Dr. Cool's manner goes beyond poor bedside manner. For several years now I've walked away feeling she was just going through the motions and had no actual concern for my health. That was confirmed recently when she failed to respond appropriately to problems with my bloodwork. I called the office and asked for a referral to a specialist, and never got a return call. I self referred to a specialist and just had surgery for the condition that Dr. Cool failed to recognize. NEVER going back!
Waited 3 months for this appointment and was very disappointed with Dr Jennifer Cool. Will not go back.
I am sad to say that I am breaking my patient Dr relationship with Dr. Cool after many years of good service. I recently had a server case of hashimoto's and was not happy with my Endo Dr. I called Cools office and she said NO.........NO she would not treat me. Mind you she treats others with thyroid issues and REFUSED to treat someone she has known for years. GAVE ME NO EXCUSE other than NO. I have been horribly ill and trying to find another Dr over night has been impossible. WHAT DR SAYS NO??
i came as new patient, but also with a health issue at the time, thought I would be given a wellness check. Not so, however medicine prescribed helped my problem. But, when I experienced a scare of extremely high BP, over 180/90 and called to see dr, no return call after two days. I called again, staff person said they scheduled an appt to see dr, but no one had called me at all. Dr is nice, but I cannot have a dr whose staff does not call patient. Still looking for a new dr with caring staff
Courteous, knowledgeable, professional. Kind.
She's current, she listens and works with you.
She gives a very thorough exam, answers your questions and takes the time to listen to your concerns.
Services provided and limited to only Nurse Practitioner License Chinese, Mandarin

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