Two years ago I was suffering from severe sciatica down the back of both legs. After trying other treatments, I had an MRI and was referred by my primary care physician to Rafath Baig, MD. He showed me the problem as it looked in the MRI, described what he could do surgically and asked if I wanted to proceed. Two years later, at age 84, I'm playing golf twice a week and working with our horses each day. I am totally pain free. I trust and enthusiastically recommend Dr. Baig.
When i went to Dr. Baig i was having headaches. and, finger numbness everyday all day. Six weeks after surgery headache and numbness free. Dr. Baig and his staff answered all my questions. Plus they handled all the paperwork my employer wanted to approve my short term disability. And, the paperwork to return to work. I would without a doubt recommend Dr. Baig to friends and family.
I'm so happy I chose Dr. Baig. After years of suffering back and leg pain I am now pain free thanks to him. Another doctor advised not having surgery because he said it could result in worse pain instead of being better. But Dr. Baig was confident in his method and it turned very well.
great doctor have had recommended him to 4 friends he has always looked out for me and my messed up back. i trust him over all the pain specialist i have ever seen
I was very skeptical of back surgery but could no longer stand the pain and my left leg was numb. Dr. Baig is straight forward and tells you like it is and what he expects of you after surgery. My surgery went well and I was home the next day. The recovery was not easy but you cannot give up. Do everything that you are told and hopefully you will have the great results I have. Being able to walk without a cane again and to work was worth it. Everything progressed as Dr. Baig had said
He's the best around!
I highly recommend Dr. Baig I had spine fusion surgery November 2016 and had a great experience with Dr. Baig from the first appointment he took the time to answer my questions and concerns regarding surgery it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made I feel so much better and can't belive that Im able to live a life pain free Dr. Baig has given me the opportunity to be the dad I wanted to be to my boys Thank You Dr. Baig
Dr. Baig performed spinal surgery on me in January 2017 & while this is my only surgery of this type, I am very impressed with Dr. Baig's knowledge & expertise & his ability to clearly discuss with me & my family the nature & extent of the procedure, as well as the prognosis for recovery. His surgical team is top-notch & his office staff are also extremely professional & helpful. If you are fortunate enough to have Dr. Baig treating you, I believe you can have complete confidence in him.
I went to Dr Baig with a upper back problem. While looking at my X-rays he found a major problem in my neck. He couldn't believe I had no symptoms from it. He said to fix this first then my second problem that I came in with. He said if in car accident and who lash could be paralyzed from neck down. He did my surgery. I am in great shape now, and it also fixed my other problem. He is a great doctor with a great staff. I would highly highly recommend him. He is fantastic!!!!
I am very very pleased with Dr. Baig!! He is a wonderful surgeon who really cares about his patients. Had severe spinal cord compression, buldging disc, pinched nerves, and severe vertebrae dis-functions. Had spinal fusions on December 19th. I am very pleased with my outcome. Would recommend Dr. Baigs!!!!!!
I am 6 month post op level 2 cervical fusion patient of Dr. Baig. I am very pleased with the prognosis so far. Before my surgery I suffered from severe spinal stenosis, debilitating migraines, and numbness in my left arm. Even though I am still healing, and a little slow to fuse through no fault of Dr. Baig, I am very happy to report a huge decline in my migraines, and zero numbness in my arm. Already I can honestly say that the surgery performed by Dr. Baig has been a success.
Had cervical stenosis of the neck and dr baig fixed me right up. I now have feeling in my arm and can move my head in all directions. I have not had a migraine since the surgery 3 months ago. I am confident in him to fix the rest of my back.
I had been to a "spinal treatment center" which recommended many adjustments which prompted me to find Dr. Baig which confirmed that I had spinal stenosis which would require surgery. The surgery was successful ending my pain in the lower back and legs. I am now doing light workouts at the gym and look forward to complete workouts soon. I highly recommend Dr. Baig and his staff.
I don't think you could find a better or more caring surgeon than Dr. Baig. He repaired a ruptured disk in my lower back and I am now pain free and living my life again. I couldn't be happier. I would also like to add that his staff was very welcoming to me and I appreciated that also.
