I have never had more than 3-5 minutes with him. He avoids any and all my questions. Had an MRI for chronic sever migraines he hasn't given me results after 2 months and have asked about it. Doesn't seem to care about his patients at all. He should read his own reviews and take them into consideration. If you only have a 2 star rating you need to fix something about yourself. Found a new doctor
he has helped me through a long and painful nerve disorder. giving me what I need to help me and showing me the way to go! what I have is what I have to learn to live with and its not been easy! HE HAS HELPED! GOOD MAN AND GOOD DR! AND I HAVE A FAMILY MEMBER GOING TO HIM!!!
He is not a "talker"...however, there were indications he is listening, and that he is up on things. He is pleasant and friendly. I was hoping that my records had been reviewed prior to visit, they had not. Yet he was on it in a flash and seems to be very bright and quick with the information once he saw it. His immediate recommendations seem to be spot on.
Don't waste your time and money on this guy. He lacks bedside manner and the caring attitude that we all should expect in a doctor. I was in and out in less than 10 minutes and he was opening the door as I was trying to ask questions. Was NOT impressed at all! If I could give him 1/2 a star I would!
My wife was a new patient seeking a neurologist after having a stroke caused by low blood pressure and an occluded right carotid artery. On our first and only visit with Mr. Foltz, he prescribed her a medication for her migraines. When picking up the medication from the pharmacy, we're informed that the medication is used to treat high blood pressure. Why would somebody who calls themselves a doctor prescribe a medication that would worsen an existing condition? Not a good doctor!!!
Dr. Klaski is a very thorough and caring physician. I have never felt rushed and all my questions have been answered. The office staff is friendly and courteous and I have not had any problems getting an appointment. I understand that with a specialty office that there is a wait time and I plan for than.
I saw Dr Torzales today with my neck and back giving me some very bad issues my neck muscles are so weak I cant hold my head up and he made me feel less scared. I was made to feel he really cares about me he sent me for a Mri He answered my questions and well I am waiting for the results . I really like him.
I liked Dr. Badhwar, I'm not sure about the reviews below but our family has been going to her for few years and we appreciate her and her office very much! We would recommend her!
I agree with the other comment on Dr Badhwar's bedside manner I went in with my mother who has been suffering daily headaches and she really doesn't seem caring or interested in being there. After seeing my mom she leaves the room & leaves us clueless to when to come back for another visit. My dr's always walk with me to the receptionist & lets them know when to have me come back. Her office is also the only office in that building that doesn't offer water. I'm going to have my mom go elsewhere!
He was very short with me and did not seem to care about me at all. The medications he suggested to me were expensive and not at all good choices for me and had terrible side effects. He failed to mention that the medication he had me on for a long period of time caused birth defects.
Dr. Anderson has truly helped me with my sleep disorder and managing it. Through encouragement and education, I have had an improved quality of life and my general health.
My wife and I had a terrible experience with Dr. Badhwar. Terrible bedside manner. The office is well staffed but inept. We were asked to fill out the same form 3 different times we went into the office. I wouldn't recommend Dr. Badhwar to anyone who is in serious need of help for seizures.
He was over 45 minutes late to my scheduled appt. He then had the nerve to have an attitude with me even though he was very late. He spent all of 5 minutes asking and answering questions about what he diagnosed as very serious condition. This diagnosis comes after I've seen 4 other doctors and spent considerably more time talking with them about my experiences. I have no confidence in what he had to say and now need to find another provider who can give me the attention a patient deserves.
No capacity for appropriate clinical decision making when presented with results from sleep study. Results were inconsistent from one section of the report to another & it was clear she did not read the report - just the summary statement that had been prepared by another physician in the practice. She demonstrated prejudice and bias against fat/overweight/obesity like I have never seen in my life. I had to see another MD in the practice to ID need to repeat study & to form appropriate plan.
I saw Dr. Anderson previously, but yesterday I saw Dr. Torzala. He basically dismissed every question I had. I was supposed to be reviewing 3 different tests I had, but he really only said something about one. I was there about really bad migraines, since I was down to 2 a week, be felt that was progress. I was having issues with the medications and he just brushed that off. I questioned if I had seen a Dr. at all and looked his picture up online. I go back in a month to see Dr. Anderson.
Nice and respectful, this doctor treats my 13 year daughter well. He is both straightforward and thorough.
Poor communication from both Dr. and staff, neither return phone calls. Scheduled appt. to review abnormal test results then neither Dr. nor staff could locate test summary. A week later and no one will call me back. But they've already billed Medicare for the appt where nothing took place.
This doctor and this practice is very unsatisfactory. After years of 5 minute appointments , I was all of a sudden told "I think you have Parkinson's". What? I was given a prescription that sent me to the ER after taking. At the first sign of trouble, I called the office for help. They didn't call me back for 3 weeks! I told them I was never coming back, that I had a new doctor, wherein they retaliated sending me a certified letter saying "I have been terminated as a patient." Don't go to D
I have been a patient of Dr. Torzala since 2010. I started seeing him due to seizures after a TBI. I found him to be proactive and like to find out what is causing the problem.
