Great job replacing my left knee! He was very informative, told me exactly what to expect. Let me ask questions. Very friendly and intelligent. Hope I can have him operate on my other knee when I come back in December! Outstanding work!!!
Brad Tenney is one of the kindest and most knowledgeable PA that I have ever had the pleasure of taking care of me. He put me at ease the first time I met him when I was having surgery. I am blessed to have him take care of me. I just had surgery on 6/8/17 on my left wrist. The right wrist was done 2 years ago. He is amazing and I highly recommend him!!!
I have been seeing Dr Udupa for years for non healing leg wounds. He is the best. I would recommend him to everyone.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Werner and his staff at Core Institute for the wonderful job and professionalism that they demonstrated before, during, and after my surgery. I would recommend this organization of orthopedic assistance and especially Dr. Werner. He is a very warm and caring person, making sure that you have an understanding of all that is required of him and of you during your recovery. Once again hats off to him and his staff.
Brad Tenney was very professional and knowledgeable. He explained everything well and answered all my questions to my satisfaction.
Best Dr Around!
Jennifer was wonderful ! Explained everything , was very personal ,kind, caring & patient. I highly recommend her! Esther Ward
Dr Weichbrodt is the most compassionate and caring doctor I have met with in over 55 years as a patient.I would recommend him to anyone.
I am writing this review for the LACK of compassion and the run around I received from this Dr. office. Today I had a appointment with Dr. Werner 4/5/17. He would not see me because I did not have xrays, that I never received from the hospital or requested to bring to the appt. I made this appt a week ago and it was for MRI and to be seen by the Dr. Found out they don't even have a MRI machine on site. I am is an emobilizer and it is very hard for me to get around. NO COMPASSION at all:-(
I was sent to Dr. Woodruff under referral from my PC. They took images of my hip, and this could have had been the reason I had a longer wait time. I did not meet with Dr. Woodruff rather one of his surgical assistants whom, I felt, did not answer my questions fully or as knowledgeably as I had hoped. He could not tell me the specific hip joint they would use nor could he give a number of hip replacements completed by Dr. Woodruff. I will be consulting with other surgeons.
Shortly after moving to Sun City from Iowa, my right knee started aching a lot. Dr. Thompson was highly recommended to me by a friend. Although it took a little while to get an appointment, it was well worth the wait! Awesome doctor - really listens to you and helps you understand what the problems are with the knee. Takes the necessary time to listen and explain what your options are. He did a right total knee replacement and my pain is gone!! Thank you, Dr. Thompson!!
He performed lower back surgery on me in September 2015. I am now pain free and feel the best I have felt in 20 years. He performed the surgery successfully even though I was turned down by a surgeon from Barrow Institute because of my age and heart condition. I would be in a wheel chair today rather than walking pain free if it had not been for DR Ughwanogho's talent and courage.
Dr. Thompson, is in my opinion, simply the best doctor of any kind that I've ever been a patient of in my 60 years. Not only did he save my life after I shattered my femur and had a 3 week old hip replacement torn out when I had the accident, but he also had to deal with the considerable amount of blood loss that I incurred during the accident. His willingness to explain and help you understand all facets of the surgery and recovery were unmatched by any other physician that I've seen.
Excellent Doctor and Surgeon. Genuine concern.
Had both knees replaced he's so competent and caring I would highly recommend him
He is a very caring doctor who explains procedures and treatments to you very thoroughly. Best of all, as far as I'm concerned, he's a terrific surgeon. My hip replacement was good from start to finish. I am pain free and can walk very well without the use of even my cane almost everywhere. I would and have recommended Dr Werner to a number of people I know.
Very caring doctor, explained everything . Took time with us, and very patient .
He did a full replacement of my left hip. I feel so much better now. I would totally recommend him. He was in the last person I saw in the surgery room before they put me under and he was the first person I saw when I woke up. I felt like he truly cares about his patients. I only stayed on the hospital one day because I was doing so well . One day of his nurses called from his office to check on me. I thought that was really sweet.
He is amazing!!!
Dr. Wilson saved my life. I was literally about to die and this brilliant man saved me from internal bleeding. He over saw the surgeries for my pelvic plate, an ankle laceration and repairing a severed artery in my right arm. Because of his expertise, I'm not only alive, but able to walk and have full use of my arm. I have quality of life. There are no words for how grateful I am to have had Dr. Wilson as my surgeon. Thank you so much Dr. Wilson -Natalie Franco
Liked him from the moment I met him. Down to earth and to the point! No beating around the bush as they say. He was straight forward and explained everything in a way that my husband and I could understand, and answered every question. Would recommend him and his team in a heart beat!
He was professional and took the time to explain that he was going to request Dr. Lucas to inject bilateral hips.
Is very thorough with his examinations. Explains procedures very well. Is very concerned for his patients welfare and health.
Dr. Woodruff appears to be very self confident in his ability to perform the required surgery. He is poised and very collected, and he impresses me as being very familiar with the benefit of, and the complications associated with, this form of surgery. Dr. Woodruff is very articulate and provides a very detailed and clear understanding of the procedure. He outlines and explains what you can expect after completion of the surgery, and what you can expect if the surgery is not performed.
Dr. Woodruff explained things throughly so I am able to understand the problem. And he presented several solutions and what the outcome of each would be.
Told us he was only a chemical doctor. So if you don't just want drugs, go see someone else.
Jackson was a class act. 4 level fusion performed.2 wks post op.plenty of pain from proceedure, but a lot of hope for success.will recommend Dave if asked
Dr.Hess and his staff Dierde are both wonderfully helpful He did a fantastic job on my hip and follow ups went smooth. I would recommend him to family and friends. Thanks for a surgery well done.
Very efficient and he listened to what my concern s were.
I feel so very grateful to have found Dr. David M. Jackson @ the Core Institute for Orthopedic care! He has helped restore my ability to stand up straight after many years of back problems. This was achieved through therapies & surgery. He is an extremely experienced spine surgeon with many years in practice. Professional & caring with attention to detail. I cannot thank him enough along with his Physician Assistant, Grayson S. Halliday. The care is excellent ! Best Regards, K. Whitten
Michelle was super nice, very professional and knowledgeable. She listened to what I had to say and answered all my questions. I was very comfortable with her. I would certainly recommend to all my family and friends.
Very knowledgeable doctor who took the time to listen to me and figure out what pain I was dealing with. I didn't have to wait long to get an appointment which is a big deal since I was really hurting.
A wonderful surgeon. Very knowledgeable. Good communication regarding orthopedic issues & treatment.
This doctor is probably good, but he barely saw me at my appointment. He spent less than 2 minutes in the room with me, and left before I could ask my questions. I have not been able to get ahold of anyone at the office to answer when I should get my cast off. Also he charged me for setting my wrist, even though it already got set at the ER.
BD - (blatant deception ?) you are hurting future patients. I've seen him 4 times within a year and this last time I was given the bums rush, again. I still don't know if I'm suppose to keep using the seizure medicine. I was suppose to get a sleep study and as usual no one called to make an appt. (3 mths later) I'm still waiting and what does the Dr. say to me ( he gives me a lecture on how I have to be proactive) so where does the service I'm paying for come into the equation? I quit!
Dr. William Higginbotham is by far the worst doctor I have been in contact with. I had a consultation with him in January 2017 about a knee replacement surgery and he was ridiculously rude and foolish all at the same time. He is part of the Core Institute and it's about him and only him. I felt that he just wanted the money but did not care about my recovery and what was best for me. This was an awful experience!!
I saw Dr. Jacofsky in 2007-2008 for an infected hip. I had had 12 previous hip surgeries since birth and had had the current thr in for 35 years. Because of the difficulty of my hip I went to several doctors who would not help me. Not only did he help me but he really listened to me and answered all of my questions and treated me like an intelligent person. He was very honest about his expections for my outcome for surgery. I very highly recommend him especially for difficult cases. Thank you
Dr. Hagevik is a great doctor. I have been going to him for years. He really listens to you. He explains things to you so you can really understand them. We need more Doctors like him.
He was unconcerned with my issue because I didn't know the medical terminology. He was the first neurologist I had ever seen and he chose to dismiss me without asking me to explain what I felt because I didn't know the sparkles I saw before I started writhing in pain were called an aura. Never got a follow up on my mri because his staff canceled my appt without my knowledge. I ended up in the hospital when I had an episode, the pain got so bad my husband thought I was dying. REVOKE HIS LICENSE
I would highly recommend Dr. Scott Edwards. He is very friendly, knowledgeable and more than all, diagnose the injury and best steps taken. My 6 year old son had broke his arm fallen from monkey bars with fracture at 2 places. Dr. Edwards did just everything thru cast and no surgery. Healing happened from his miracle words with positive tone. Thank you Sir!
He did a hip replacement on my 92 year old Mother-in-law. He was so kind and caring and knowledgable. She loved him.
Dr Galli is one of the best doctors you could find. She is extremely personable, fun & caring. She spends all the time you need to have your questions answered. She is very knowledgeable and proactive with her treatment. I spent 2 years with a Dr that basically patted me on the back and kept sending me on my way. But when I found Dr Galli, not only did she compassionately listen to what I had been going thru but gave me just the right treatment I needed. She is AWESOME!!!
Awesome Doctor!! Great bed side manner and skills. I appreciate his patience and dedication to my healing.
He saved my leg when three other doctors said it would be impossible. These other doctor's were supposed to be the most famous fellowship trained surgeons in the city. The Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale is sure no real Mayo Clinic. Jacofsky deserves all of his accolades.
I went to see the CORE Institute and Dr. Jacofsky for a severely messed up left hip. Despite numerous images and reads from various different physicians and facilities, Dr Jacofsky could only offer me "band aid" treatments of injections vs. actually fixing the issue which was the ball joint of my hip pushed into my pelvis and severe osteoarthritis of the joint. I've since had my hip replaced out in Sun City by a completely different ortho. DO NOT CALL these guys.. its a huge waste of time.
She is the best not only a great doctor she has a great personality.
My wife had surgery 6 was ago. Surgery was postponed 10 days to 2 weeks because of their error. I give Dr Edwards a D- for his bedside manner or lack of. Surgery was adequate and solved the problem. We didn't learn until her 6 wk visit that she has two plates when we thought just one. No one explained that detail. Her hand therapist has removed 3-4 stitches they missed and at her 6 wk visit the physicians assistant found 3 more they missed. You can certainly find far better treatment.
Reading these reviews I was surprised. Sitting in the office, it seems like Dr. Jacofsky is caring for the most complex of patients. Everyone I spoke to was there because others doctors messed up their joint replacements and then those doctors sent them to Dr. Jacofsky. One surgery patient had four failed knee replacements and then was sent to Dr. Jacofsky by the Mayo Clinic and was now doing great. He fixed a problem I had with my hip replacement that 2 other surgeons said was not fixable.
Knowledgable, good listener, considerate, and explains well
Dr. Galli is everything I have read and more. She is caring and extremely quailed. She performed surgery on me at the Del Webb out patient clinic. The surgery went well. Dr. Galli is caring and compassionate. After removing my stitches my surgery was a total success. Hardware from a previous surgery loosened. She removed the screw and my downtime was limited. As a bonus doctor Galli will give you a big hug and a smile. I feel blessed to have found doctor Galli.
I can't wait to recommend Dr. Feldman. He has helped me so much and I can't wait for others to benefit from him as well.
Over the course of 6 appointments with me, he has spent less than 15minutes total. However I can tell you that 4 of my appointments including my surgery were canceled and rescheduled by his office for times at which I was not available (left a voice mail the day before the original appointment with a new time/date without consulting.) I arrived for a 5th appointment to be told that he was already 2 hours beind and he simply wouldn't see me. For my last appointment I waited 2 hours
Very friendly and knowledgeable. Answered all my questions and took time to listen to my concerns.
Dr. Edwards is very good at his profession and provided me with outstanding care from my initial appointment through post-operative follow up. I found him to be sensitive to my concerns while being able to address clear options. Additionally, his interactions and guidance of Residents in the office and surgical setting is exemplary. His staff and surgical support team speak very highly of him too.
Dr. Feldman is one of the best doctors I have ever seen. He is so patient and listens to me. He asks fantastic questions. In fact, I can tell he listens and is thinking because his follow up questions are spot on. He comes up with fantastic options for me to try with my back. I do not want surgery at all! His injections have helped immensely. I am very thankful to him and his expertise and knowledge!
