He is kind and genuinely cares about me as a patient. He takes the time to listen to my concerns and we come up with a course of action together. I'm happy to have been referred to him. The entire office staff are great folks.
Dr. Gupta is the best. I have been seeing him for 2.5 yrs. I had a 100% blockage in my main artery. This man tells it like it is and is very reassuring. His bed side manner is awesome. To me he was a God send because I couldn't wrap my brain around what happened to me. Dr Gupta helped me to understand what I was experiencing and put it in terms that I understood. There is absolutely no way to express what he has done for me. Thank you Dr. Gupta. God bless you.
Dr. Bear is super thorough, extremely thoughtful. He spent a lot of time and asked plenty of questions. He sent me for testing that no one else had, where they detected a small aneurysm. He also followed up on my high cholesterol-certain drugs I cannot take due to the pain the statins cause. I liked my past cardiologist, he was just too far to go since I moved and I was highly reluctant to switch, but I am very pleased that I did. This is the way physicians used to be.
I started seeing Dr. Gupta in October of last year when my primary doctor called him for advice of an irregular EKG and Dr Gupta immediately left the hospital and came into my doctors office to see me. I was amazed that a doctor would do that. Since then I've been seeing Dr Gupta regularly for an irregular heartbeat. I was recently in the hospital for a hysterectomy and Dr Gupta called me after my surgery. He is kind and very caring! Most important he cares about his patients greatly!
I am either Dr. Damian's first or second longest patient and have always chosen insurance to keep him above all else it may offer. Luckily that was easy to do as he takes many insurances. I was born with Tetrology of Fallot when a fix/cure wasn't known and became Dr .Damian's patient years after 2 surgeries to correct it and I find him completely trustworthy, competent, helpful, kind, compassionate, professional and extremely knowledgeable. He ranks equal to the best cardiologists in the U.S.
Great experience, highly recommend Dr. Bhakta.
Dr. Espinosa visited me when i was admitted into the Thompson Peak Honor Health hospital over this last weekend. I had experienced a rapid heartbeat and very much like an episode i had 5 years ago. She ran thorough tests and my nuclear stress test came out negative which was great news ! I am following up with her and she was very kind and informative in the brief time i saw her. Looking forward to consulting with her in a month to carve out a game plan to stop these episodes from occurring .
He is very talented and experienced person. He treat his patient with full energy. I thank him very much. Yoseph k. Bekele Etbiopia.
This "doctor" is not worthy of her credentials. Would not send an enemy into her care.
Dr. Espinosa is always considerate, takes time to explore options, yet is efficient and knowledgeable.
Sometimes I have to wait 30 minutes or so but I know that Dr. Bear is giving as much time to his patient ahead of me as he needs to. I don't mind waiting because he never seems rushed when I am talking to him. He answers my questions and converses with me in a very patient manner, which I admire.
While he was running late it was well worth it. He is very forthright and listened and addressed all my concerns giving me a feeling he deeply cared about my health issues. I have two more appointments scheduled and will recommend him to none with heart issues.
I am deaf patient with pacemaker a defibrillator device, and is under Dr.Gupta's care, he is the best doctor I've ever met, and his treatment for me are at excellent based on his knowledge and understanding of my health issues, He relied on close communication with his patients like myself requiring sign language interpreter, Dr. Gupta proved to be the best doctor.
Dr. Bear is very caring and listens to his patients he discusses in detail the medication and what he hopes it will accomplish, If there is an issue with the medication he responds quickly to your questions and concerns. Very easy to work with.
He may not agree to take you on as a patient...even though it plainly says he is accepting new patients. Patient beware. This cardio group is not what it used to be
I have no hesitation in recommending Dr. Espinosa. My PCP suggested I see her after I was diagnosed with a heart murmur and the way that she chose to identify and check on the prognosis for my health through selective tests was totally professional. She has a charming manner and all of her colleagues both in her office at Princess Drive and elsewhere in Cardiovascular Consultants were friendly and helpful. 10/10.
Seriously one of the most knowledgeable and compassionate doctors I have ever met. After spending the last 24 hours in the hospital I was telling all my nurses how amazing Dr. Gupta has been.. Every single nurse said his treatment and respect of them Is equal to his compassionant bedside manner. Just love him.
I walked out of an appt. last week because after waiting 45 minutes I as told he wasn't even in the office yet! I made another appt. with him for the following week and after waiting 20 minutes, I overheard the front desk telling a patient he wouldn't be in for another hour if he came in at all that day! I busted out in tears. I have been waiting to get released for cardiac rehab and they offered for me to see another doctor later that afternoon. Unbeleiveable!