Well, my husband saw the doctor for his sleep disorder and bi-pap maintenance for exactly 2.5 minutes after having to wait 40 minutes to see this guy. For that 2.5 minutes, he charged us $385. Holy crap! At that rate, this guy could retire after just one year of appointments! I wish I had a job that could rake in the dough by doing absolutely NOTHING!
If you are going to allow the high star ratings to sway you to seeing this doctor or their facility, PLEASE DO NOT. This was my mistake. You will be in and out without the chance to even fully explain your situation or condition. Sadly, I was expecting more from some of the good reviews he received, but now I'm wondering if those are fabricated. But, if you are looking for a doctor who will sit their and listen to all the aspects of your conditions, this isn't the doctor or facility for you.
Well trained and very professional is a good description of how Dr Sandhu conducted herself. She also seems caring and explained solutions to me in a way I could understand.
Dr. Badhwar is a good doctor, but her affiliate has inept staff. I tried to schedule an appoint, since I haven't seen Dr. Badhwar in some time they wanted for me to sign a medical release to get my records on the work that SHE performed! Imagine that, this Doctor doesn't even have access to her own medical findings without my release! Moreover, I offered to sign a release if they emailed it, but they don't do email. Finally, her staff didn't know who her Medical Associations/Hospitals are! Ouch!
I have only seen him a few times, and though, I feel he is competent, I am looking for a new doctor. You are required to go thru his assistant for help. Due to an error on their records, my insurance has declined a prescription I need - I don't know what caused the error, or even how to get it corrected, as the (4) messages I have left, have yet to be returned...
Dr. didnt talk to me, ask me questions or give me any answers or helpful advise. I feel like he just ordered a bunch of tests and didnt even explain what they meant. He never gave me a proper exam. If he would have just checked ALL my reflexes, he would have realized I have NO reflex response in my right elbow. And I have been having symptoms similar to MS for months and he did not even care to try to help me or give me any advise on how to improve my health or diagnosis to what is going on.
I wouldn't go to any other doctor ever. I always recommend him and always will. My mother has wanted me to move back to CA to help her and she is coming to terms I won't move because of the fantastic Dr. Foltz.
I would wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Badhwar for her expertise and her efficiency. She only orders and performs tests that have a high likelihood of yielding informative results, and that's a refreshing approach. In fact, with just a few simple tests, she diagnosed an issue that had eluded 7 other specialists! Additionally, her front office staff is cheerful and helpful every time my family visits the Phoenix office. I cannot argue with these results!
I had been suffering from migraines and dizziness for nearly tow months and had been seen by a previous neurologist before going to Dr. Sandhu for a second opinion. I truly wish I had gone to her first. She knew was wrong with me by simply listening to me describe my symptoms to her. She makes you feel valued as a patient and that is very important to me! She has also helped find real solutions and results.
I have already recommended Dr Foltz to several people.. #1 reason: He is a kind and wonderful listener! He is reassuring when I feel uncertain about my neurological health and I always leave his office being grateful that he is my doctor. And this is the TRUTH! Thank you Dr. Foltz !
Rude, arrogant, condescending TERRIBLE bedside manner. Felt like she was in it for the money and not the care of sick people. I would never recommend her or this office. I am awaiting a referral to ANY other neurologist.
Dr. Foltz is short and to the point but very professional and friendly. He explained tests as they were done. Answered all my questions. Cared about any concerns I had. I will definitely keep him as my Neurologist and recommend him to friends and family.
Waited an hour, saw him for 5 minutes, said he would call in a prescription. Never did. Called every day for a week without a response. After one week, his medical assistant called to say he was on vacation and he had not made a note of the medication so I would have to wait until he retuned from vacation in a week. She promised me sincerely to call me the following Monday. She never has and three weeks have since elapsed. I have gone to another doctor.This is the poorest of poor service .
His bedside manner was not rude, but far from friendly. He was very cold and impatient when it came to me describing my epileptic seizures. I admit it could've been frustrating to understand my explanation because I was the one having then and could not accurately describe them. I could only base myself off of what persons around me would see. My seizures were not kept under control with the meds and he reprimanded me as to why u didn't call him sooner, even though I had.
Perfect doctor !! The last doctor who actually CARES for his Patients and Staff. I love this doctor and he is actually an American Hero. He is an emergency Helicopter pilot Search and Rescue with our Military as well. the entire office is always Smiling and well groomed happy to be there. He is very patient and listens well. This doctor has no equal. Very Highly Recommend him !!
My husband and I seen Dr. Klaski at The Pain Center. I suffer from severe migraines, my husband for other severe pain. He came here and I wanted to see him again. He is a wonderful Dr. Very friendly. Very professional.
Dr foltz was very nice seemed thorough but I would have liked him to let me talk more.
Doctor does not refill much needed prescriptions.

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