Scheduled an appointment with the NP to establish myself as a patient and physical. Fasted to have blood work done. Was told by (female) NP that she can't do physicals on men, only the MD can (women have to come to her for physicals). Made ppointment TWO MONTHS later (earliest available) with the MD. He's very friendly, but I timed it - he didn't know me, had never seen me, and spent a grand total of 4 minutes in the room with me. Looking for another PCP.
Very caring. Very personable. Very professional. I have had numerous medical problems in the past 3 years and he has always been there throughout. Highly recommended.
Very caring, very patient, takes time to here your concerns.
1st thing I noticed is the staff were very rude to the lady in front of me. Then, a Pharm Rep got up and left, I assume she was tired of waiting. Then it was my turn. BCBS web site had stated they were taking new patients. The 1st thing I asked was, r u taking any pain meds. I thought she said meds so I said yes. She immediately said very rudely, No, we're not taking any anymore. WOW. I was like, what?? I decided to leave, as you should too. Don't go there, remember 1st impressions.

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