My mother and I are both seen by Dr. Gupta. He is so kind and respectful, especially of my 91 year old mother. I feel so grateful to have him as our cardiologist.
very personable. thourough and professional
I know Dr. Espinosa is a good Dr., but I was horrified by the M.A. that did my EKG, I was sitting up for it and she put on the leads on my chest and when she was done she yanked on the cords/leads all at once to remove them from me, startled me to say the least, seemed VERY unprofessional, one of them actually swung up and hit my face. I switched to a different Cardiologist.
Dr Gupta is absolutely the most respectful, kind and compassionate doctor I have ever seen. He expressed a sincere interest in my concerns and addressed them thoroughly. I would recommend him to anyone.
2001 MLK day had a heart attack. Dr Espinosa had a talk with my family and with me and told me that if I did not quit smoking survival would be slim. She had my hand in hers as she told me this then we went to the Cath lab. She verified the widow maker was closed with plaque and put in a stent. No problems anywhere else. I was a 2-3 pack a day smoker until she held my hand and said that was the cause. Her bedside manner is what saved my life. 48 hours later I left the hospital her model patient.
Very excellent and caring Doctor, she actually listens to the patient and did her research.
Dr. Lin is terrific! Great patient communication and great medical assessment. Very pleased with his care and recommendations. Felt very well cared for with his physical assessment and thorough review of my current issue, and he set me at ease with what was happening. Dr. Lin did not do a rush job, or zoom through my presenting problem. He spent the perfect amount of time. Would highly recommend him to family and friends. Staff, friendly, very efficient, and accommodating. Erma S
Dr. Phoc Le has been my cardiologist since had CHF early last year and I have always found her to be extremely efficient an knowledgeable. She is always ready to answer as many questions as you have, and does not treat you as if she is in a rush to get rid of you and see the next patient. Dr. Le is very caring and considerate medical professional.
great doctor who has a great way of explaining things and never puts any pressure on testing procedures unless necessary
I am an ICU nurse working with many doctors in all specialties. Dr. Karnik is the first to arrive and is attentive to managing the care of his patients, always accessible. I would trust him to my family, and there are not many doctors I could say that about. He is caring, and top notch.
This was one of the worst Dr. experiences I have ever had. He didn't listen to my heart, didn't look at the EKG I brought from the GP, didn't listen to me, and was extremely rude. I won't be going back!!!!
I was very pleased with the entire appointment
He's an outstanding cardiologist; very friendly and thorough.
Dr Pozun and his 55th Ave &Thunderbird Office simply do not care about their patients. The doctor prescribed a necessary medication for my mother, and when she ran out they refused to follow up with a holdover medication. The girl in his office simply refuse to believe that mom is out of her pills, even though I called twice and was put on hold for 20 minutes each time. They also refused to acknowledge my pharmacist requests for additional medication. They've been completely uncooperative.
I have been a patient of D. Lin since 2010 and he is an outstanding, caring physician. I would not hesitate to recommend him to others.
Dr Reinfeld's focus is not just getting you better from a cardio situation but also to keep you as healthy as possible. He is not afraid to confront you about your diet or habits. He is very knowledgeable but he also has the ability to explain intricate medical situations into easy to understand concepts.
Dr. Kirshner successfully repaired a mitral valve for my mom, who is 75 years old. He was informative, personable, kind and explained everything so that we could understand the procedure. He was confident, easy to talk to and showed compassion. He never made us feel like we were rushed when asking questions and stopped by frequently to check on her before and after surgery. Dr. Kirshner is an excellent surgeon and my mom had wonderful results. We are grateful she found such an amazing doctor!
I met Dr. David Lin an Operating Room when I was woke up from anesthesia. Dr. Lin & his medical team had put stents into my right coronary area & other areas. The following day I read Dr. Lin's well written & detailed report, that I took home with me. I read it 3 times to grasp what was written, because am not a medical professional. It was excellently written. A few months afterward Dr. Lin became my cardiologist. An excellent surgeon & cardiologist. Am honored to be his Patient.
I just turned 48. A month later I had a stroke. My aunt has Pozun as her doctor. He spent time not just 15 minutes and read my reports. He knows what caused the stroke. Not insurance does not cover my therapy but I won't have to worry about another stroke. Doctor Pozun cares. No other one did.
Dr Khera is very knowledgeable. He never makes you feel rushed during a visit. He answers all my questions in a way I can understand. Sometimes you have to wait past your appointment time, but based on my experience, it's because he doesn't rush people out of the exam room so he can see another patient. He stays until all your questions and concerns are answered. That is a quality you don't always see in a doctor anymore.
Dr. Lin was very personable, patient and answered all of our questions. He is very good at explaining test results in a way the lay person can understand. I would highly recommend him. We went there for my husband but I plan to make an appointment in the near future for a cardiac work up for myself.
Dr Lin is knowledgeable, thorough, personable, thoughtful. He is the cardiologist for both me and my wife and we both concurr. The entire staff at his practice are of the highest calaber. We've been visiting this group for about 3 years and that excellence has been consistent over time.
he is the best father ever!!! and a very hardworking doctor.