Dr. Jeppesen is one of the most honest, caring and straightforward doctors I have had ever had the pleasure of being in the company of. I sustained a foot injury at work and he did everything he could to help me get back to 100%. Unfortunately, workers comp insurance requested I be seen by another Docctor because they felt my recovery was taking to long, otherwise I would still be under his care to this day. If you have a choice, see him first!
He is a true professional and handled my situation perfectly.
Had a hammer toe repair as well as a torn ligament repair. Dr. Galli is very knowledgeable and answers all of the questions that you have. She always seems very professional and personable. She was great throughout my experience as well as her staff. I would recommend her to anyone I know for foot and ankle.
Dr. Galli has an amazing bed side manner and a great sense of humor. She explained all the issues with my foot and what the procedure would entail and made me feel very comfortable with the upcoming surgery. When it came time for my surgery she came in to talk with me in pre-op and I went into surgery very relaxed because of her confidants. I really like Dr. Galli and I would gladly send anyone I know to her!
Dr. Galli was excellent very personable and funny. Made the procedure painless as possible
She is a great doctor and a great person. Love her.
Dr. Galli is fantastic. She is very personable and takes the time to ask questions about your pain. Gives you options and great advice. I would refer anyone to her!!
Dr. Jackson performed back surgery for 2 bulging discs. He did a great job! I was immediately out of pain. I was very impressed with Dr. Jackson, his professionalism, his personal attention and my recovery. I had the surgery done at the hospital in Phoenix and the staff at the hospital after surgery was excellent. I highly recommend Dr. Jackson!!
She's very friendly, makes you feel comfortable, explains Everthing where you can understand. No regrets here.
She listened and explained my issues with exceptional courtesy and professionalism
Dr. Scott replaced my ankle with wonderful success. After having continual discomfort to now having only minimal pain level (1) in the evening after a very busy day (impossible before). I am so grateful to Dr. Scott for his superb medical skills and the personal way he makes you feel that he is really looking out for your very best outcome. He is a very caring and extremely competent physician and my husband and I would recommend and have many times Dr. Scott to our family and friends.
Dr. Scott is an amazing doctor and surgeon. I had to have ankle surgery after injuring it multiple times. He not only fixed the issue, but his demeanor ans bedside manner is what makes him a great doctor. He is thorough and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Dr. Scott!
Dr. Raia was direct, thorough and skilled. I liked his diagnosis and prognosis for my thumb problem. Understood my insurance issue and had good recommendations for physical therapy in the area.
My teen daughter tore her ACL 17 months ago. She had a reconstruction and two additional manipulations with a local surgeon. We met Dr. Nguyen when we sought a second opinion. She has since had one surgery to repair the damage caused during the first surgery, then another reconstruction. She has been under the care of Dr. Nguyen for nearly a year and has made much progress. She loves that he gives her HOPE of a full recovery so the 5hr drive is worth it! I highly recommend his expertise!
Dr. Scott was the third podiatrist I have seen. He is very thoughtful and listens to everything you tell him. He is willing to look at all options. A great doctor is one who knows when not to cut. I would say he is in the "great doctor category." He has a plan to address a chronic plantar fasciitis, That nobody else ever discussed with me. My plan is to get back into running without pain. I am optimistic that his approach will work because it just makes so much sense. Thank you Doc. ??
Dr. Nelson is fantastic. He should be surgeon general! Seriously, I am so happy with my shoulder replacement. The CORE Institute is losing an amazing doctor!
Dr. Nelson was the best. I have complete confidence in him. I wish everyone could come see him!
I'm elderly, broke my arm six months ago, and Dr. Nelson gets a lot of the credit for full recovery. I was able to get an appointment within a day of leaving the ER, the exam and x-rays were all done at the same location, follow ups were adequate, and his referral to a specific physical therapist was a winner. I was seen within minutes of arriving for my appointments, Dr. Nelson was thorough when addressing progress, concerns, and follow-up. I recommend him highly.
I thought Dr. Nelson was wonderful. I hope my grandsons grow up to be just like him!
Dr. Nelson is very kind. I really appreciated that he prayed with me before surgery! I am really happy with my shoulder now (3 months after surgery)!
Everything went great. If I had to do it again, I would choose to come to Dr. Nelson.
I am very happy. I can now reach overhead after months of pain. Thank you.
I had great care both before and after surgery. Dr. Nelson and his assistant were awesome.
Had very good result from my rotator cup surgery. Dr. Nelson was very good explaining what to expect. He was nice and friendly. Had my surgery August 12, 2016. Sorry took long to get to writing this. Husband had some health issues and was very busy with doctors etc. I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Nelson.
We felt Dr. Nelson was very knowledgeable! The nurse at the hospital who put in my IV was also very nice.
I am left with hardly any feeling in my right hand after a failed carpal tunnel surgery performed by Dr. Raia. The filament that was used to stitch under the incision was poking through the incision when I saw him at the follow up exam. I felt as though he couldn't wait to get me out of his office during that exam. He did not address my concerns and sent me back to work 3 days after surgery. There are no guarantees with surgery but this was and continues to be a horrendous experience.
Dr. Nelson did a fantastic job on my rotator cuff repair. I am very satisfied with their work.
The healing process went much faster than I thought. I never had any pain, even with a shoulder replacement.
Dr. Nelson is very talented. I am so pleased to have had him as my surgeon. I give him 11/10!
Dr. Nelson was above and beyond an excellent surgeon and person. He is a jewel. I am so glad I had my surgery with Dr. Nelson.
I am very, very satisfied. I wish that Dr. Nelson had taken care of me from the very beginning. I would describe my improvement as a miracle.
I felt very well informed and well-updated with all the details around surgery. Dr. Nelson was very patient and compassionate and caring, which you don't find from surgeons very often.
Even though he recommended against surgery, Dr. Nelson is a great doctor. He is very knowledgeable.
If Dr Nelson is not the head surgeon now he should be. Great person and an even better doctor
Wonderful experience with Dr. Nelson! Would recommend his expertise and talents as a surgeon.
I was scared about having surgery, but it was not justified. I am thrilled with the outcome of my shoulder replacement.
Dr. Nelson has wonderful bedside manner, unlike many other doctors. He operated on my hand and I am playing a show (guitar) just 2 weeks later.
I think Dr. Nelson did a really good job. I am very pleased.
I am extremely pleased with my shoulder. I can do almost everything and I am only 3 months from a rotator cuff repair!
Everything was outstanding, absolutely outstanding
Dr. Nelson has a great personality and is always available to help.
Dr. Nelson did a great job fixing my broken shoulder. I felt better immediately after surgery!
dr Gregory Nelson , is one of the best shoulder dr. if it was not for him I would not have the mobility that I have in my left shoulder that was broke in 2 places. he allways exrayed my shoulder before appt to make sure it was aligned and healing like it should. he is verry professional with a great caring attitude. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this great doctor. thank you for taking great care of me.
Dr. Nelson was great. I have total confidence in the care he gave me for my elbow problem.
After seeing Dr. Nelson, my shoulder was painfree for the first time in years and more importantly, it is the first time someone explained to me what was wrong. I feel Dr. Nelson truly cares about his patients. I felt like he was a miracle worker.
Dr. Nelson kept us informed. He explained everything so well. He has a great bedside manner. He is more than wonderful. We are so happy!
Dr. Nelson was great. I have used the CORE Institute before and had a great result.
When my first surgery failed, I required a complex surgery with bone graft from my hip. I am so happy with the result. My shoulder feels great now.
I had both of my shoulders replaced for osteonecrosis. My motion is perfect. Thank you Dr. Nelson.
I am very pleased with my shoulder. I did not think it could be this good after surgery.
From the minute you finish your surgery, this doctor and his institute will completely neglect and forget about you. Pain meds, refills, post op questions, etc... they will not return your calls after surgery, and you will not get the help you need, and you will be in more pain than is necessary. Avoid Tony Nguyen and the Core Institute!
He actually saved my life... I developed a severe infection from a shoulder replacement performed by another surgeon who seemingly ignored my problem for months. Dr. Nelson identified the problem, eradicated the infection, and then rebuilt my arm. Now it is as good as new. I can't thank him enough.
I sincerely appreciate Dr. Nelson's bedside manner. He took the time to explain things in detail. I love my doctor!
Dr. Nelson did a great job and he listens well.
You can't find a better shoulder doctor than Dr. Nelson!
The whole staff, including Dr. Nelson, were very thorough in their explanations. I was very comfortable with them and I would highly recommend this organization to anyone with an orthopedic need.
Dr. Nelson was very concerned and the patient comes first with him. He has a good bedside manner. He also fixed my shoulder and it feels great.
I hope I never have surgery again, but if I did, I would definitely come back to Dr. Nelson.
I had surgery on both my shoulders, done by Dr. Nelson. He worked miracles on me.
I am overjoyed with the results on my left shoulder replacement. I've had 9 surgeries and Dr. Nelson's was by far the best experience and the best outcome.
Shoulder repair by Dr. Nelson was excellent.
Had a great experience. Dr. Nelson fixed my torn rotator cuff injury virtually pain free!
The healing went very well. My shoulder is 100%!
I'm amazed at how well it went. Glad I came here.
Dr. Nelson did a wonderful job on my shoulder. My motion has exceeded even his own expectations. I am so very pleased that he took care of me.
I was very happy with the care I received from Dr Nelson and his team regarding my shoulder. I just want to let someone know how wonderful he and his team were to me and how pleased I am that he's my doctor.
Dr. Nelson was able to help me when no one else could. I needed both my shoulders replaced. When I first met him, I couldn't take care of myself, but now I have my independent lifestyle back.
I've never had better treatment. My shoulder is super. It hasn't improved my golf game, but he warned me about that...
I have no complaints. Dr. Nelson has given me my left shoulder back, and since I need a wheelchair to get around, that means everything.
I'm exceedingly pleased with the care I received from Dr. Nelson and Monica his PA. Thank you very much.
Dr. Nelson cured my shoulder. Everything is perfect.
I saw Dr Raia in 4/2016 for painful trigger finger problems in my left hand, in two fingers and my thumb. He spent plenty of time speaking to the problem and treatment options. I settled on a cortisone injection for each finger and thumb, and within two weeks I was working out, lifting weights, and closing grippers again. I have great faith in Dr Raia. When the problem occurs again in the future, I'll be back to see him.
I have been very pleased with my outcome. If it werent for the physical therapy, I wouldn't be where i am today. I so appreciate everything that Dr. Nelson has done for me!
Dr Nelson has very good bed side manner. He was very gentle. I can raise my arm with no pain. I didnt even need all the therapy. He did a great job!
Im writing this for my grandmother but I was with her throughout her journey. She went to a different doctor and he didnt have any faith in her. Once we switched to Dr. Scalise he recommended surgery. After one year and a half she finally found someone that cared for her. I am very thankful for such a honest doctor. He did not see my grandma as a lost cause. After that horrible car accident in February 2015, she finally came back. Thank you so much!!
Dr. Nelson was incredibly professional, helpful, and gave me a sense that he genuinely cared for my well being. He made sure that I completely understood the condition of my shoulder, what surgical procedure he was recommending and why. He also was very thorough with explaining what the recovery process would entail, and what result I could expect. The surgery was a success, and my recovery is underway. I highly recommend him as a shoulder surgeon.
Dr. Nelson is friendly and caring
Dr. Nelson is patient in answering all questions. I didn't feel rushed. He is very knowledgeable and a great person. I know I am confident he will do the right thing about surgery or not. He isn't in it to just operate. He listens and gives his opinion. Not pushy at all.
Very friendly, answered all my questions, and made sure to get my injection in the exact spot.
Appeared rushed. Sent the student or PA in. She said my wrist pain that I had for 4 weeks would be fine. Just do whatever I wanted to.. Ask to see the doctor.. he said he could give i steroid shot but not sure it would help. I ask to try that and in 1 minutes he injected it without even prepping the area with alcohol wipe.. said come back if not better and left. Felt like I was taking up his time. Wouldn't go back!!!
week Dr. Nguyen was very helpful! He is very good at what he does, he explained every thing in a way that I could understand and he made me feel very comfortable in his hands. I think he cares about his patients and has a great bed side manner. My surgery went well and I am on my way to recovery. I am very greatful to have him as my surgeon and I would recommend him to family and friends. ??
