apart. I was walking on the new knees the next day without a walker. I had been very skeptical about getting knee surgery for years and had put it off. Now I am very glad I did it. My legs are straighter than they have been in years. Thank you Dr. Cohen!
I was told to get a xray without ever seeing the doctor. Poor bedside manner.
Dr. Nielsen is a fantastic surgeon. He did a meniscus surgery after another dr. Said I needed a knee replacement! Very professional and truly caring. I highly recommend him for anyone needing this surgery. I only wish he worked on all skeletal parts.
I really don't know how to thank God for Doctor Evans's life. This doctor very experienced his job. He is very pationate. Almost 2 months now I'm back on my both feet. I can walk without feeling no pain. I'm wearing any kind of shoes now. I can wake up with a good mood now because no more pain. He took his patience and step by step figured out how to help me to get back on my feet. God give him more more knowledge to help more people like he helped me. God be with his him and his family. JEROME
Ive been to many Drs. That could help me with a life long problem with my feet and that is excessive calluses, To add fuel to the fire i am a diabetic, And many Drs would even consider any kind of surgery but Dr. Evans took the bull by the horns and have releived me of well over 50% of my daily pain i feel like a new man with new feet. Thank you Dr. Evans and God Bless You
I found him to be dismissive and oddly argumentative. Because he didn't listen he misdiagnosed my recent ankle injury as arthritis. He didn't even try to physically investigate my ankle to see exactly where the pain was coming from. I didn't go to medical school but I know you don't go from pain-free to lots of pain after one specific injury, and it's arthritis. I consulted with two other foot and ankle surgeons who did not have his "diagnosis." A colossal waste of time.
I had to wait over 30 minutes in the examination room to see him. He did not appear to have respect for my belongings by kicking and throwing my property across the exam room instead of moving them by hand. Definitely won't return.
Dr was very rushed and did not take more than 5 minutes with my son. Would not listen to questions - he was in a rush!!! Very unprofessional and did not care about the patient.
Dr. Jeffrey Baron is a awesome Doctor......i was in pain for about over 6 month ....this was my 4th lower back surgery (1st by Dr. Baron) and I'm glad i had Dr. Baron......he is very nice.....answers all the question i had regarding my back.......he cares so much and tries to get you scheduled right away if possible.....the staff is also very nice.....if you ever need surgery for your back i would suggest to get Dr. Baron.........thank you so much for making my life a better one...... <3
I have had a left and right shoulder replacement with Dr Mahoney. One regular and a reverse. So glad using bag of pain medication for 3 days after surgery. Minimum pain. Very little pain pills had to be taken. I was amazed how little pain I has. Great job
Just had my first interaction with Dr Goode..was very impressed , just a good guy all around, knowledgeable and very professional, did not wait long and when he was with me I had his undivided attention.. If you are looking for a great Doctor I would go with Goode, see what I did there ?? all word play aside I have great confidence in this doctor.
Dr Cohen is the standard from which all other orthopedic surgeons should be measured. I had a left knee replacement four years ago and had no trouble after the surgery or later. 2 weeks ago I had my right hip replaced and no pain or problems from it. Dr Cohen is on time, quick (as he does many hip and knee replacements), and thorough (checking my recovery). I would recommend him to my children. I asked my primary care physician which surgeon he would send his family to, he said Dr Cohen!
Wow! 1st impression is one shot and this guy really showed no sympathy towards my concerns/ condition. He is a rude person. Did not even care about how am feeling. It was like I was talking to the walls. We were in the office for not even 5 minutes had me do some exercises quickly and said he would refer me to physical therapy. I was very disappointed in his demeanor. I would not recommend this so called Dr to anyone.