Dr. Kirshner performed Aortic valve replacement surgery on me in 2011. He did such an excellent job I was able to regain my first class FAA flight physical 1 year later. I would highly recommend him. If you would find yourself in similar circumstances or any required heart surgery.
Never felt rushed and Dr. Lin was always able to explain thoroughly all my test results.
This Dr. dismissed me as if I was a waste of his time, I am paying to see a Specialist not a nurse practioner. My chest pains are not a figment of my imagination. I have better things to do then to sit in a waiting room. He didn't even come in to introduce himself. But I could hear him at the door way talking to his NP. And when the NP couldn't answer my question she would go back out to ask the Dr. Thank you Dr. Mehta.
Dr. Khera was curt, professional. Listened to problem, gave little input, order lab/tests and vacated room very quickly. Doctor's FRONT office staff are not professional. Staff appear lazy, exhibit almost zero eye contact, very poor interactive skills. Front office itself appears messy. When doctor gave front staff labs and tests to process, staff gave little explanations and forgot to gave me my labs slips, whereas I had to return for this data after the visit. Went once and will not return.
This is my five star review for Dr. Kirshner. I had my open heart surgery on 4/18/2016 and had several valves replacement. My procedure was invasive, but his precise ability was top-quality which allowed him to complete my operation with ease. I am very particular person, especially since this was my first open heart surgery. I highly recommend him to any patient. He is professional, genuine, and compassionate. I have a second chance in life to be with my family because of him. In my opinion fiv
Dr. Prasad is an incredibly kind and compassionate man, and he is one of the best doctors I have ever had
He was kind but to the point and focused quickly on the problem
Dr Paik is very professional ,honest and have very good bedside manners I surely will recommend Dr Paik
Very thorough and competent. Excellent interaction with patients.
Very satisfied with doctor Paik as my cardiologist.
Very good Doctor, takes time and listens to patient. Explains things in easy to understand terms.
Dr Kirshner saved my life when others were recommending my wife look into to Hospice for me. He didn't promise anything but said he thought he could help. I trusted him and here I am 4 years later still alive and living a good life. Thank you, Dr. Kirshner.
Dr. Prasad was my husbands Dr. He took very good care of my hubby. I had many more years with him because of Dr. Prasad.
caring, accurate and devoted MD to his Profession and patients
Dr. Sandridge was unfortunately the vascular doctor assigned to me when I was in the hospital after my car accident . On a scale 1-10 for bedside manner she would get a ZERO. I have had a lot of doctors throughout my life and she is by far the rudest. She is cold and uncaring. I was in a car accident and she told me while I was in the hospital that the car accident was the cause of my injury. However, when I asked her to put this in writing for the insurance company, she refused.
Dr. Sandridge was unfortunately the vascular doctor assigned to me when I was in the hospital after my car accident . On a scale 1-10 for bedside manner she would get a ZERO. I have had a lot of doctors throughout my life and she is by far the rudest. She is cold and uncaring. I was in a car accident and she told me while I was in the hospital that the car accident was the cause of my injury. However, when I asked her to put this in writing for the insurance company, she refused.
Awful doctor - useless. Shouldn't even be a doctor - did not listen to me and was almost rude. I told her I was in pain and she just looked at me with a blank stare. Then - I read all the other horrible reviews about her.
Horrible bed side manner - if any. When asked if I needed surgery she said "it's up to you." Really? I didn't go to medical school - you did. I need someone who is caring and I felt like she just wanted me out of there. What an unintelligent remark - "it's up to you." Tell me yes or no - I am not a clinician.
Worst Doctor I've ever seen. Can careless about his patients.
Dr. Tran is a very personable person. He carefully explains procedures step by step and puts nervous patients at ease. Besides being gentle, he is an excellent physician.
misdiagnosed my unstable angina. Told me the problem was simply muskulo-skeletal, even though I was having chest pains for 6 years. Could have dropped dead anytime. This person did no follow up whatsoever. Ended up with a quadrupel bypass. Thank God the surgeon knew what he was doing!
Absolutely love this doctor. Very personable. Explains everything.
After a couple weeks, I ended up in an ER again with severe blot clots from a filter in my chest to my left ankle. It was touch and go from near death to possible loss of the leg. I cannot even call her Doctor. She hasn't earn it!
She's very knowledgeable about the heart and what techniques to incorporate to help it grow stronger. She's not afraid to let discuss your strengths and weaknesses. And her staff is wonderful.
Missed diagnosis of a very bad blood clot in my leg. I could have died!