Just had my second surgery with Dr. Baig. First on my neck and now on the base of my spine. I have nothing but good things to say about him. He is an amazing doctor. I have referred a couple of people to him and will continue to do so. I don't just trust anyone when it comes to my spine. His staff is very friendly and helpful as well.
I highly recommend Dr Baig as an orthopedic -spine surgeon. His confidence in his ability and surgical skills made me feel positive about the awesome outcome of my neck fusion surgery. He takes time to answer questions and explain procedures in terms that I could understand. His professionalism, intelligence, and compassionate manner are definitely characteristics that he exhibits with ease.
MRI showed a herniated disc. Was sent to Dr. Baig. After waiting 6wks, finally had my appointment. He didn't even speak of the findings. Told me no information at all. Recommended therapy and a pain specialist. The same exact thing my GP said before this total waste of time. Horrible bed side manner. Left in tears with a feeling of being uncared for.
I had a pinched nerve in my back and/or leg and was referred to Dr. Baig. He explained the x-ray and told me about my back. The pinched nerve did not show up, of course, but he explained other things. He recommended physical therapy and that helped immensely. He did not try to talk me into other intrusive tests and released me when I got better.
I had contacted another Dr. To review my MRI, who wanted 7-10 days to do the review. Contacted Dr. Baig in the morning and received an appointment and review for that afternoon. I am now 1year out from spinal surgery, 3 fused vertebrae and feeling great. No pain and back to normal activities.
Dr. Baig is a very caring doctor and has a great professional personality, very up beat with patients!! Would recommend him highly!!!
Two years ago I was really in trouble. My back pain was terrible and getting worse every day. After several very professional meetings with Dr. Baig we developed a strong trust relationship with him and decided to move forward with surgery as he recommended. We could not have made a better decision. Today I have my life back. 100% of what Dr. Baig said would happen actually happened. He and his office staff and surgical team are nothing short of fantastic.
I went to Dr Baig, hardly able to walk, I had such pain in my leg. He got me in immediately. After a fusion of the lower back, I had no more pain and it has not returned. He was very professional and thorough. I highly recommend.
Dr. Baig has been nothing but excellent to work with. I personally liked the fact that he did not want to "drug" the pain I was having in my back. Dr. Baig performed back surgery in 2014 with great success. I am back to doing all the things I did prior to my back pain.
Dr. Baig performed my neck fusion surgery. The result was excellent and beyond my expectations. He was very professional throughout the experience and I have full faith in his skills as a surgeon.
My problem was in the Cervical Spine, which included 2 bulging discs, pressing on the Spinal Cord, 2 vertebra rubbing bone on bone without discs and a lot of arthritis. I had no feeling in my hands. No upper body strength and needed a walker to stabilize my legs. My primary care physician sent me to a neurosurgeon. He said he would operate from the back of my neck, insert a drain tube and be hospitalized for 3-4 days. This would result in a lot of pain. I decided to get a second opinion. I saw
I have recommended Dr. Baig to many people after asking who did my back surgery. I have had great results with the surgery and now have been living the retirement I thought was impossible before surgery . I'm able to fly to visit family out of state and will be taking a cruise in May. Thanks Dr. Baig and all his staff
Had cervical spine fusion and it went great. Good communication with Dr. and staff. Concerned about my well being. Surgery was 3 months ago and just had my 2nd follow up. It is healing better than expected.
I had neck fusion done by Dr Baig, and had so much better results than expected. A great surgeon.
So glad I went to him, he explained my condition, what needed to be done in surgery. Always Takes the time to explain concerns I have. Great surgeon. Best of all my major pain in my back is gone. Dr. Baig and his staff are friendly always willing to help with any questions or concerns you might have. I highly recommend him.
-Donna Kinnick- I Had Spine Surgery February 17th 2016, When I Came To Doctor Baig, I Had Pinched Nerves. I Had Been Seeing A Chiropractor And She Couldn't Help Me After Several Treatments. She Recommended Doctor Baig. I Was Scared To Have Surgery But Was Tired Of The Pain I Suffered Everyday. I Am So Glad I Had The Surgery I Am Without Pain Now, Thanks To Doctor Baig.