Horrible. Dr Nguyen spent all of 3 minutes with me after I waited over an hour to see him and paid my $30 copay. He looked at my knee and said well you have 2 options either I can give you a cortisone shot or you can get and MRI I asked him well your the dr what is wrong w it and what do you recommend? He snidely replied it's up to you. I opted for the MRI to see what's wrong w my knee instead of just injecting it with cortisone not knowing what's wrong. He was not helpful in any way
Dr Siverhus performed TKR's on both of my knee's. I'm very satisfied with his professional skills, ability, experience and knowledge, the medical field of surgery. I did experience a staph infection, 5 months after my left knee surgery (4/21/16). Dr Siverhus acted extremely fast in scheduling my revision surgery. His understanding of his patients fears, concerns, and questions is simply outstanding and takes the time to reassure and answers all of your questions. #1 recommendation
Dr. Nelson repaired a torn rotator cuff and bicep tear in July 2016. My surgery was pretty extensive, but Dr. Nelson did an amazing job. He is very professional but personable as well. I had a few issues with my LOA and my insurance company and he and his assistant worked tirelessly getting everything in to them so I would keep my job! He is an exceptional doctor, one I would trust with my life. I highly recommend Dr. Nelson and his team at the Core Institute.
i have been thru numerous ortho surgeries and nothing like what my husband has gone thru with this place. dr nelson is very nice but this place is such a joke. we have had nothing but issues from the start and are seeking another opinion. it has been a battle on everything from answers to processing paperwork for short term disability. physical therapy is even worse.
Worst experience with a doctor ever. Tried to pop my finger into place (twice!) after admitting he had no idea what was wrong and being told repeatedly not to. Simply the rudest, most arrogant doctor I've ever encountered. He seems to have no interest in finding out what's going on and simply wants you out of the office as soon as possible. Would have given him a zero if I could have.
8 months ago, Dr. Nwosu rebuilt my foot and ankle and it is fantastic now.
When I came to Dr. Raia I had already undergone a very pain procedure to repair my finger with no success, I was very timid to try again. Dr Raia not only did an amazing job making my finger look completely back to normal, he also made sure I had little to no pain. He was very sensitive to my concerns and went above and beyond.
This was my 4th surgery and all is well. Will drive an hour to see this doctor because I trust him and all my surgeries have been as good as possible. Will return when needed. Very pleasant and knowledgeable.
Dr Nelson performed a total shoulder replacement on my right shoulder on July 5, 2016. I think that his "bedside manner" during all stages was wonderful, and of course his skill as a surgeon resulted in much less pain after surgery than I could have imagined. Dr. Nelson was also the first person to recognize that I had RA, sent out biopsy to confirm that it was RA, and suggested that I needed to see a rheumatologist. I would recommend Dr. Nelson to anyone having shoulder or elbow surgery.
I have seen Dr. Nelson twice. Both ?times I felt the exam was thorough. He asked and answered questions about my shoulder pain. He physically evaluated the issue. He discussed pain management alternatives, including surgery. I decided to have the localized injections in my shoulder and have experienced significant relief in pain and increased mobility. I have recommended Dr. Nelson to a friend and would do so for anyone else.
Conservative in approach On Time, no long waits great staff Took as much time as I needed and answered all my questions
Dr. Nelson diagnosed the pain issue in my shoulder very quickly. After a try at physical therapy he gave me the option of surgery to relieve the pain. He knew exactly what to do. Dr. Nelson's bed manners were outstanding and I made it thru without incident. By the 3rd week of therapy the pain was extreme but Dr. Nelson knew the cure, he gave me a painless injection and immediately i had relief and a good night's rest. Since then I have continued with therapy and my home exercises as instructed.
My experience with Dr. Nelson has been very worthwhile. He is very good at explaining what he will do to make you feel better, he's very personable, and still professional. He is very well mannered, honest, also direct. It is a pleasure to visit him, I have faith and confidence his advice to get back to a normal life. His Assistences have always been very pleasant and professional. They have all made me very comfortable and stressed what a great Dr. He is they enjoy working with him. "Greatful".
Do not know if Dr. Siverhus remembers me but I think I was one of his first patients in Toledo, Ohio. Over 18 years ago. On my first visit we had a long visit, with Dr. sitting on the exam table and I in a chair. One of the most informative visit I have had. At that time he replaced my right hip and about 3 years later he replaced my left one. I have had no problems with either one. Just turned 82 last week and wanted to say hello and thanks for a good job.. May GOD BLESS you Dr.
This guy is a real piece of work. After having a wrist problem for 4 months I finally get in to see an orthopedic specialist for the tear in my wrist. He gives a poor exam saying my wrist is stable and its not that big of deal that everybody gets them. His only treatment plan was telling me he didnt know what to do and to GET A NEW JOB(I work at UPS). What doctor doesnt listen, doesnt give a treatment plan and tells a patient to get a new job? I left heartbroken. Im in pain. I need help.
I am a Retired Navy Veteran and spent 22 years in the Medical field as a Surface Force Independent Duty Corpsman and retired as a Chief Petty Officer. I had a total Left Hip Replacement completed by Dr. Siverhus and I have just learned that I need the same procedure completed on my Right Hip due to Necrosis of the Femoral Head. I specifically requested Dr. Siverhus when my request was sent to Tricare via Luke AFB. I will be out of the area from 9 Sept - 19 Sept for my sons wedding in Seattle.
He was very kind and friendly and took his time and listened to me to see what was my problems before he even looked at the xrays. I think thats nice. Then he explained things to me and he himself gave the injection in my knee rather than a nurse.I felt so reassured after speaking with him. I will go again to see him. There was a short wait but not to bad and it was worth it. This is a clean facility the bathrooms the exam rooms clean and sparkly. Everyone was friendly.
worst doctor I ever been to.....and I been to a bunch....
Dr. Puttlitz one of the best Dr. that i have had the since moving to AZ
He is very awkward and weird. I had high blood pressure the day of my procedure and instead of discussing it with me he just kept ignoring me and skipping to the next patient. I felt his bed side manner was horrible even watching him with other patients and I noticed he never seemed to wash his hands or use hand sanitizer which kinda creeped me out since I'm a germ freak. So I found a new pain doc. He only cares about money not his patients.
Very satisfied with the surgery dr Rahai preformed on my hand
Dr Nelson spent a lot of time explaining my condition and the treatment options. I feel very confident with his knowledge and comfortable with him doing surgery on me.
If I could give him zero stars, I would. He spent a total of 3 minutes in the room with me. I know this because I was texting a friend right before he walked in. Not only did he obviously not care what I was there for, he was also VERY rude & I'm not even sure he's really a doctor? How can he be? He didn't seem knowledgeable at all. I asked him what to do about my wrist and cysts. His response was a shrug, a vague I don't know, and then proceeded to say There is nothing I can do about that.
A Catastrophic encounter to say the least. Wish I had seem this site prior to making my first (and now last) appointment with this guy. He did not listen, didn't take time, nor attempted to thoroughly exam. Had a Very Bad attitude and pre-diagnosed my condition prior to my fully explaining my symptoms. To make matters worst, now 3 weeks after the office visit, he still have not submitted the referral order for treatment, even after I (and office staff) prompted with urgent requests.
Dr.Raia spent little time with me. He did not acknowledge any information about the xrays taken, and he showed no understanding or compassion for my concerns about my medical problem. Even the co-pay was an overcharge for the time involved in or the value of this visit.
He spent very little time with patient, and not care what patient has to say and gave his diagnosis immediately. No compassion or patience!!!
Dr.Nwosu did surgery on my ankle November 11th and I'm do happy he did an outstanding job. I was in pain for 11 months and he found the problem and took care of it.Dr.Nwosu thank you so much from the bottom of my heart you are the greatest. God bless you!!!!
Dr. McAlister listens to your needs and concerns. Very friendly yet professional! He has a wonderful personality and bedside manner. My surgery went very well and also pleased with the results unlike prior foot surgery. His medical schooling and background are impressive to say the least. If you are looking for a top rate podiatrist, look no further.
fantastic bedside manor-great knowledge
I worked for Dr. Meldrum for six years. He is the most compassionate and kindhearted doctor I have ever worked for! He always took the time to listen to his patients concerns. He is definitely a special doctor and his patient's loved him. I wish he was still here in Indiana to do surgery on my husband or myself when we need it. He is definitely one of the top Orthopedic doctors in the country in my opinion!
Dr. McAllister has been a very good doctor for me. He was very informative good at listening and answered all the questions that I had for him. Although my ankle may never be the same again he was very reassuring and had a positive attitude which helped me through my process.
I saw Dr. McAlister for what I thought was a broken toe and was nervous to find out the results of the xray. He has excellent bed side manners and answered all of my questions with confidence, that alone made me feel at ease. No broken toe but gave me a simple treatment plan to follow and my toe is completely healed. Dr. McAlister and his staff provided excellent service and would recommend him to anyone.
I had an excellent experience with Dr. McAlister and his staff. He listened, answered all my questions and didn't make me feel rushed. He gave me the best treatment options for my situation and explained thoroughly so I understood. I would highly recommend Dr. McAlister to anyone in need of a podiatrist.
The worst. Run don't walk away from this guy. If he operated on you then most likey you won't be able to do either.
My visit with Dr. McAlister was under urgent conditions due to a broken ankle. Other than the wait, which is to be expected when you are fit in for an urgent appointment. The staff was very efficient and empathetic. The surgeon was amazing, he explained everything clearly, presented the care plan (surgery), and answered all of our questions. Surgery was done two days later and his medical assistant has called to check on me, and to see if we needed anything. Overall, the care has been exemplary
Great bedside manner, would recommend family to him!!
Absolutely one of my favorite doctors. Great bedside manor, very knowledgeable, and he has helped me tremendously. Staff is also very friendly and helpful.
Dr Michaelson really does listen and understands what you are telling him about your pain. I have seen him for knee problems and he took care of it right away. Now my husband sees him too. I highly recomend Dr Michaelson he's a great Ortho/sports med Doc!!!
Dr. Markel is an excellent surgeon, he did my hip replacement a few years back. He is very direct, brusque, and scientific in approach. Unfortunately, his skills as a surgeon are somewhat overshadowed by his lack of bedside manner. He does his research before seeing you and will keep a very a brisk pace. So come prepared with questions because you will feel rushed. All in all, his surgical skill outweighs his lack of social skills.
Dr. McAlister has performed surgery on both of my ankles and he has helped improve my quality of life! I highly recommend him to those contemplating orthopedic procedures.
My experience with Dr McAlister has been nothing but stellar from office visit to operating room. I have been seeing him now for about 8 months for an issue with my right foot that ended up with a needed surgery and removal of a neuroma.
Dr .McAlister put my ankle back together which involved 9 rods. Today you would never even know it. He did a great job. Everything he told me about the healing process was right on. I am very grateful to him.
Dr McAlister performed surgery on my right foot. I am 8 weeks post-op and I am very pleased with my results. Great pre-op instructions that explained what to expect and what to do post- surgery. I would highly recommend him.
Dr. McAlister made me feel at ease right away. He not only gave me confidence that he knew what treatment was necessary for me but he was friendly and willingly answered all my questions. Just feeling like you can talk to your doctor means a great deal to me and I found that in Dr. McAlister.
Just had a TKR by Dr. Markel & it went extremely well. All questions were answered& options explained. Very professional environment. Would definitely recommend to friends & family.
I found Dr McAlister at The CORE and I had fractured my ankle & it needed surgery but I had a bad surgery 4 years earlier& I died, so I put it off thinking it wasn't that bad. After a round of steroid shots, it was determined that surgery was the only answer. He did an excellent job & it turned out to be a really big mess, but he did an excellent job, so now my ankle is good and tight/straight. He followed up a lot and I'm glad he did. Great doctor!!
Dr. McAlister not only has great concern in each patient, but takes a very personal interest and concern with each individual. Dr. McAlister took time to go to great lengths explaining the details of the surgery and what to expect post op. Dr. McAlister performed a complicated surgery on my foot and the results are truly amazing! I would not only recommend Dr. McAlister but would definitely return if I require surgery on my other foot, (which will probably will happen).
Very professional and great at what he does! I had 3 things needing fixing in my knee. I went to him from a referral from a friend that had used him previously. Everything is turning out a lot better than I ever imagined. Everything was explained so I could understand it. I started physical therapy the day after surgery was off crutches within 48 hours and I am progressing at an incredible rate! Shout out to his PA Ashley who is also awesome! They are the dynamic duo! Use them they are the best
Dr. Michaelson listened to my concerns and addressed them all. I feel he took the time to explain things and overall gave me a good outlook on my issue. I feel he has guided me to make the right decision for my wellbeing.
Professional. Highly recommend without reservation or hesitation.
