Very rude and short with my mother...perhaps he should have gone into research where there is no interaction with other human beings.
Would never recommend. Dr. Dursteler made the ER stay at Abrazo West Valley very unpleasant and a waste of time. Had to go to another ER for diagnosis and treatment. Never again!
After being brought out by ambulance with severe vomiting/dehydrationpain. All Dr. Lang was to take a zofan,a few mgs on morphine a shove it though. I had to ask for imaging and land.i received only 1 beg IV fluis. The nurse came I. 2hours later and kicked me out. As soon as I stood up, I vomited again and had diarrhea. How can I tell the nurse who just discharged me "hey I'm not ready to leave!!'??
Judgemental and rude to chronic pain patient in ER. Patient with severe exacerbation of pain ultimately given some relief but not without an impatient bedside manner. Clearly has a preconceived opinion about treating patients with chronic pain.
Excellent knowledge of medicine, and is kind and caring. She took wonderful care of me, while she was a medical student. I have not seen her since, but she remains the best trained and most caring doctor that I have ever had.
This Dr. should not be allowed to treat patients. He sent my 90+ year old aunt home without any regard to the fact that she was unable to sit, walk or move on her own. She was sent home on a gurney at 3:30 am. She returned to the hospital later that morning by ambulance again and was admitted. She has a fracture in her back. I would have thought that he should have seen an injury like that on an x-ray, which was done, but he apparently didn't bother to look.
Long wait. Nurses were more helpful. No answer to questions. Discharged without answers. Pain still there no resolution
He his a terrible Dr. He has zero bedside manner. Did not perform any type of examination to come up with a diagnosis. Very arrogant.
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