This doctor is a joke. Was referred to him from my PCP, got in right away - from the get go he was rushed. I did everything as asked, even had the surgery scheduled. Only for it to be cancelled during the pre-op exam.. he decided I needed to see Urologist outside of his practice. Tip - don't ask him any questions. He gets flustered and upset too easily. Horrible with patients.
He was great in the beginning but sad to say. He has neglected me as a Patient and due to that being the problem i have now developed an infection in both kidneys... The office staff was nice when i was in office but the contacting by phone was horrible. Spent 15-30 minutes on hold every time and never get a call back, its like they don't give him messages.. From stones to infection and getting told i can go septic at anytime by other docters. He has yet to respond and its been a long wait... -9
I felt very rushed as a patient, Dr. Bigelow had a cold personality. He does not listen to his patients. He asked me the same question three times. I never went back and asked my primary doctor to refer me to a new urologist..
Very knowledgeable and experienced. I ask lots of questions and he has the answers. Referred a friend who ended up being diagnosed with bladder cancer, He's been cancer-free now for over three years.
Had PVP surgery 3 months ago. Couldn't have expected a better outcome. The bottom line is you have to go to a doctor who has skills diagnosing patients, and delivering the appropriate surgical outcomes. Dr. Tay has major skills; and, if I have any other urological problems, I'll go to him. I live on the east coast, not around the corner; and, Dr. Tay is the man!
Excellent Doctor and medical office! The staff was nice and very helpful. I had to switch Urologists because my old one stopped taking my insurance. I called and had an appointment in a week since I was in pain. They will schedule my surgery as soon as my primary Doctor sends clearance. and they will fit me in at the end of the day for surgery. While in talking to him he explained everything and answer all my questions. I highly recommend this Doctor!
Dr. Nagpal is great! Really did wonders for my 9 mm kidney stones. Great attitude and very professional. This guy is very underrated. Definitely recommend him to anyone!
New to chandler found dr dyer by chance. So glad I did. Very up front with information, patient,gentle Would highly recommend him Explains everything. Very pleased
Excellent urologist. Conservative in approach for my prostate issue. Highly recommend. Also, staff is courteous, professional and efficient.
I met Dr. NAGPAL as a result of a car accident. I realize this is a little weird. I had a CT Scan to ensure i didn't have internal injuries from the accident. What was discovered was a large mass on my left kidney. Dr. NAGPAL was brought in by the ER pysician. He was/is very professional while being very friendly and patient. I put a tremendous amount of trust iin him and he didnt disappoint me. He is kind, supportive removed my kidney without complications on 5/1. I highly recommend him.
I was very pleased with the care I have received at Ironwood Urology. Dr. Kamal Nagpal and his staff have been great. I had a serious problem with bladder leakage that I endured for many years after having my second child. I am so glad I was recommended to Dr. Nagpal The surgery was a wonderful success! Thank you for your care and professionalism, and for a job well done!
Excellent Doctor. Very good bed-side manner, and easy to speak with.
Dr. Lauren Byrne, with her team, diagnosed my bladder cancer in a timely fashion. After my surgery, I am cancer free and and so appreciative of the excellent care that I received. She is very professional and personable.. No effort was spared to give me the best of care!
I met Dr. Nagpal in Nov. 2016. I was referred by my OBGYN office. Dr. N took me on as a patient while waiting on insr. approval. I was in a dire state. I had a neurphrostomy tube and was in need of major surgery. I went into his office crying. Dr. N let me know that it was going to be a long process. He explained the process in detail. He was thorough. My medical condition left me scared, frustrated and some days depressed. I thank GOD for Dr. N taking his job seriously and for caring.
Highly recommend Dr. Byrne, she cares about her patients and takes the time to make sure I understand my issues and how she can treat them. Thank you!
After having an adverse reaction to anesthesia administered during a minor surgery, I encountered a problem with urine retention. I endured a catheter until I had TURP surgery to alleviate the problem. Dr. Nagpal was very understanding of my problem and offered a solution that has proven to be correct. My surgery was performed the day before he was scheduled for vacation. While in the hospital he called and spoke to me that night and the next day before he left. He is a very compassionate man.