Dear Doctor Baron, I wanted to tell you how grateful I am of your excellent professional expertise while performing my neck surgery ( ACDF ). I was nervous about having surgery. Thank you for describing what would happen during and after surgery which moved me forward with the surgery. After having chronic pain in my neck and right arm for several years, I am feeling much better and my right arm is getting stronger. I would recommend Dr. Baron for those who have chronic back issues. Thank you
Honestly if I could give this guy a zero stars I would. My husband went to this guy twice for his back pain and both times he never order a new MRI to see the progress of his Facet disease in his spine. Especially on our visit today he used the same MRI that will be a year old next month. This guy pretty much told my husband that he had to deal with his pain and get over it there was nothing he could do. How do you know if u don't order a new MRI
Dr. Piedrahita has treated both my kids, one for a fractured metatarsal and another for a fractured tibia. Dr. Piedrahita has been great, he is very attentive and knowledgeable. You instantly know he cares for his patients and there well being. His staff is always very professional and compassionate. I have had very good experiences with Dr. Piedrahita, and would highly recommend him to be trusted with your wellness and recovery.
I have had 2 surgeries (hip replacements) performed by Dr. Cohen, most recently in January 2017. Both were without any complications, and in both instances I was back out hiking within a month, swimming in 2 weeks, dancing, exercising, etc. Dr. Cohen is an incredible surgeon, and a very kind physician. Being as busy as he is, he nevertheless took the time to call me after my surgery to see how I was doing. Utterly professional, direct answers to questions, and fabulous surgeon.
I've never seen Dr. Baron. I was treated to the "care" of a nurse who subjected me to an assembly line experience. She seemed unqualified and gave me a diagnosis that was in conflict with the diagnosis of a renowned orthopedic surgeon in my former home in VA and did not listen to my concerns. I complained and got a terse, defensive and rude letter from Baron. No, I would never recommend anyone go to a doctor who cannot bother to see you, just take your and your insurance company's money.
Through all of my back surgery phases, (pre, surgery, and post) Dr.Baron and his staff have treated me with professionalism and outstanding customer service. I would recommend Dr. Baron with no reservations for those that have chronic back issues. Dr. Baron's honesty and reassuring bedside manners were the key factors from which I trusted him to perform surgery on me.
Dr. Neilson was great with my daughter having back surgery. He was very informative, always keeping us in the know of what was going to take place and what we should expect going forward. Great bedside manners, very down to earth while remaining attentive and professional.
To date, Dr. Baron has been an outstanding medical professional to work with for my back surgery. He provided expert information concerning the problem I was experiencing as well as those procedures available to provide relief. Based on his consult, we settled on a surgical solution to the problem which turned out to be a very good decision. Dr. Baron is an intelligent, articulate, and caring professional who I feel has my best interest in mind. I will strongly recommend Dr. Baron.
I cannot recommend Dr Anctil. He performed surgery on my foot and while he "fixed" the prob I went in for (a callus on the bottom of my foot), he created severe hammer toes that make it difficult for me to find shoes that don't hurt. I pointed out the deformity at my follow-ups and he said I couldn't expect my foot to look the same, and even discouraged me from going to PT. Eventually I went to PT anyway and they said if I had started right after surgery it COULD have been prevented.
Dr. Cohen is not only a fine surgeon, he is also a personable physician. I found all aspects of his practice and his associates and hospital staff to be caring and professional. My recovery after having total hip replacements has been without complication. Following replacement of both hips sixteen months ago I have recently walked to the top of Sabino Canyon and back and climbed to over 3,600 feet in Saguaro East.
Dr. Baron, did my spine surgery 15 months ago, he did an excellent job, most of the pain is gone, he has an excellent bedside manner. After the surgery i only saw his assistant who is also an excellent PA.
Excellent Doctor! Right to the point.
I have had two major surgeries performed by doctor Anctil. He acted agitated every time I had questions for hin about healing from my surgeries and would be half way out the door before answering my questions. He released me early this last surgery. He has a terrible bedside manner and I'm still in extreme pain.
Dr. Curtin is not only one of the top surgeons in southern Arizona. Dr. Curtin is humble, good natured and respectfully considerate of his patients which also makes him a healer.
He is extremely caring, dedicated and will explain with clarity, details that patient and family member/members can comprehend. His bedside manner is professional, courteous and compassionate. His staff is courteous, professional and show a willingness to help whenever necessary. We are grateful to have Dr. Cohen as our Orthopedic Surgeon!