I have had 3 previous back surgeries, the last one was a fusion, 16 years ago. Dr. Baig did another fusion on my back 3 months ago. Wonderful Doctor. I received excellent care from him & his entire staff. Yes, waiting times may be long, but he gives you the time you need to get all your questions & concerns answered. I am now able to do what I love. Playing golf again & walking. Would highly recommend Dr. Baig to anyone with back issues.
I was a hospital CEO for 31 years and have some experience evaluating a doctor. I am 67 years old and Dr. Baig did a fusion on L4 & L5. He was very up front about the pain, long recovery and the outcomes. He was 100% accurate with his predictions and after 6 weeks I am walking 3 to 4 miles a day. He has cleared me to ease into running and biking again. If I need orthopedic services again I will ask for him.
Dr. Baig did my surgery May 2014. I had severe scoliosis and went to him for a second opinion.And I am so glad I did. I knew I was in good hands from the first time I met him. He was patient,knowledgable, kind and very sure of himself. My surgery was no easy task. It was supposed to take 6-8 hours but ended up taking 14 hours!! I am now fused from T4 to S1 and virtually pain free. No infections, or complications and every check up since then has been perfect. I couldn't be happier. Thank you
Dr. Baig performed surgery on my back in May 2015, he was able to fix the problem another surgeon caused in 2009, I had been to many Drs. trying to find out why I had intense pain in my back and buttock, I had to live with the pain for nearly 5 years before I was referred to Dr. Baig, the surgery lasted 7 hours. The office staff has always been professional and helpful, I've never had to wait to see the Dr. I would recommend Dr. Baig to anyone that needs back surgery.
Dr. Baig is an excellent doctor. He goes out of his way to address a patients concerns. More than 2 years after lower back surgery, I still have no pain. Dr. Baig is an excellent doctor. He goes out of his way to address a patients concerns. More than 2 years after having surgery on my lower back, I still have no pain. I would recommend Dr. Baig to anyone who is ha back pain or is considering sugery.
Dr. Baig did a really great job fixing my back. I've had 2 previous spine surgeries before Dr. Baig, and I can finally say I feel like my old self again. My surgery was 12 hours long because he had to fix what the other docs did, but God blessed his hands. I highly recommend him for anyone with back problems.
Baig was to revise previous discectomy.We met several times-I asked if I needed to remove several titanium piercings in sensitive areas,he said no.Day of surgery,I'm prepped,IV placed. Anesth stormed in wanting to know why my piercings were not out-told him Baig said not needed, he stormed out.Baig arrived,accused me of causing issues.Anesth AGAIN stormed in refusing to do surgery because he had no cardiac stress test (but cardiac clearance).Baig hadn't asked for one but threw me under bus.
Wait times are long, but I also noticed that he spent a lot of time with patients. He spent over an hour with just me. Plus, hes the only one who sees his patients, so you'll always have an appointment with the dr. not an assistant. I had pain for years and since surgery I don't even have to take Tylenol anymore. This Dr. is definitely to the point and doesn't sugar coat a thing but shows a genuine concern for my well being. Hes a darn good surgeon and I trust him completely.
Wait times for scheduled appointments were excessive.I waited for over 1 1/2 hours from appointment time to be seen.. Every visit had excessive waiting times which caused extremely angry patients in the waiting room.
Office wait time is a real problem in this office. I have waited up to an hour and a half past my scheduled appointment time. Very aggravating Dr. Baig is quite knowledgeable and explains things well. I trust his skill as a surgeon or I would not have gone to hime for two surgeries.
Very friendly staff. Always very helpful willing to get all answers to your questions. Clean office. Dr. Baig is willing to spend as much time with you so ask any and all questions you may think off.
Dr. Baig is very knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. His office is very rigidly managed and rules are not flexible even when patients are traveling long distances. If it were not for him being trustworthy and knowledgeable, the staff alone would have scared me off.
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