I've had 2 procedures w/ him w/ NO post-op problems whatsoever. I drive 140 miles to see him; what does THAT say about my confidence in him? He's a very caring physician and takes time to make certain my questions /concerns are answered completely. Credentials....graduate of the 4th highest ranking med school in the world + a masters degree & a PhD. So yes, one could say he's qualified! I can see him at any of 3 offices so that's an added convenience. Bonus: he's a delightful positive person.
All people I met there were excellent, except one, the nurse practitioner Wall. Unfortunately, it only takes one person to bring down a practice. She's unprofessional, condescending, rude, disrespectful, lacks people skills, and has quite the chip on her shoulder. Asking her questions appears to confuse her & make her angry, and she seems to have trouble properly phrasing questions; which leads me to question her competency, and question why she is allowed to be there.
Terrible experience. I called 6 days ago expressing that I was in terrible pain and was told I'd get a call back the same day, still haven't received a call back. Not exactly what I would expect from a health care provider.
We would very much recommend Dr. Avila as a very sincere, considerate and excellent physician! A doctor really cares over and above the commercial side of his job. A doctor with a call!
I was very fortunate to have Dr Kamal Nagpal as my Urologist Physician. His thorough exam identified my very enlarged prostate problem and his recommendation to perform a "TURP" procedure was the correct solution. His honest communications and caring manner provided both myself and my wife with the pre-operation confidence needed. We now know why members of his and the hospital staff enjoy working with him as he is a true medical professional.
Doctor is fine. Office is a total disaster. So bad it's a reason to choose another doc. Never answer the phone, don't know what to do and how to help. Provide incorrect information. Leave the phone on "lunch mode" even after the stated hours for lunch (which is two hours of being offline). When you do get through you are put on hold for another 10-15 minutes. Good luck reaching someone there unless you are a new patient.
Dr. Bigelow thoroughly researched my wife's very rare illness. Came to each appointment well prepared. Provided clear information about the seriousness of her disease while also giving us great hope. His realism and professionalism gave us the tools we needed to make a very difficult decision and we always felt the freedom to make this our decision. He and his excellent team supported us before, during, and after surgery.
1st appointment was a mess "temporary" location w/ handwritten paper signs. Office staff is rude,not knowledgeable/trained. The urine test was unsanitary.Spent 10 mins w/ me billed & put in my chart a procedure I didn't have done. MRI techs botched my test, destroyed my veins & put me into a panic attack. Got billed for it & another $9,000 to have redone properly. After waiting 2hrs for surgery she rescheduled me for a patient who wasn't even there. Billed me & Medicare for procedures not done!!
She is very compassionate with her patients not like some male doctors is very disrespectful listens and together you both come up with the right one for you. Excellent with her bed side manners. It's so important to patients. I did not want to give her up but my insurence denied her coverage for she is not with my BCBS ADVANTAGE I hope everyone wanting her as your docs be sure she is in contract with your insurance . I have no problem recommending Dr. Lauren M. Byrens to all who ask me.
Does not take the time to speak with her patients nor show empathy. Felt very rushed and hurried on three separate occasions. Just got the feeling that she really did not care for her patients nor look into the root cause of some of the patient problems. There was no feeling that she remembered anything from the prior visit was like she was seeing me as a new patient every visit...even though the last visit was a third.
Dr Bigelow was always rushed, even though he only spent about 2 - 3 minutes with me. He didn't ask me any questions, and gave me no options. He told me what he was going to do - end of story. If I had questions, he answered them with his back to me on his way out of the door, leaving me with no answers and no way to ask more questions. He botched the first procedure and had to redo it. I will not go back here and have found another doctor.
Scheduled 7 weeks in advance. Got a call 2 days before to change the time. Was assured repeatedly biopsy would be done by noon with 11 oclock appointment. Get to the location on the paperwork 35 minutes before scheduled time. He's not at this office today. Have to go to Gilbert and make it 1:15. Forget it. Took time off from work and so did my wife. Ridiculous waste of our time and money. He wasnt even at the office yet for the 11 oclock appointment. No phone call to let us know.