Dr. Baron was out of town so I was scheduled with nurse practitioner Betty Thomas to access my fractured vertebra. I was concerned I would not be seeing the doctor but as soon as I met Betty I knew I was in excellent hands. She gave me a very thorough exam and I felt confident in her care. She is extremely knowledgeable, professional with great bedside manner. I highly recommend her!
His Medical Assistant was rude and didn't take or return calls. Because I complained about this to her alone, she put a medical code on my record that signified "hemorrhoid" meaning "this patient is a pain in the rear". This is extremely unethical. I was very sorry I used him as a surgeon because my surgery was NOT a success. .
My name is Doug. Dr. Jay Katz replaced my knees 12 years ago. He replaced them, both at the same time. He did a great job, and I would highly recommend him. I play golf, go prospecting for gold, and have not had a problem in 12 years. He made my life so much better. Thank you Dr. For all that you did for me. Doug M.
Doctor Anctil was more concerned about making his 12:00 appointment (I was on time; he was late for my appointment) than seeing me and discussing options for my broken foot. His suggestions of letting the foot heal as is and doing surgery in the future if it caused pain was refuted by two other surgeons. Trying to get a second opinion with the Tucson Orthopedic Institute took an act of their bureaucratic god, so I went elsewhere.
Dr Baron is the precise type of surgeon for which I searched and hoped to find when I needed spinal surgery. Straight forward, thorough, and willing to take the time to answer every question and concern I had. He was prompt and thorough to explain the results of the surgery to family awaiting news.
WORST doctor I've everyseen. Dr. Braunstein entered the room and never asked me why I was there. He just looked at the x-ray and started talking. He NEVER asked me a single thing (such as "what's going on with your thumb?"). He never even looked at or touched my hands until he was about to give me an injection and I asked him about other pain. If I hadn't asked him, he would not have examined my hands. And, after all that, he gave me an injection without any information about side effects.
I unfortunately did not have a good experience. First, I heard him talking to someone in the hallway about me. He said, "What does she want me to do?" Then he came in and started asking me questions - he seemed annoyed with me. He was very unprofessional. I seen Dr. Cohen for shoulder surgery and was treated very professional. As a teacher, I was really disappointed and shocked.
Dr. Anctil is cordial, efficient, and very competent. I would not hesitate to have another procedure done by him.
Was referred to Dr Anctil by GP, experiencing terrible pain in my ankle from osteoarthritis. Dr Anctil performed a fusion in my ankle. I had done quite a bit of research and was apprehensive about the results. I had almost no pain after the surgery. Dr Anctil told me it could take up to a year to heal and at 10 months post surgery I'm almost good as new. My incision scars, barely noticeable. He is a very talented Dr that I highly recommend. His wonderful staff was kind and caring.
Dr. Goorman is very confident yet very caring. He provided a complicated injection to my spine. I wanted a doctor who knew what he or she is doing. Dr. Goorman was this kind of doctor. He made my experience as efficient and comfortable as possible.
Recently I had both knees replaced by Dr. Cohen. He put my mind at ease about the surgery, we did get a second opinion at the Mayo Clinic, and he was correct in every detail. His vast experience in knee replacement surgery paid off with zero post surgical issues.
I have many medical issues, therfore many doctors. Only 2 would I trust fully. Dr. Baron has now become number3. He was very direct yet very compassionate and understanding. Never pushed my need for surgery. His response when I got cold feet was call me when you're ready. I did and have no regrets! Thanks for all you and Betty did to help me through this. GOD bless both of you. ? Patty Schueman
Dr. Nielsen was wonderful with my daughter who suffered with knew problems. He was patient and willing to answer all questions we had.
Dr Cohen performed 3 separate replacement surgeries for me--both knees and my left hip. The results were excellent. He answered all my many questions and helped alleviate my concerns about having such surgeries. I spoke to many healthcare professionals about him before meeting with him and all indicated he was the surgeon they would go to if in need of knee or hip replacement surgery. This included a prominent orthopedic surgeon in California..