I have had an excellent experience with Dr. Macalister. I went in for a consultation because my other doctor could not figure out what was wrong with my foot and ankle. I saw Dr. Macalister and he made a diagnosis and we made a plan on what the best course of action would be. I'm now 2 weeks out of reconstruction surgery of my foot and ankle. I'm doing great and am looking forward to the future with no pain. Dr. Macalister treated me and my friend with kindness. Thank you.
Dr. Michaelson took the time to answer all of my questions and thoroughly explained the procedure he performed. I felt confident in his skills and at ease under his care.
After five years of being in severe pain after a total knee replacement, Dr. Michaelson was the first doctor to listen to me and is working to find the reason for the pain. I went there to discuss what could be done for my right knee and he said we need to figure out problem with left knee before discussing right knee. I am so greatful to him for his concern.
Only saw the Doctor for about 5 minutes. Not much analysis done. Disappointing.
Dr. Michaelson performed a knee-replacement surgery on me in January, 2017. The results are wonderful! Both before and after the surgery my office visits with Dr. Michaelson and/or his staff were most pleasant, on time and I felt listened to and informed at all times.
Prejudges case before you have a chance to really speak with him. Dimissive and a bit arrogant. I had to see him because my regular specialist was out of town.
I am going to keep this short and sweet...Dr McAlister was AWESOME!!!! I would HIGHLY recommend him!!!!
I went for a hammer toe correction and bunion repair and the doctor 'accidentally' broke three bones in my foot. He then sent me to physical therapy for my fractures that then did not heal. I then had to go onto a bone stimulator for three months. I then had to go back to surgery to have my pins removed from the broken bones. I was charged $27,770 for the whole awful experience. He is a quack. Stay away from this place.
Dr McAlister has been great from the moment I met him after breaking my ankle. I am very happy with my progress since surgery and look forward to a full recovery. He is the greatest and would recommend him to anyone in need.
Dr is the most knowldable foot Dr.
Dr. Mcalister is an excellent surgeon. My ankle was broken in 3 different places and he came in on Saturday to do surgery on it. I was very pleased with the surgery and the limited scarring. He was very kind and gave me the medication I needed for the pain control and a temporary handicap decal. I am 8 weeks into recovery and my healing process is going well due to the excellent repair he did on my ankle. I continue to see him for my follow up care. I would definitely recommend him to you.
After my patient visit with Dr Meldrum, he was to have a prescription called into my drug store plus call a physical therapy clinic to call me to schedule an appointment for physical therapy. Neither was done within a week. I wonder if I would not have called would it ever have happened. I had to call his office twice and twice leave a message. Is this normal operating procedure for this office?
Dr. McAllister was great. Hands down one of the best I've ever had. I had a pin put in my foot and all the way thru he was fantastic.
He is not the friendliest doctor. But I trust his ability as a surgeon. He does not sugar coat, tells you as is. If you are looking for a good surgeon, then you have found him in Dr. Markel.
I had a torn Achilles tendon, broken heel and bone spurs. Saw the Doctor on 1/1/17 and had surgery 1/11/17. The surgery was very successful and this is a surgery I had heard horror rumors about. The pain was always manageable and the job was done well. 7 1/2 weeks later playing golf. I am 65 years old. If you are fortunate to see Dr McAlister you will not be disappointed. The rehab team at Core also did a good job of getting me back.
Dr. McAlister, is caring and professional, and personable in talking to his patients. He replaced my right ankle, he explained what he was going to do and answered all my questions. He takes the time to put the patient at ease, both in the office and hospital.
Doctor Lucas is the most caring doctor i have ever been to. He actually listens to what i have to say. He will always work with you and for you, not against you! He has given me hope that there are still some doctors that care for you and not just the paycheck! And his medical assistants are great too. Thanks doctor Lucas for all you do for me. Sincerely Dennis Jenkins
He is very easy to communicate with because of his pleasant, down to earth, easy going manner. I recently had major surgery on both feet and experienced successful outcomes in both cases.
He is an awesome Dr.....Very knowledgeable and genuine....I highly recommend him
Dr. Lowe, I thought it best for me to wait a few months after being released before writing a review. Thank you doctor for your excellent work, I had a tib-fib plateau fracture and you were the surgeon that went in and repaired a first surgery. The surgery you performed was amazing, your kindness is just as amazing. Just yesterday I was painting a stairwell in my house. God Bless you Doctor Lowe!
Dr. McAlister is an amazing surgeon probably the best so far he got my broken ankle,leg and ligaments working again in a rapid surgery and I had a fast recovery and I can do all my activity again. He did amazing I recommend him to anyone
I visited Dr Markel twice. both visits lasted less than six minutes. Very curt and dismissive. I didn't feel comfortable and even less comfortable the second visit. I needed paperwork filled out and was charged an extra fee to do it. This paperwork was never submitted to my employer. I would never, ever recommend this doctor. Getting an appointment was easy. I understand why.
Dr McAlister is very personable and thorough in his care. He explains what is going on and what will happen. He explained the importance of home exercises to my overall well being! I would recommend him to anyone who asks. Thanks Dr!!
Was very helpful and professional, he got me back to being able to walk with out pain. After seeing 4 other Drs he finally helped us
Love his sense of humor and ability to make you feel comfortable!
Wonderful doctor with a great personality! Had to have surgery due to broken bones in my foot, and he did a awesome job repairing the damage. Minimal post-op pain which was great! Speedy recovery and no complications at all from the surgery! Speedy appointments with minimal waiting time. Will recommend Dr. McAlister to all friends and family and co-workers!!! ??????
I was very happy with my first visit to Dr. Kumar. I felt he listened to me and performed items in order to ascertain what tests needed to be done. I would most certainly recommend Dr. Kumar to my friends.
Explained surgery procedure, after surgery care at home, and answered all questions so I could understand requirements for recovery and healing time.
I gave previous review today, but (senior moment) mixed up doctors. Dr. Michaelson was very good at explaining my condition and giving a cortisone injection into my shoulder. He spent sufficient time with me and I would recommend him highly.
wish I would of done my research before picking him to do my foot surgery. I feel like every time I see him in his office he takes my pain and my feelings as a joke. He messed up the nerves in my foot, making it hard to walk. Worse mistake I ever made was to allow him to do the surgery he preformed!
Dr. McAlister was very professional, efficient and friendly. You couldn't ask for better care.
called for this dr. receptionit said he was no longer working there. then I said my primary dr said I might need laser surgery on my knee. this receptionist said. " hmmm I don't think we do that ". I said well if you don't do it then I don't need an appointment there, she said ok bye. great business! !!! this is Caring about patients?
Obviously this is a website where the doctor or facility goes in and deletes anything that isn't good. He accidentally broke three bones in my foot. I was sent home from the hospital with not so much as a crutch and told to walk on it. Then when the bones didn't heal after 6 months he told me to stay off my foot.
I have been a patient of Dr. Lowe since 2012, when I was injured in an automobile accident. I had numerous broken bones in my right leg, and a femur that wouldn't heal. Dr. Lowe saw me through numerous surgeries, and I always had complete faith in him. I consider myself blessed to have had Dr. Lowe as my trauma surgeon. He's the absolute best, and I don't hesitate to tell anyone who asks.
Dr. McAlister was very thorough and methodical in my surgery and recovery! He explained things very well and was great at his practice! I would recommend him to anyone in need of foot or ankle problems! Tom Klemp
It is a pleasure that I recommend Dr. McAlister. I received excellent care from him and his staff through my surgery, recovery and follow-up appointments. He is very thorough and personable.
I found Dr. McAlister To be very personable, knowledgeable and very patient with me. I know I will have a good result after my recent achillies surgery.. Many thanks Doc.I Sandy Shadlesky. sun City West Az
I had an open book pelvic fracture. Just over a year out, and I am recovering better physicaly than anyone expected. Thank you for saving my leg Doc!
This doctor is the best doctor ever with a big heart, who loves what he does. Usually good doctors don't take medicaid ( what I have), but he takes any insurance... This makes me tear up when I think about it... This doctor cares about his patients more then money. One word - amazing, god bless him and his family. He repaired my acl and meniscus and did a perfect job. He is a man with kind smile and golded heart, who always cares about his job. Hope more doctors should be like him.
If you are having any doubts about ankle replacement , Dr. Jeffrey McAlister is your man along with his excellent staff at the CORE Institute in Sun City West, Az. I knew from the first visit that he was my doctor. Thumbs up also to the Banner Medical Hospital with great services and staff in Sun City West, Az. I'm a very happy 75 year old man in zero pain, in most cases, unless I work long hours on my feet like I was half my age. Thank you Dr. McAlister for my life back.
Does not listen very well. WILL NOT return phone calls, even if for ER. Remedy for increased pain from 'rebound' (due to a Radio-Frequency Oblation operation; which gave relief for one whole month) is steroid injections (two of those) or facet injections (two of those);4 days of relief for the former, none for the latter (which is painful I might add). Occipital Neuralgia is fairly common (but very debilitating) YET his diagnosis, 1 yr (despite my symptoms): arthritis in C1 and C2. Wow!! Sad.
Worst physician I have ever visited. Spent 3 minutes with me and was short and arrogant. Do not, do not, do not see this ortho doc.
I would recommend Dr. McAlister to anyone who has an ankle problem or injury. I had an ankle replacement 6 months ago now I am playing golf and walking without pain. Thank you Dr. McAlister you are the greatest.
Competent. Corrected a severe foot problem. Listened to me and my concerns. Excellent post operative care. Excellent physical therapy after the boot was removed. Highly recommend Dr. McAlister to others.
compared to other doctors ive sen before the prblem, Dr. Mcalister mad me feel the most comforable and knowledgeable about the procedures that were going to go down. He seemed very confident his work which i guess in terms made me also feel that he really knew what he was doing and not nervous at all really. He answered all my questions thoroughly throughout the whole process. Thanks to his work i am now more confident in my foot and am very happy with the results.
Dr Markel was unprofessional at both of my appointments. He refused to discuss treatment options in any detail and did not provide answers to my questions. He lacks compassion. I have zero confidence in his ability to provide quality treatment. I better understand how I was able to get same day appointments. I would not recommend him to anyone.
After years of living on pain pills and injections in my ankle, Dr. McAlister replaced my ankle. Yes, I said replaced.... I have a totally new, pain free ankle! I could not be any happier, I once again have a life. I'm golfing every week, hiking (when I can pull myself away from golf) and I've even started dating again. He has given me back the life I used to lead!!! Thank you Dr. McAlister.... you've changed my life.
I was referred to Dr Michaelson, by my Primary Care Physician. Turned out that Dr. M. had to perform rotator cuff surgery on me. I had the surgery, went through my physical therapy, and now am able to move my shoulder around with absolutely no pain, and all strength is back to normal.
Dr. Michaelson is an extremely competent, compassionate and kind surgeon. He takes his time to throughly explain your problem and how to fix it. He ways the pros and cons very logically. He doesn't leave until all of your questions are answered. He is absolutely wonderful. I would highly recommend him to everyone. He is a truly capable orthopedic surgeon.
He is a fantastic doctor. I would highly recommend him. Very knowledgeable, very through and takes all the time you need answering questions and conconcerns. I'm from Seattle WA and was very apprehensive when I broke my leg in three places. I couldn't have been more pleased with all my experience with Dr McAllister and the surgery staff.
Dr. Lucas is extremely knowledgeable, understanding and patient. When undergoing an epidural procedure with Dr. Lucas he has always injected into the area that Is causing me pain. I always get pain relief after his treatment. I call Dr, Lucas my miracle man
My 12 yr old son has severe pancake flat feet. Dr McAlister did reconstructive surgery on the left foot,so far. His work has impressed the other foot Drs we've seen for the boot after the cast stuff. My son has had a great pain free recovery. More important he isn't afraid to go through it all again for his right foot in 3 weeks. Dr McAlister has included my special needs child in all the details,answered his questions and made me very confident in his talent.We can't thank him enough! Thank you
Great experience! Great surgeon! The whole process was smooth and successful.
His confidence in being able to treat my problem was very comforting; made me feel at ease. I am very please with the overall outcome of my surgery & recovery.
Dr. McAlister was wonderful. My daughter had a needle break off in her heel. She was very nervous about surgery He was so good with her and took care of it quickly. We would highly recommend Dr. McAlister!
Dr. Markel is an excellent surgeon. I had two hip operations performed by Dr Markel. He is truly a professional in every sense of the word. If you want a salesman, he is not. If you want a surgeon, he is the man I would recommend.
Dr Michaelson diagnosed my knee problem quickly and I was able to leave his office painfree, something that seemed like a miracle as I thought I'd have this problem the rest of my life. For the first time in well over a year, I have much more strength in my leg and knee.