I have been going to him for many years with my heart condition and vascular disease he is the only doctor I am now to make decisions regarding my help because he has compassion for my life I would recommend him he is a wonderful doctor in person
She is trust worthy she also is a great listener and she explains things so you all understand them
I feel so blessed to have found the perfect cardiologist during a difficult time. Dr. Win is a wise, smart, kind, no-nonsense physician who knows the meaning of the body, mind connection. She has been a God-Send to me. For those needing to judge Dr. Winn for anything other than the content of her character, her education, experience, success & expertise, I recommend you look IN your heart & then you can stop wondering why you have heart issues, as you release the bitterness from your life.
I've had 2 ablation procedures, both were performed by Dr. Tran. He was very professional & took time to explain the procedures to me and my family. A very anxious time that he saw my family and I through. It's been 4 years since the last A-FIB Ablation and I haven't had an episode since!
If you want sugar coated advice Dr. Thames is not the doctor for you. If you are proactive in your own health and want a straight shooter he is your man. We love his bed side manner and trust him to make the right decision every time.
Horrible bedside manner! Came to Dr with concerns of odd palpatations. On my follow up after having an ultrasound and holter monitor for 48hrs the week prior, Dr barged in while assistant took my vitals, leaving door wide open. Once alone w/him he started to tell me my heart was working as it should and got up and said "sorry, I have to take care of something and left the room." Came back to "prove" to me how my heart was fine. Made me feel insignificant and like I wasted his time.
I have had surgery by dr Smith three times. He is very caring, very knowledgeable, kind. He has been there for me when I need him. I've never had any problems of any kind after surgery. I highly recommend this Dr.
Dr. Siegel is the doctor I have been looking for. I came home after my appointment and after all we discussed I thought I'm going to take his advice. I'm going to change my life for me. He made very good points and made me feel important. He took the time to listen. I Highly recommend him to anyone. Thank you Dr. Siegel. Your new patient C. Velez
Ms Victor is very professional and knowledgeable, as well as the rest of the staff at CVC.
Very patient physician. No arrogance. No treating you like you're an underling. He's very thorough in his research and he will get to the bottom of your disorder.
She's a fine cardiologist with a common sense way of telling people how to improve their heart condition, in my experience.. She wears a stylish wardrobe and there is nothing wrong with that!
Dr Tran is patient, takes much time to walk me through my heart condition....Is patient, and very very kind....I highly recommend Dr. Tran for Afib problems... Michael D.
Dr. Thames is well educated, highly trained, and qualified. He is arrogant because he knows what he is doing. Some people may not understand his bedside manner. I would not trust anyone but him with my heart.
Dr. Win has been the cardiologist for myself and my 42 year old son for many years. She is very detailed in her medical assessment every time we go for an appointment. Dr. Win takes the time to listen to any changes in our health and also takes time to give us detailed information about medications or different tests. She is very professional and she will tell you the medical truth, not what the patient would like to hear politically correct. Roberto F. Sr and Jr, Glendale Arizona
I was extremely pleased with the personal care and concern I received from Dr. Siegel. He was genuinely interested in me as a patient and as a person, this quality in a doctor is so rare these days! I love a doctor that is in his practice because he loves it and not just to get a paycheck. Loved the attention to detail and overall care.
No way. Rude and condescending.
I have seen many other cardiologist in the past. I just happened to stumble on Dr. Win. I found her to be concerned about her patients. She listens when most dr's nowadays dont. She gave me her attention and answered all my questions. CVC office was helpful and courteous. I give it a 5 star rating for my entire experience. I do NOT reccommend many dr's to people but this one I will. NOTE: Since I live 4 hours away from Dr Win's office the staff accomodated me and sheduled to my needs.
I can't believe the comment about Dr. Win's attire. I always compliment her on how classy and modern her clothes are and tell her I wish I was young again and could wear those clothes! She always looks GREAT! That ridiculous comment must have been from someone who is either jealous or an old crank. Dr. Win always takes time to listen to me and has taken great care of me. Look at her ratings, very high! I just recommended her to a friend. Ignore the judgmental sourpuss review!
Her attire was better suited for a busy street corner than a medical facility. Nothing about her demeanor or verbal interaction suggests she cares about her patients beyond their ability to provide her with an income. She would be better suited for a vocation that does not include human or animal interactions.
Waited over 45 minutes for appointment, then after 25 minutes in examining room, PA said another 20+ minutes to look for my test results! At least one other patient walked out after a lengthy wait
Lack of skills.
Just going to make a very long story short..long wait time and long in between treatments. zero compassion, and the treatment to close a vein on my leg did not stay the vein re-opened as well as missing several other bad veins.
Ive been seeing Dr. Siegel for 13yrs and have always gotten excellent care. When other cardiology told me i had nothing wrong and to live my life, I new sometime was wrong. I seen Dr. Siegel who told me on I had MVP. I now live a quality life cause of him..
I think he is a wonderful doctor. He has a great bedside manner. I would absolutely recommend him.
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