NO CALL NO SHOW. I'm glad the good doctor thinks that his time is more important than his patients. Nice to be put in a holding room for over a half an hour only to fine out your not there. Than try to get your money back for non service, good luck with that, it seems Tucson Orthopedic can only take your money you have to wait for a check, Really?? What a total waist of some ones time. Not coming back your fired even before you started. Unprofessional.
I have nothing but raves regarding my experience with Dr. Baron and his staff. Dr. Baron took time to explain in detail what was wrong with my neck, reviewing my MRI exam with me. Once we decided surgery was needed me explained in detail how the surgery was performed and my post-op hospital stay. I really appreciate his straight forward manner. When answering my questions he was patient, allowing me to ask all the questions I had.
Made my life posible again. pain free
Dr. Nielsen is fantastic with special needs children. He completely understands Prader-Willi Syndrome and how to treat scoliosis.
Dr. Mahoney performed a shoulder replacement on my right shoulder two or three years ago. After surgery and 3 months of pretty easy rehab, my shoulder was almost fully functional again. The pain was gone and I felt brand new....not bad for a 78 year old. That shoulder is still fine but. Now my left shoulder is painful and lacking mobility. I am seriously considering a shoulder replacement on that shoulder next summer. If I am elligable to have one, I will not hesitate to see Dr. Mahoney.
My first and only visit with Dr. Braunstein was terrible. I was at the fracture clinic for a broken ankle. He didn't ask me about the mechanics of my injury, didn't do any manipulation tests, and spent maybe two seconds looking at the x rays. Because of my lack of confidence in his review of my x ray, I am transferring care to a different doctor. I do NOT recommend him due to his terrible bedside manner and lack of patient care.
I have needed spinal surgery twice over a three year period. Both times I could barely walk when I came to Dr. Baron due to severe leg pain. I feel like he has given me my life back both times enabling me to pursue the active life style I enjoy. I have a very high level of trust in his judgement. He has always explained things clearly and he has let me know what to expect in terms of recovery. He has a direct manner and a self confidence that I appreciate.
Would and have recommended he is very professional. Explained everything and listened to me.
I had a painful back condition. I was stooped over and having to rely totally on a walker. Dr. Curtin performed spinal surgery. One year later I was white water rafting on the Colorado River. I remain pain free and 100% mobile.
I found the progess of having a knee Arthroplasty so well organized that my trepidations I had when I arrived on the morning of surgery completely vanished. This atmmosphere continued for the two days I was there which included the nurses, therapy people and aids.
I had 3 appointments with this doctor, of which I only saw him twice. the 1st visit was a disaster, he was rude and dismissive of my complaint of pain in a broken elbow. He was not thorough when instructing me how to care for my injury. The 2nd visit was like seeing a different doctor - he was polite, thorough and attentive. On the 3rd visit, I was put in an exam room and waited an hour, but never saw him. He and other dr's were unprofessional in the hallway, talking of other patients.
Bad bedside manner. Poor follow up. Refuses to notify patient of surgical pathology.
Most arrogant ,condescending physician ,I have ever met!
Excellent results, very professional staff including hospital staff.
Wouldn't go to anyone else besides Dr Baron. I met with quite a few Drs before he was recommnded to me. He's a straight shooter, compassionate and is phenomenal at what he does. Thanks again Doc
I was in early this week for treatment on a a corn on my toe. As part of treatment Evans trimmed my toe nails. He drew blood on two toes including my large toe which is now so sore I am walking with a limp while it heals hopefully without infection. Evans worked too fast, seemed disinterested and gave me impression he would rather be somewhere else.I am currently searching for a new foot doctor. Dennis Mandick
very competent, good at explaining to lay patients and recommendations, with ease of visit.
My experience with Dr Housman and his staff at Tucson Orthopedics has been amazing! I had a total knee replacement on December 8, 2015. I am doing great and any questions I might have are answered by the end of the day via email. Dr Housman is an excellent surgeon (that's why I am doing so well). He visited every morning while I was in the hospital and he took his time to answer any questions. I highly recommend Dr Housman and his fantastic staff!
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