In addition to being an excellent practitioner, Dr Lucero treats you like a friend and genuinely cares about your well being. Simply put, he is just a very fine man.
Rude, spent 2 minutes, was going to give an injection without telling me what it was or why I needed it. Could not pay me to return!
He took all the time I needed to find out what my problem was - knee. He is very thorough, kind and informative. He answered all my questions; made me feel safe that he would be able to take care of my problem. I would recommend him to anyone.
My husband has had two knee surgeries under Dr. Myerthall and his surgery went exceptionally well (compared to some of our friends who had the same surgery, not the same doctor). Recovery time was less than most that we've seen. Dr. Myerthall is very professional, answers any questions thoroughly. I have a hip replacement due in 8 day and i have no reservations about the quality of care that i will receive.
The only thing I had happen, Dr. Myerthall did not ask me if I had had a bone density test, and he ordered one. I had just had one. It took me a few calls to get this canceled and straightened out. It would help if he would find out when your last test was done. I really like Dr. Myerthall, and think he is the best knee surgeon.
Dr. Myerthall was kind and answered all my questions.
He is very pleasant to talk with. Very efficient in his testing. The only problem I'm having is, I think not understanding or empathetic of how bad my pain has become. His assistants have become rude and push me for surgery and physical therapy. I wish they would be kinder and understand medication tolerance. I've been on very low dose pain medicine and they tell me, we won't change or up your medication. Even though I've never asked.
Went to him for knee/hip pain. Recommended injections. Could be treated only if I allowed a nurse to give me the injections.
I was referred to Dr. Lowe after a shattered femur did not heal. He operated on it again. Upon returning for the 12 month visit after surgery I had an x-ray. The x-ray looked good but I told him that I had a lot of pain. He ordered an MRI which showed the bone had not healed completely and required additional surgery. My bone would not be healed today if he had believed the x-ray instead of listening to me. I recommend him highly.
First meeting with Dr. Michaelson was informative. He basically diagnosed my problem and recommended physical therapy as the first step in alleviating the pain and strengthening the muscles
Great Surgeon that uses anterior approach to hip replacement. I was playing golf in 6 weeks and pickleball in 8 weeks. I recommend him for any hip replacement.
I had a Hip Replacement done on 5/5/17. It was a breeze thanks to Dr. Hadi. I was off pain meds in 3 days and walking on my own in 3 weeks. I'm so grateful to Dr. Hadi, David, the staff at Core Institute and Banner Dell Webb for the best experience!! I felt like I was your only patient!
Dr. Adamany is WONDERFUL!!! He has done surgery on both of my wrists. Not only is he kind but I also trust him 100% as a Doctor. I have been seeing him since 2015 and I can say both surgeries have been a success.
Dr. Abdul Hadi is definitely five-star! In fact there Aren't Enough stars! He's dedicated, caring, compassionate and very understanding. He makes you feel like you are the only patient he's taking care of I had my knee replaced this past may he was very attentive and took my needs to heart and I really felt like an integral part of my care. Trust him, I recommend him to everyone I meet. Just give me 5 minutes and I will sing his praises. I am Elizabeth B of Sun City Arizona
I have never left Core, after seeing Dr. Abamany, without feeling secure that my visit was above excellent. His staff is always kind, courteous, and helpful. I do recommend Dr. Adamany to anyone having hand or arm problems if you want the best. He listens to your symptom complaints without ever making you feel ridiculous and also doesn't ever act like your taking up his time for being there. My husband and I both feel fortunate to have him here when we need him. Mrs. Dorothy Sexton
Excellent explanation of treatment for my deputrens' issues...talked me through a painful procedure which was extremely helpful!
So pleased with CORE and Dr Adamany and the level of care and truly caring about their patients and patients needs. Dr. Adamany truly gives quality care and takes the time to explain injury and necessary treatments to heal injury.
I would definitely recommend Dr. Abdul-Hadi to anyone and everyone who would need him. He is a caring provider who is highly knowledgeable in his field and gives you confidence in his decisions regarding your healthcare.
Dr Abrams is one who knows his patients and can speak to their physical conditions from memory; he doesn't ask the same questions with each visit, because he remembers the details about each patient. Very personable and extremely competent.
Made a appointment and went to doctor nurse took me back very funny little lady reviewed all my concerns very compassionate then dr. Comes in neck pain and lower back he explained everything to me setting up procedure as soon as possible appreciate the relief.
Dr. Adamany clearly knows what he is doing and what type of treatment the patients needs. I travel from the City of Maricopa, 1 1/2 hour drive to see him. He is very knowledgable in field of medicine. Will continue to see him.
Can't Thank Dr Abrams enough! Always goes Above & Beyond! EXCELLENT Bedside manners! Highly Recommend & Always Refer! Thank You Dr Abrams for All You Do!!!
Very Very likely.. He knows what he is doing...
I had transferred a medical condition from another state to Dr Adamany's pratice. Early morning appointment and 100 mile drive I was pleasantly met by a smiling staff. My medical records were supposed to be delivered to Dr. A's office by my insurance company before my appointment....this did not happen. Dr. Adamany went into my visit uninformed to my condition. Dr. Adamany was very attentive, pleasant and most proffesional while I described my condition and examination. Very pleased.
Met him just before surgery and found him attentive, sincere, and ready to perform the task.
Great doctor! Excellent bedside manner and very skilled and knowledgeable.
good man! had pain problems in both hands with trigger finger which i figure happens when you are 86. couple of well located shots and most of pain was gone. i most certainly recommend him. wally welsch,retired old guy.
When I fractured my shoulder in Nov. 2016, Dr. Bak was my immediate choice. I had a previous experience with Dr. Bak when he treated my elderly mother several years ago. Dr. Bak was kind, respectful, personable, and very knowledgeable. He put me at ease, was honest about my recovery, recommended a great PT when the time came. The entire staff, both Brighton and Novi, are easy to work with. I am very confident that I have received the best possible care.
Doctor Adamany fixed my right and left carpals and my hands don't fall a sleep anymore. There wasn't any pain and the whole procedure was flawless. I'm trying to come up with some other body parts he can operate on. Perfect in all aspects, keep up the good work.
Dr. Adamany was very pleasant, informed and helpful. I feel he was extremely helpful in working on my problem arthritic hand without extreme procedures.
Dr.Adamany is an extremely intelligent, compassionate and caring person. We are totally satisfied with the procedure and follow -up care we received. We highly recommend Dr. Adamany and Core Institute to anyone who may need this type of care. John & Bonnie Rigsby
Dr. Bak is very knowledgeable and thorough in his explanation of my condition and potential care plan. He consistently recommends the least invasive treatments first, but offers some visibility on the likely road ahead He has a great way of focusing on my questions and devotes the necessary time to make me feel comfortable and confident in my decisions. I would highly recommend him!
When my son smashed his finger last year, Dr. Adamany and the Core institute took such good care of us. He's friendly and kind and we really felt he did his best to make sure his finger healed properly. Two surgeries later, my son's finger had healed up great!
I was asked my pain level when I signed in. At that point it was one. However, it had been at 9 on and off. I did not have any xrays, MRI or other tests to see what was wrong. Dr. Adamany spent no more than 5 minutes with me. He told me because of my previous carpal tunnel surgery there was only a 50% chance that surgery would help. He did not suggest therapy or anything else to relieve my condition
Dr. Adamany is an outstanding doctor and my experience with him was nothing less than stellar! I would highly recommend him and The Core Institute!
Highly skilled. I highly recommend Dr. Adamany.
I was very pleased with everything that entailed my carpal tunnel surgery I was very happy with the short wait time at each appointment with Dr. Adamany. The results of my surgery are excellent.
I had 2 large full thickness tears in my rotary cuff due to an accident. Dr Bak did a fantastic job repairing my injury and the Core Institute PT team helped me regain full use of my shoulder. I experienced very little pain during the whole post surgery process and am very thankfull to Dr Bak and the Core Team.
Dr. Adamany immediately put me at ease by explaining the procedure for my surgery. His follow through after the surgery was comforting and everything went as scheduled including the healing.
I would certainly recommend Dr. Bak and his office to family and friends. He explained everything about what was going to happen to fix my dislocated shoulder. Referred me to an excellent physical therapy facility close to my home. He is friendly, was not in a rush to get out of the exam room, and answered all my questions in a manner that I understood. The office was clean and all the associates were polite and friendly.
Dr. Adamany and staff at CORE consistently provide no less than outstanding respectful, courteous, and professional service. I spent 26 years as health care provider and an administrator. This is the staff I wold like to have working with/for me.
Dr. Bak is an excellent Dr. & surgeon. He takes the time to understand my concerns. He is straight forward and realistic about options. Out of state central dispatch appointment scheduling is maddening, however, the Novi staff is very accommodating and professional. An appointment a month away is well worth the wait to benefit from his expertise. I recommend him to everyone!
Very satisfied.
I couldn't be more satisfied with Dr Adamany. My husband had hand surgery done by Dr Adamany & was very pleased. A friend had hand surgery by another Dr & wasn't happy with the outcome so my husband told her to see him & she is good as new now, so what does that say about this Dr. I am due to have my surgery in about 4 wks. I am looking forward to him fixing my trigger finger & my carpal tunnel.
Core is really top shelf from the appearance of the building to all the staff and doctor. I had a great experience and am going back for my other carpal tunnel surgery.
Dr. Adamany and his PA Brad are a great team. My surgery (trigger finger) was the easiest surgery I have ever had! It was virtually pain free and I have complete range of motion without locking in the joint.
Dr Adamany and I go way back to fifteen years of various hand, wrist and finger care. He is first class all the way and I consider him a friend as well as the keeper of my hands.
Dr Bak is extremely well versed in his profession. He has an excellent way of communicating the results of MRI and X-rays so that the patient can understand the problem. He takes the time to explain various options and puts the patient at ease with helping make an informed decision. Several years ago he performed surgery for a torn Achilles' tendon. The procedure was a complete success and his diagnosis was right on including the type of physical therapy needed. I highly recommend him.
I highly recommend Dr Adamany. In two different situations (broken right wrist and tendonitis in left wrist) where I found him very knowledgeable and willing to listen. Great bedside manner.
Dr Adamany was very friendly and encouraging with my hand diagnosis. His time with me, although quick and appropriate, was extremely efficient and educational. He has a wonderful personality and bedside manner.
Satisfied with treatment. Worked on my wife's wrist 4 yrs ago and three finger amputations on me.
Dr. Bak is an excellent surgeon. He takes time with you and wants to make sure your questions are answered. He listens to your concerns. The difficulty is that he is so good you may have to wait for a surgical date. My only complaint is with the CORE concept. Initially, your contact is all with people out of state. Once I got a local number to call, I felt more confident.
I would not hesitate to refer Dr. Adamany to anyone who is seeking a Doctor who is caring, spends time answering questions and explaining everything. Hu just makes you feel comfortable.
I found my visits with Dr Adamany very informative. He answered all my questions and explained all my options and then made his recommendation. My surgery was scheduled at my convenience and any questions were answered my his friendly and helpful staff. My experience with Core had been very satisfactory.
Dr Bak is an extremely caring physician. He is an expert in his field and does an excellent job in repair and replacing shoulders. I would highly recommend, Dr Bak, to any of my friends.
Knowledgeable doctor
All excellent.
I had him for 2 surgeries. I was very pleased that he took his time explaining my issue n explaining pros n cons of surgery. Was very thorough
Dr. Bak refused to give me an MRI but he wanted to only give me injections without a diagnosis. I had been in pain for months. He was very cocky and rude. I refused injections because I knew it was more serious than that. I left CORE and went to Michigan Orthopedic Specialist in Southfield and within one month I had an MRI, diagnosis of Rotator Cuff problems and a bone spur, surgery and regained 98% use of my arm. So sorry I wasted so much time at CORE. Dr. Claybrooks sent me to him. smh
Dr. Hadi reviewed my knee x-rays but didn't voice concern about the injury or my pain. Cortisone was injected in my knee which didn't help in any way. My dispute: Doctor had my x-rays which showed nothing. No MRI was ordered. He denied my request for something for my my pain. A subsequent MRI ordered by another doctor revealed multiple tears in my knee. My primary finally gave me something to take for pain until something corrective can be done by another knee specialist.
200 %
I had a total knee replacement with Dr Hadi when he practiced in Oregon. He did a great job, very professional and actually a nice person. I'm sorry he left Oregon but if I needed surgery I'd go to Phoenix to see him. Good surgeon and a decent ,caring person.