I think he spent too much time boasting about his connections in New York while he promised to me "he would get me through it" this quack .. can go pound salt!!!
Dr Avila is one one the best. I have been waiting to speak to an office person for 20 minutes hug up called back she was very rude that she was with a patient and put me on hold again really so waited another 10 minutes..Now they will not answer the phone. Never have I been treated so rude. I am a patient and have spent a lot of money here.
Seems to have no clue what he's doing. Ended up paying $1000 for unnecessary testing because he just wouldn't listen to what I thought the issue was. I ended up being exactly right but of course AFTER he lined his pockets.
Dr Tay is very professional and explains fully what needs to be done. He gives a proper amount of time and attention to his patient and I always feel confident that he is looking after me very well. I had a serious condition requiring surgery which Dr Tay carried out and 3 years later I am still doing well and on annual follow up. Highly recommend Dr Tay.
Dr Tay and his office team were phenomenal. I will definitely recommend him to others
She doesn't have time for Patients. I had never been to a urology doctor before. Having to take a urine test when I have no need, then giving me antibiotic in case they gave me an infection with the exam. I have had only two bladder infections once in 1973 and 1984. I needed information on incontinence. I had already read the hand out information. I had taken many of the the meds with no help. I had hoped a dr knew more about what worked. Total waste of time.
Dr. Byrne took the time to explain my medical condition and to go through the follow up steps I needed to take with both her and my primary care. She treated me with respect and concern and I highly recommend her to anyone needing a urologist.
Horrible follow up experience. They charged me my co-pay again (for a follow up, really?). 10 minutes after my appt time they had just started to get room ready. 15 minutes after appt time they called me into the room, 30 minutes after my appointment time with no sign of Dy Byrne I left, I don't have such time to waste. Now after having a very horrific test done at her suggestion, I have no answers and no course of action to help me with my problem. I would never recommend her to anyone.
I had two Doctors so two diff surgeries at the same time and all the appointmemts leading up to surgery Dr Byrne was cal and professional and really seemed to care about making sure all the tests were
This doctor is skilled and knowledgeable. He will listen to your concerns and then treat you with respect. I have refered others to Dr Dyer and they experienced the same quality of care that I did.
Dr. Bigelow is the very best. He's the most highly trained and skilled urologist in the valley and takes the most difficult cases. Can't recommend Dr. Bigelow enough.
Dr Avila is fantastic. Explains things thoroughly, takes the time to listen to the patient and answers all questions. Takes a very balanced approach to treatment to provide proper efficacy while ensuring patient health and safety. All the things one would look for in a doctor. The only complaints would be at time the wait time to see the doctor and confusion among the staff (who are still quite pleasant) at times (it's a big office... the communication between staff could be improved).
Dr. Byrne takes the time to explain my medical issues and treatment options. She's friendly, professional and courteous. I highly recommend her to anyone in need of a urologist, and I really believe she cares about my well being. Thank you Dr. Byrne!
Dr. Byrne is extremely professional and sympathetic. She takes her time in explaining the diagnosis and options for treatment. I would recommend her to a friend or family member without hesitation!
Saw him last week for a vasectomy. Everything went smoothly without a hitch. He made a single opening and had a device that gave me the anethesia without any pain. It took 15 minutes and I was done. Would definitely recommend Dr. Tay to anyone thinking of having a vasectomy

Kidney And Ureter Removal
Kidney Surgery
Renal Transplant And Nephrectomy
Turp (Transurethral Resection Of Prostate) Or Laser Destruction Of Prostate
Bladder Surgery
Cystourethroscopy And Transurethral Resection Of Bladder Neck
Lymph Node Biopsy Or Excision
Pelvic Exenteration (For: Gynecologic, Urinary, Or Colorectal Malignancy)
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Adrenalectomy With Robotic Assistance
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Incontinence Surgery
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Laparoscopic Destruction Of Kidney Lesion
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