A very caring and thoughtful doctor. She listens and checks possibilities I'm sorry to see her leave Tucson. I wish her all the best. MAH
I think she is a really good doctor and I am greatly saddened that she is moving out of Tucson. If she comes back to Tucson I will go back as her patient in a New York second. She took a lot of time on my issues and was thorough at going through them with me. She spent more time with me than she really had to. And even though she didn't take my insurance anymore she still only charged me the co-pay that I was paying on my insurance. So I will greatly miss her.....MH
Dr. Okshteyn is an excellent doctor who provides expert care in a compassionate and caring manner. We have been under her care for many years and followed her when she moved her office from Willcox to Tucson. Unfortunately, she is moving out of state and her care will be greatly missed! We have recommended her to many friends and family because of her great patient care. Thank you, Dr. Okshteyn for your holistic approach and caring demeanor.
She was very helpful with all my strange symptoms and went out of her way to find solutions for me. She took time to treat me as an entire person, not just my symptoms. She went out of her way to answer ALL my questions and gave me several treatment options. I have recommended her and will continue to do so.
Easy to make an appt. online. She listened & asked the right questions. I had been researching symptoms & she suggested the lab tests my PCP refused to do. Made some great suggestions about my diet & other issues that could be causing my condition. She seemed very knowledgeable & wanted to help. However, she NEVER called me with test results. If I hadn't received a bill from the lab, I'd still be waiting. I had a serious vitamin deficiency & she didn't call! What if I needed a prescription?
Dr. Okshteyn told me it was likely that I had a pituitary tumor. I had to wait through Christmas break. She never emailed me back. She would send me blood test results with no explanation and no instruction to make an appointment. She was never on time for appointments, and was very unclear when explaining what she was testing for. The worst offense for me was asking me to get an MRI (a very expensive test) and then not following up with me beyond the basic results. HORRIBLE BEDSIDE MANNERS!

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