Hello, two months ago as I prepared for my hip surgery, realizing all I had was reviews from other patients. At that time there was but 25, today there are but four more. Now, I Know Dr Hadi, his assistant David, nurse Maria, Loren and the staff at the Core Institute are the BEST! It is also apparent, that not enough patients appreciate the blessings of a successful surgery. My surgery was scheduled for Wednesday at 7am, successfully completed I was walking that afternoon! God Bless Them All!
Unsatisfied in Novi, MI | Feb 9, 2017 Arrogant and rude, does not listen to his patients. Sent medications order to wrong pharmacy. One medication is not covered by my insurance, despite I asked to check my catalog. Stuff is impolite and rude. Avoid this place.
I would definitely recommend dr hadi I have 2 bad knees. I fell 2 times he looked to make sure no broken bones. he said my right knee needs to be replaced. I have blood clot issues I am scared of surgery. he discussed the procedure with me and how I felt about being put under . he was so compassionate and caring and explained in detail what he would do . I feel verry confident in his ability as a dr and surgeon because of the way he talked to me not at me he made me feel like he really cared.
My experience once I finally saw the doctor was fine, but they require you to be there early for paperwork, etc. and I ended up sitting there for two hours past my appointment time with no explanation or apologies. It definitely feels like a mill, running people in and out as fast as they can once you are seen, but getting seen can take hours even with an "appointment". I find this practice of overscheduling wholly unacceptable.
Waited 50 minutes past my appointment time for him to spent 5 minutes with me. Very poor bedside manner. Left with more questions than I came in with. Didn't explain things to me just told me what to do. I am sure he is a good surgeon but he really needs to work on his interaction with his patients. I regret seeing him, will not go back and would never recommend him to anyone.
He did a hip replacement for me for a hip that was soooo end stage I should have been in a scooter, cause I could hardly walk even with the walker. Seems he did a good job for me. Took me the 6 months to really heal, but I assume that was due to some strange thing with me that I still cannot figure out despite looking thru the net and talking with others. Regardless, I had no pain afterward, and found him helpful and caring as a Surgeon. Very pleased.
My chronic pain began in 2013 after I tried a partial discectomy with another dr. After several years of PT, nothing was improving, only getting worse. My legs were getting numb, my hips hurt, all on top of my back pain. I saw Dr Araghi and he was incredible! We looked at my scans together and he answered all my questions. Together we decided an anterior/posterior lumbar fusion would be best. I am now 3 wks post op and feel fantastic! I cried tears of joy at my follow up appt!!
From the first time I met Dr. Abrams I was blown away by him, and now years later I still recommend him to pretty much anyone I come in contact with. He is caring, professional, patient, and explains things in a way that can be understood. Dr. Abrams is aware of who his audience is and takes the time to explain your diagnosis, treatment options available, and any future . He is compassionate and an outstanding physician! Highly recommended. This review is well deserved, keep up the good work!
This man is a monster. No bed side manner, no compassion. Should consider a career change to police officer. If you see this man for help, I look forward to reading your negative review here.
Arrogant and rude, does not listen to his patients.
Went for a trigger finger. He was very realistic with his diagnosis and prognosis. He gave me several options. Then I went again for the same hand and again, he was very honest and gave me options. I have no problem referring him.
Dr Adamany is courteous...explains everything in layman terms and made me feel comfortable with my surgery and treatment...yes i will recommend him to my family and friends!
This guy has terrible bedside manner. Like the others say, he z is not compassionate at all, he will rush you in an out, it you don't have something straightforward or easy to diagnose he is useless.
This Dr performed a shoulder reversal surgery on me and accidentally broke my arm. This left me with no movement of my thumb and index finger until I went to another MD to have it corrected. I have been left with ongoing nerve pain and severe limitations with my left arm. I will likely be on medication the rest of my life because of this. I would NEVER recommend this MD or the CORE institute.
I found Dr. Mark Allen to be open, friendly, compassionate, caring and easy to talk to. He took the time to answer my questions and did not try to hurry me out of his office. I would definitely recommend Dr. Allen to my family and friends. I was able to get in to see him as a new patient within two days!
X-ray tech was inexperienced and lacked training to take x-rays of my wrist and hand. I had to give suggestions based upon prior x-rays taken. Dr. Adamany was unprofessional in his demeanor towards the reason for my visit. He did not go over the x-rays nor did him perform any sort of a physical examination of my wrist/hand. After waiting 20-30 min to see the doc, he ushered us out five minutes later after telling me "wait for your wrist to fail, then come back and I'll have something to fix."
He is very personable. He asks good questions and , more importantly, listens to the answers. I would not hesitate to recommend him to family and friends.
Dr. Adamany was the physician on call when my father needed emergency surgery. He was attentive, personable and skilled. His bedside manner is excellent. He demonstrated that he really cared about the my father's outcome and went above and beyond to assist his healing. Exceptional physician!
He is very,very, good. Explains everything in detail that a regular person can understand. He has helped me each time I have visited. I would highly recommend him to everyone.
I have been going to Bolz since 2014, after i played a pick up game. Dr.Bolz is not compassionate at all, he will rush you in an out, the whole time I was seeing him insisted I needed a hip replacement. Then 4 year's later after 6 cortisone shots and a mri i have a labral tear, and the Dr tells me he doesn't do those, so i continue to work until im schedule to see his colleague, meanwhile hip is so bad i call Dr to see if he could take me off until my next opmt. No, after misdiagnosed me.
compassion of a gnat if that; hair stood on back of neck... don't trust Core is way too arrogant anymore... will never go again
I went to my first appointment very scared...LOL. I need knee replacements and Dr. Hadi was AMAZING! It was so nice to leave my initial appointment reassured and happy. He is one of the very few doctors who has maintained the bedside manner which to me means everything. All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you! I am hoping to schedule my surgery for this fall...something I should have done 20 years ago but was too afraid. Also, the Core Institute staff is superb!!!!! Lori Dalaly
I would recommend Dr. Bolz. He did a knee replacement surgery on me in August, 2016 and it was very successful. Dr. Bolz is very thorough, tells you what to expect and will refer you to another physician if necessary. He has always spent sufficient time with me.
I went to Dr. Bolz for a knee injury. He barely spent any time in the office with me and asked very few questions. I felt that he was very short with me, especially when I asked for an MRI sooner rather than later, since I knew something was wrong with my knee. When I went for my results and follow up I again felt he was very short with me and he said he couldn't do anything operatively for me. I went for a second opinion and they found a tear in my meniscus, which Dr. Bolz missed.
I am very grateful that I was put in the care of Dr. Hadi. He has an excellent bedside manner, talks with you at your level and is incredibly empathetic to your situation and pain level.
Dr. Hadi is a very good listener, professional, and is genuinely concerned about your condition and discussing with you all approaches to remedying your problem. I do not hesitate to recommend him to family and friends.
Awesome surgeon! Actually listens to you unlike a lot of docs. He does not rush you out of the office and takes time to go over everything with you.
He is inconsiderate, extremely arrogant, he doesn't have a single ounce of compassion in his entire body! It was almost an hour past my scheduled appt by the time I saw him and he couldn't even apologize for being behind schedule. It was as if my time isn't important
Had the first double disc replacement in Arizona on my upper spine and a decompression on my lower spine with Dr. Araghi. To read other comments you have to understand that he is an expert in his field and that you have to do your own research on procedures and complications. He is straight forward and blunt, not someone who will sugar coat your treatment. Dr. Araghi thank you for everything.
When he started the appointment with no offense, but why are you here, I should have walked out. He then tells me I have degenerative back disorder and what do I expect when your spin is small and look at all the weight it's supporting. He said there was nothing he could do for me, and maybe if I built my core up it might help you won't see a physical difference, but it might help so it does get worse. Zero bedside manner and should not have to pay for that appointment!
Easy to talk eith, explains options besides surgery? Does not make patients wsit.
Dr. Bak never reviewed prior history. wanted to start injections and refuse to write a narrative to OWCP without a $400.00 fee, he finally completed a form for $20.00 The patient has a traumatic knee injury. Dr. Bak said he could return to his job (not knowing the state had taken his CDL due to the injury) he had his PA & MA sign his name and wanted to submit form to OWCP. He was the worst doctor, for private insurance he may be okay for OWCP ...Don't bother you will be sorry I was.
Easy to talk to; took his time and answered all of my questions. He explained things thoroughly but in terms I could understand.
Dr. Hadi was knowledgeable, patient, caring, and very willing to answer any questions pertaining to my need for total hip surgery. Surgery was performed Sept. 11, 2015, and I was able to resume all activities one month later. Dr. Hadi was chosen because he preformed the anterior approach to hip surgery necessitating less down time and improved recovery. I had been advised to seek a doctor who did the anterior approach, and Dr. Hadi was conveniently located nearby. He was excellent! Dorothy
If I could give 1,000 stars I would. Dr. Abrams was the first of three doctors and two PA's at Core who actually LISTENED to what I was saying about symptoms and pain in my hip area. I had 3 doctors from Core look at the same X-rays and give me 3 different opinions. He was the only one who actually felt the area I was telling everyone I had pain in and although not his area of specialty he got me in to see the correct specialist almost immediately. . Thank you for believing me, Dr. Abrams.
Incredible man and doctor. Knowledgeable, humble and has an excellent way of explaining a difficult concept. Highly recommend him and have referred several friends to him.
I had a knee replacement by Dr. Hadi about 6 months ago and I'm very satisfied with the outcome. I have been able to resume many of my activities and I am now pain free. My experience with Dr. Hadi was a very positive experience. I appreciate his knowledge and help in getting me to have a better quality of life.
I had artificial disc replacement between C5-6 and C6-7 on 09/08/2015 with the Mobic . I was satisfied with Dr Araghi's diagnosis. What angered me was his reaction to the fact that due to whatever he did during my surgery, I woke up with Horners Syndrome. Basically this condition is sensory nerve damage that caused my left eyelid to droop, the pupil won't dilate properly and I cant sweat on left side of my face. For a surgeon of his stature this should never have happened. Not his 1st Rodeo.....
I had a great experience with Dr. Hadi. I am recovering from hip replacement surgery and I am doing great in my recovery. I feel gratitude to Dr Hadi and I'm impressed with his knowledge, compassion and bed side manners. I highly recommend him to anyone.
I had two separate surgical procedures done to my wrist. Following surgery, I have not experienced any pain, only minimal discomfort from time to time. Both incisions seem to be healing quite nicely with minor scarring . Dr. Adamany's demeanor is pleasant and professional.
had one visit and one follow-up. condition is greatly improved.
Dr. Adamany was kind, listened to my concerns and outlined possible options for my condition. He took the time to explain his recommendations and the process that I could expect moving forward.
It was very good.
He was very honest in his assessment of my concern and his recommendation made good sense to me. At this time, he advised me to do nothing unless I have any further problems with the bump on my wrist!
Dr. Bak and his staff were outstanding in all areas: ease of scheduling appointment, warm and friendly welcome by all staff, his ability to listen and understand my injury and my wish to return to running/entering races again, his warm, professional, and reassuring manner when he visited me in pre-op, his visit and explanation of the success of my procedure to my friend who brought me to the surgery center (she is a former ICU nurse and thought he was excellent too!.)
Discussed my finger situation fully. All options of doing or not doing the procedure were explained. He made me feel like he cared and wanted me to be able to make what I thought was the right decision.
Very friendly and honest regarding surgical expectations as to outcome.
Dr. Adamany is very efficient and professional. He makes you feel at ease right away. He takes the time to answer your questions and explains your condition. I never felt rushed.
I was cared for with the utmost kindness and was informed exactly what the process for my surgery would be. I am completely satisfied.and thank you Dr. Adamant!
Very professional, concerned and a good listener. The Core Institute is exceptional in helpfulness in every area and has physical therapy on lower level. Very happy with the doctors and staff employed at Core Institute in Sun City West.
Being an M.D. myself, I have dealt with physicians for over 50 years. I was extremely well pleased with every aspect of my experience at your office.
Dr. adamant is genial and friendly in a very professional way. He is knowledgeable and clear in his explanations to a non-medical way which is helpful and inclusive. He gave me all my options and discussed them with me so that I could make a good choice for treatment.
He about killed my 75yr old mother and then shrugged it off. I hope to see him in the parking lot and see if he has the same attitude.
I would not recommend this Dr at all.
Dr Campbell did surgery on my ankle and my husband's knee. He is the ONLY doctor we will go to for foot/ankle related issues. Phenomenal physician!
Dr. Brown performed an excellent surgery on my left shoulder, that I am coming back for my right one soon. I would not think of choosing anyone else for my orthopedic surgeries.
Dr. Brown is a very caring person as well as an excellent physician.
Excellent experience. He was highly recommended and didn't disappoint. Discussed diagnosis and laid out a tratment plan. Clinic was very efficient
Great , listen to me, explaining in detail verbal and drawing to show me so I understand the process, follow up was the same, good information for me. His staff was also great. Good communication for me, Thank you all for the help.
He listened to how I felt.He was very efficient.
Mr. Clare was very thorough and efficient in diagnosing the cause of the pain in my leg and recommending treatment options. He listened attentively to my concerns. Although it was very painful to walk, I opted to try the simplest treatment first. It worked well. If I had another orthopedic issue, I would certainly ask for Mr. Clare and recommend him to family, friends and acquaintances.
Aaron has always, in every way, been attentive and caring. He listens, I mean REALLY listens, to what you have to say and takes his time to answer all questions you have. He even answered questions my teenager had about my care at my most recent visit with him. I would HIGHLY recommend Aaron for your care!!!
Dr. Campbell was very personable
Having spent over 30 years in the Legal field, and studying medical issues, I can Highly recommend both Dr. Brown, as well as the CORE clinics as "The Medical Pain care experts in Arizona", when dealing with Pain issues and the physical, mental, and social aspects that are all, (part of the issues a patient is bound to experience when faced with medical treatment for Pain). Dr. Brown, "Listens" and I believe truly cares about the care needed for the patient's best recovery.
As a physical therapist struggling with a torn elbow tendon , working to avoid going into debt, I sought Dr. Brown's second opinion at the Core Institute in Sun City. My first orthopedic MD was dismissing my input. He was very attentive and spent a considerable amount of time discussing options and relaying his opinion. His notes reflected and were accurate of my chain of events making appropriate recommendations. I highly recommend Dr. Brown! ***** Deborah McGrath
I was very impressed with Dr. Brown, he is informative and easy to talk to. he explained what he was doing and why. I am happy with my recovery so far and am very pleased with my CORE experience.
Dr Campbell has preformed so well on surgery for my knee and foot reconstructive surgery. He is caring and has been available in helping with pain issues. I would highly recommend him
The only doctor I trust with my knees and shoulders, and my kids!
Will recommend
I have seen Dr. Brown at various times for injuries to both knees for nearly 12 years. Dr. Brown has an impressive resume that is worth noting, but above that is a clear communicator that informs patients of their options and predictable outcomes. I have had 3 arthroscopic procedures performed by Dr. Brown - all with optimal results and without complication. As a "bonus," the CORE Institute office staff are highly professional, honest, and clearly act in the interest of each patient. A++
I would recommend Dr. Brown to everyone ! Personable, knowledgable, excellent listening skill, thorough explanations given ( not over your head !) and he even draws you a picture of your ailing area. Dr. Brown presents you with all levels of treatment available and assists you as needed in making an informed decision concerning your care.
Dr. John Brown is the best of the best...incredibly knowledgeable, professional, thorough, with a great bedside manner. Not to mention he's a gifted surgeon. As a very active person (trail running, tennis, mountain biking) I was ecstatic he fixed my knee (meniscus, loose cartilage bodies, arthroscopic procedure). He has my highest recommendation. Incredible staff at every level!
I find Dr. Daftari very patient, compassionate and helpful. He has always listened to me closely and is clear and willing to provide me with guidance. I have recommended by wife to the Core Institute and we both feel Dr. Daftari and the staff at the Core institute are great to work with. My wife has seen other local pain management doctors and raves about the wonderful treatment she receives from Dr. Daftari. I agree completely as he has always been great to work with.
Dr Brown is amazing. His bedside manner is top shelf and I believe he cares about people. I was so disappointed I was not able to have him for my doctor as he only does knee reconstruction and I needed a knee replacement. He's a great guy and doctor
Vary pleasant, attentive discussion.
Dr Brown is personable, extremely easy to talk to and he did a great job of repairing my broken humerus. I would recommend him always! What great doctor!
Dr. Brown is always at ease and comfortable about his choice of being an Orthopedic Doctor. Would recommend him to anyone....
Dr. Brown was very professional and friendly. He took time to get to know me. He explained everything to me so the best decision could be made. I didn't feel as though he was rushing me out the door so he could see the next patient.
Dr. Brown is one of the most caring doctors with whom I have had experience with in the last 40 years. He spends the necessary time with you and makes sure you understand what options you have available. I would incur travel expense in order to see Dr. Brown....that's how much I trust him.
I have been very pleased with all of the healthcare providers I have seen at the Core Institute. Recently I was seen by Dr. John Brown for a shoulder problem. I appreciated his thoroughness and the treatment options he offered. I highly recommend Dr. John Brown to all who are having shoulder issues.
I highly recommend Dr. Brown and his team for all your orthopedic needs. He does an excellent job of explaining the process and has a terrific team behind him. My surgery and recovery went much better than expected. Everyone at the Core Institute was very caring and concerned for my well being. I've had several surgeries and this was by far the best.
Dr. Brown is a caring an competent surgeon. I highly recommend Dr. Brown and his staff. In fact, my wife, mother-in-law, friends and fellow athletes have used and continue to use their services. And they too were please with Dr. Brown, PA Kyle Brooks and Holly.
Dr. Brown was very good at explaining what was wrong, how he was going to fix it and had very good follow up. He answered all our questions both pre and post operative. He also took extra time during surgery to ensure our daughter was well taken care of.
I had a total shoulder replacement performed by Dr. Brown. I am exactly 5 months post-op with 100% mobility an NO PAIN! I could not be more pleased with the results! I highly recommend Dr. Brown for this surgery.
I have been a patient of Dr Brown for a number of years. He is always very caring and helpful. His reputation from all my friends and neighbors is the same. I have recommended Dr Brown to any and all people that ask.I trust his advise and his ability to explain all of his decisions. His office is well staffed,always pleasant and courteous.
I have 3 doctors at the Core Institute. All are very caring and professional. Dr Brown and his staff have always been available if an emergency appointment is needed. He always takes his time explaining all options for my treatment. I would highly recommend him.
Dr. Brown was referred to me by a neighbor. Best doctor in the world and he genuinely cares about his patients. He listens to what you have to say, answers all your questions and takes his time making sure you are totally satisfied. I had rotator cuff surgery and I truly believe my speedy recovery was due to Dr. Brown's precision with my surgery.
Friendly and caring makes you feel at ease. I would never go anywhere else!!! Oh, one more thing, Dr Brown is a very very good surgeon.
I had a total shoulder replacement and Dr. Brown, his PA, and the physical therapists have all been outstanding! I'm only three weeks out from the surgery and I have had very little pain. I couldn't be happier with the outcome so far! I wouldn't hesitate to highly recommend Dr. Brown!!
Dr. Brown and his staff were spot-on diagnosing my shoulder issue. My surgery was done at Banner Del Webb, an excellent facility. My pain was so well managed, I had no post surgery pain, nor did I have pain at home, even after the prescribed painkillers were exhausted. I have recommended Dr Brown to several friends who have had surgeries done by Dr Brown and they are also fully satisfied.
I broke my hip on a Saturday and was transferred to Del Web from Wickenburg Hospital where Dr. Brown happened to be on duty and he had to wait until Sunday to do the surgery for an operating room. It has been 5 months and I am very grateful for being able to have Dr. Brown as I am mending very well. I am off the walker and cane and doing just fine. I would definitely recommend him.
This is the second time I have had an orthopedic issue and required Dr. Brown's expertise. I have a recurrent rotator cuff tear and wanted a second opinion as to its management. Since my first surgery with Dr. Brown and CORE we have moved to the Central Coast of Calif. I so appreciated Dr. Brown's care for my first surgery 5 years ago that we arranged to travel 580 miles to see him for a second opinion this time. I would highly recommend him to friends, family and strangers!
Top notch in his field and has an excellent bedside manner. He cares about his patients and not just about making money. Going to see him and having surgery was the best decision I could have made. I am very pleased with Dr. Brown and will be having surgery on my other shoulder later this year.
Dr. Brown and P.A. Kyle were excellent. After examining me and reviewing my MRI, Dr. Brown gave me the facts and let me decide on my treatment. I wanted to avoid surgery, so I went with the steroid shot and exercise for my shoulder. However, after a setback unrelated to the treatment, I was in pain and reluctantly asked for the surgery. I was scheduled as quickly as possible. Follow up after surgery was also good. They really listen and respond to your concerns.
Dr. Brown is my #1 go-to guy for shoulder pain.
I have seen Dr. Daftari on numerous times for injections in my back, neck and managing my pain. He is always very kind and truly cares about his patients condition. I have also seen several other Drs. at the Core Clinic and would recommend any of them. Every one there is very helpful. Sometimes you have to wait to see one of the Drs, but in my opinion it is worth it. I do not think I would go any where else for treatment.
Dr. Daftari listens to me and cares about the success of my treatment.
This was my 2nd visit with Dr. Daftari and my thoughts have not changed, he was very compassionate and took the time to actually listen, he is going to schedule my 2nd injection and I'm very competent this injection will give me the same good results. I think Dr. Daftari is an excellent Doctor.
Dr. Campbell. Did a orthoscopic torn miniscus repair..His professionalism is outstanding,takes his time to explain the procedure,very thorough in all aspects of your injury.......Surgery was performed at Banner surgery center,101 and Thomas........staff was very nice and caring ..
I had shoulder surgery by Dr Collins and could not be happier with my results. He is knowledgeable and personable. I saw several other doctors prior to choosing him and I'm glad I did! He did not try to force surgery right away like the others did. He gave me options.
This is the second time he's done my injections at the gilbert location and he's been patient and efficient, good combination when you can be a little nervous. Thanks
this place is horrible!! And this Dr. was unprofessional and not very helpful. Spend no time with me. It is VERY difficult to find a decent Dr here in AZ. I will never be back to this place. The medical assistant told me to walk down the hall and weigh myself. The XRAY tech never even asked me if I was pregnant. I can go on and on..... The front desk person SLAMMED the clip board down. Please know that this place is not good.
Dr Brown is a caring, compassionate and extremely skilled Orthopedic surgeon. He's gone above and beyond in putting my shoulder back to work. Second surgery , cutting edge technology. I can never thank him enough. Now I can do what I love and live again. Highly recommend...........
Dr. Campbell did surgery on my foot/ankle area twice about 2012-2014 . He put a screw in improperly & also did not properly remove bone debry from the surgery. The debry developed into golf-ball size pieces in my foot over the next months. So the PT did not help & I got worse. When I told him about it he just laughed & said we'd have to do another surgery to fix things. He then messed up the second surgery leaving me with severe permanent nerve damage & a limp. I now see another Dr. & pain Dr.
In Aug. of 2015, I had serious fall and broke the ball off in the socket of both my left hip and shoulder. Dr. DeComas performed a complete hip replacement and did a superb job. Over the past year, follow up visits have gone very well and I consider her a "Best of Doctors." I highly recommend her for anyone requiring hip replacement.
Saw Dr. Collins for shoulder issue, having hardly any range of motion. Appt was less than 5 minutes; he never examined my shoulder or asked to see ROM, but immediately said I had a rotator cuff tear & needed surgery. No thanks! I had to ask for options; he suggested injections for pain, but I had already stated pain isn't a factor, just weakness & lack of ROM. Nightmare trying to get MRI scheduled & had to handle myself; they gave orders for wrong arm & argued about it. Many issues! Beware!
this dr has very poor people skills. worst doctor i have ever been to. he needs to go back to school for more training on how to interact with his patients. not treat them like they are just another paycheck.
I am a very complex case with several pain conditions. He is compassionate, listens and takes action to treat the best he can you pain conditions. I have never had him cut me short or be rude in any way. He is competent in the procedures he does and I have had many other Pain Dr's that do not even come close to Dr. Deftari. He has been a savior to me! Sometimes he runs behind but that is because he takes time to explain and answer and ?s you may have. For that reason to me he is worth the wait!
Worst experience ever moody and acted annoyed! Went to him with arm and shoulder pain after a car accident took X-ray said nothing wrong if pain didn't stop in 1 week to return came back after 1 week told him my pain was terrible with use if arm ask if some thing may be torn & can he do mri said no because it didn't seem torn and it would cost me 1000$ for the test offer to do injection with a drug that I have have adverse reaction to got even more annoyed because I said I was concern about this
Dr. Brown is very professional and friendly. He made me feel at ease prior to my surgery and and also confident following the operation. I not only would recommend him as a physician, but I return to his care if I am ever in need.
His professionalism, credentials and bedside manner are second to none. He makes you feel so relaxed and at ease. I recommend him very highly. Five stars are not enough.
Very professional had excellent recommendations that worked well.
Dr De Comas Is great a great doctor!!! She explain everything to me, to be it show that she care about abut me.She always welcome me, and ask how I was doing? She listen me and if have any question,she answer them. I even my told my DR. Coulombe DR DE Comas, that I Trust to be my doctor. Thank You for caring!!!!!!
rude with an attitude,think that every one is at the Center for Pain Med,send client to physiotherapy with out looking at MRI,take is concentration away from is profession Young Doctor lack of experience,but still means well,this was my first visit will see what happen on the second visit
Dr. Collins fixed my severely broken leg and did an amazing job. He drew a picture of the surgery and walked me through the procedure. He answered all my questions and was very kind and considerate during follow-up appointments. I would recommend him to anyone who needed orthopedic services within his areas of expertise.
Very good surgeon - was willing to sit and explain the surgery and answer any questions. My outcome was better than expected.
Wonderful provider...his assistant was very helpful.
Dr. Brown was very knowledgeable and patient. Two years after an ineffective knee surgery from another doctor, I went for a second opinion from Dr. Brown. My original knee pain is gone and I look forward to enjoying sports and an active lifestyle again.
Dr. Brown is very personable and knowledgeable in his field. He did not rush me at all, drew diagrams to help me to better understand my problems, and clearly stated my options. I would most definitely recommend him to my friends and family.
Dr. Brown was excellent! He was very professional and did an awesome job on my elbow surgery.
have just had 2 office visits. surgery is upcoming.
Scheduling an appointment to see Dr. Brown is a challenge. Long wait time before getting an appointment. However, once you get to see him, you are more than satisfied with his care. Dr. Brown is a very good listener, professional, is frank but with understandable explanation(s), and genuinely concerned about your condition(s) and a conservative approach to remedying whatever issues you present to him. I have absolute confidence in Dr. Brown!
Good communication which made for a good outcome.
I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Brown.He is a true professional and very thorough.He has been my surgeon for both a shoulder and a knee surgery.He takes the time to explain the procedures and what you can expect post surgery.I felt very confident with both he and his team.
He helped me with severe pain in my left shoulder. He made certain to get an MRI on it to make a comprehensive diagnosis.
He read my therapist notes about my shoulder and knew exactly how to help me. We decided surgery was the best option after previous therapy wasn't enough. His bed side manner is great. He treats you with kindness and respect, and he listens to what you have to say.
I normally don't leave reviews, but our experience with Dr. Brown both before, during and after surgery cannot be described as anything other than exceptional. We really haven't ever had a doctor who was extremely skilled, has a great bedside manner, and is abile to clearly explain problems and procedures in laymans terms. My husband keeps calling him his new best friend. Haha! Thank you, Dr. Brown!
When I went to see Dr. Decomas (for the very first time) for my appointment, biopsy, on December 21, 2015 she was just not attentive but very caring and passionate of her patients. So much so that she makes her patients feel so comfortable and at ease. Thank you so much for your genuinely care, Dr. DeComas. God is guiding your hands skillfully and accurately for every patient you touch and for my upcoming surgery on January 4th 2016. God bless you and again thank you so much!
I would recommend Dr Campbell, in every way. He is very jovial, listens to what you have to say and recommends what you need. He has a very good bedside manner on day of surgery and makes you feel safe in his hands. When you go back for Post operative appointments he remembers you.
The Center for Orthopedic Research, The CORE Institute, began practicing in 2005 to deliver comprehensive Pain Management, Orthopedic, Podiatry, Neurology, and Chiropractic Care, one patient at a time. Our fellowship-trained physicians provide specialized care in the areas of the hip, knee, shoulder, wrist, hand, elbow and ankle procedures, sports medicine, arthroscopy, fracture management, orthopedic traumatology, complex articular cartilage restoration, orthopedic oncology, foot and ankle reconstruction, non-surgical spine care and pain management. Whether it's for work or play, we understand that you want to get back to your life sooner. The CORE institute team is dedicated to providing technologically advanced surgical techniques and rehabilitation in Arizona. Spanish

Fracture Care
Joint Drainage
Steroid Injection
Knee Surgery
Foot And Ankle Fracture Treatment, Open
Knee And Lower Leg Fracture Treatment, Open
Foot And Ankle Fracture And Dislocation Treatment
Hip Fracture And-Or Dislocation Treatment, Closed
Hip Fracture And-Or Dislocation Treatment, Open
Knee And Lower Leg Fracture Treatment, Closed
Hip Fracture And Dislocation Treatment
Hip Replacement
Dressing And-Or Debridement Of Wound, Infection, Or Burn (Incl. Negative Pressure Wound Therapy)
Elbow Fracture And Dislocation Treatment
Arm Surgery
Hand And Wrist Fracture And Dislocation Treatment
Shoulder Fracture And Dislocation Treatment
Trigger Point Injection
Viscosupplementation With Hyaluronate
Knee Arthroscopy
Elbow Fracture And-Or Dislocation Treatment, Open
Knee And Leg Fracture And Dislocation Treatment
Knee Replacement
Nerve Block, Somatic
Peripheral Nerve Block
Resection Or Ablation Of Bone Tumor, Partial Or Complete Resection Of Bone, Debridement Of Bone
Shoulder Fracture Treatment
Hip Resurfacing
Elbow Fracture And-Or Dislocation Treatment, Closed
Foot And Ankle Fracture Treatment, Closed
Hip Replacement Revision
Hand And Wrist Fracture Treatment, Open
Knee Replacement Revision
Rotator Cuff Surgery
Myofascial Trigger Point Injection
All Shoulder Or Elbow Replacement Procedures
Hand And Wrist Fracture Treatment, Closed
Excision Of Femur Or Knee
Foot And Ankle Ligament And Tendon Repair
Carpal Tunnel Release
Excision Of Tibia Or Fibula
Reverse Total Shoulder And Total Shoulder Replacement
Synovial Biopsy
Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery
Shoulder Dislocation Treatment
Trigger Finger Release
Partial Shoulder Replacement
Spinal Nerve Block
Elbow Replacement
Epidural Block, Facet Blocks
Spinal Compression Fracture Repair
Excision Of Scapula, Clavicle, Rib, Or Sternum
Foot And Ankle Dislocationtreatment, Open
Lamina Procedures (Incl. Laminectomy, Laminoplasty, Laminotomy)
Spinal Fusion
Spinal Reconstructive Surgery For Deformities
Acl Surgery
Kyphoplasty, Percutaneous
Wrist Replacement
Ankle Arthroscopy
Excision Of Radius Or Ulna
Herniated Disc Surgery
Revision Of Shoulder Or Elbow Replacement
Dural Repair Or Other Spinal Cord Repair
Elbow Tenotomy
Hand Or Wrist Tendon Transfer
Nerve Block, Sympathetic
Spinal Cord Stimulation
Excision Of Tarsal Or Metatarsal
Shoulder Surgery
Achilles Tenotomy
De Quervain'S Release
Elbow Arthroscopy
Emg (Electromyography)
Excision Of Humerus
Foot And Ankle Dislocation Treatment, Closed
Fracture Open Reduction And Internal Fixation (Orif)
Hip Arthroscopy
Knee Dislocation Treatment
Knee Ligament Reconstruction
Nail Avulsion And Excision
Shoulder Replacement
Wrist Fusion
Achilles Tendon Rupture Repair
Ankle Fracture Repair
Ankle Replacement
Ankle Surgery
Anterior Approach Total Hip Replacement
Arthroscopic Surgery
Disc Replacement
Excision Of Metacarpal And Carpal
Foot And Ankle Surgery
Joint Injection
Knee Tendon Repair
Nerve Destruction By Neurolytic Agent
Platelet-Rich Plasma Injection (Prp)
Achilles Tendon Reconstruction
Ankle Fusion
Dupuytren'S Contracture Injection
Eeg (Electroencephalogram)
Elbow Surgery
Epidural Steroid Injections
Facet Joint Injection
Foot And Ankle Reconstruction
Fracture And-Or Dislocation Treatment
Hand Surgery
Hardware Removal
Joint Replacement Using Alternate Bearing Surfaces
Knee Osteotomy
Minimally Invasive Hip Replacement
Minimally Invasive Surgery
Pain Management
Partial Knee Replacement
Radiofrequency Ablation
Reconstructive Ankle Surgery
Revision Of Failed Total Joint Replacement
Sacroiliac Joint Injection
Shoulder Cartilage Treatment
Sports Medicine Surgery
Supartz® Injection
Tendon And Bursa Injection
Tendon Repair
Total Joint Replacement
Total Knee Replacement
Ultrasound-Guided Injection
Abscess Or Fluid Incision And Drainage
Acetabulum Surgery
Adult Reconstructive Surgery
Advanced Tendon Reconstruction
Ankle Arthrodesis
Ankle Ligament Reconstruction
Arthritic Hip Reconstruction Surgery
Arthritic Knee Reconstruction
Arthritic Shoulder Reconstruction
Arthritis Surgery
Arthroscopic Joint Surgery
Arthroscopic Meniscus Repair
Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair
Arthroscopic Upper-Extremity Surgery
Arthroscopic Wrist Surgery
Bone And Joint Repair
Bone And Joint Replacement
Bone Density Scan
Bone Grafting
Bone Marrow Biopsy
Bone Regeneration Procedure
Bone Transport To Correct Length Or Bone Loss
Bunion Surgery
Cartilage Regeneration
Cartilage Repair
Cartilage Transplant
Celiac Plexus Block
Cervical Block
Cervical Epidural Steroid Injection
Cervical Facet Joint Injection
Cervical Medial Branch Block
Cervical Medial Branch Neurotomy
Cervical Spine Surgery
Chronic Pain Management
Computer-Assisted Total Hip Replacement
Computer-Assisted Total Knee Replacement
Device Implantation And Extraction
Distal Clavicle Excision Surgery
Employment Physical Examination
Epidural Block
Facet Block
Flatfoot Correction
Fluoroscopic-Guided Hip Injection
Foot Surgery
Gait Analysis
Ganglion Impar Block
Hammer Toe Repair
Hand Tendon Repair
Hip Labrum Repair
Hip Reconstruction Surgery
Hip Surgery
Ilioinguinal And Iliohypogastric Block
Image-Guided Hip Replacement
Image-Guided Knee Replacement
Injection Of Tendon
Injection Therapy
Ischial Bursa Injection
Joint Reconstruction Surgery
Joint Replacement Surgery
Joint Resurfacing
Joint Surgery
Knee Cartilage Implantation
Knee Cartilage Repair
Knee Cartilage Treatment
Knee Joint Aspiration And Injection
Knee Resurfacing
Limb Lengthening
Limb Salvage Surgery
Lumbar Discography
Lumbar Epidural Steroid Injection
Lumbar Facet Joint Injection
Lumbar Medial Branch Block
Lumbar Medial Branch Radiofrequency Neurotomy
Lumbar Selective Nerve Root Block
Lumbar Spine Surgery
Lumbar Sympathetic Block
Medical Branch Block
Metatarsal Surgery
Minimally Invasive Joint Surgery
Minimally Invasive Knee Replacement
Minimally Invasive Total Hip Replacement
Nerve Blocks
Nerve Root Block
Open Reduction Internal Fixation (Orif) Of Ankle Fracture
Open Reduction Internal Fixation (Orif) Of Hip Fracture
Open Reduction Internal Fixation (Orif) Of Metatarsal Fracture
Percutaneous Vertebroplasty
Peripheral Nerve Injections
Physical Therapy
Posterior Tibial Tendon Reconstruction
Quadriceps Tendon Repair
Radiofrequency Nerve Ablation
Range Of Motion Testing
Revision Of Total Joint
Rotator Cuff And Labral Repair
Shoulder Injection
Shoulder Reconstruction
Simple Fracture Care And Casting
Spine Fracture Treatment
Spine Surgery
Sports Medicine Related Procedures
Stellate Ganglion Block
Subcromial Decompression
Surgery, Trauma
Synvisc® Injection
Tendon Surgery
Thoracic Epidural Steroid Injection
Thoracic Facet Joint Injection
Thoracic Surgical Procedure
Total Joint Replacement And Revision
Total Knee Replacement Revision
Transforaminal Epidural Block
Ultrasound Guided Procedures
Uni-Compartmental Knee Replacement
Unicompartmental Hip Surgery
Upper Extremity Reconstruction
Worker'S Compensation Evaluations
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