This office has horrible customer service. The call system is not something user friendly. Never gets answered. The person that is on voice sounds like she hates her job or is very bored. Sad that the doctor is great, staff needs help. Patients pay to see the doctor which pays bills and your paychecks, seems like you should take more pride in doing a job for a good doctor. Would not refer due to staff, but for doctor yes.
I was seeing Dr. Belitsky for thyroid issues and found her to be a "by the numbers, not the symptoms" doctor and not open to discussion about other kinds of thyroid medications. After I changed doctors, I discovered that her office had charged me more than what my insurance company said was my responsibility to pay. I was instructed by her staff to write a letter requesting the refund. Three phone calls later, I received the refund check four months after I requested it.
Dr. Belitsky's office is poorly run. They do not answer the phone. Their mailbox is always full and you can't leave a message. Dr. Belitsky is thorough, although has very poor bedside manner. She has very limited emotional affect towards patients. She is unmoved by the poor treatment from office staff to patients. Very disappointing.
Dr. Belitsky herself is okay, but her office staff is HORRIBLE. Easily the worst office staff I've ever dealt with, and I've seen a more than my fair share of doctors in my life as a chronically ill person. If I could give this office zero stars, I would. They do not answer their phones at all, so if you have an urgent matter (or even a non-urgent matter), too bad for you! And, their voicemail boxes are always full so you can't even leave a voicemail!!!
By far the best endocrinologist I have seen yet. She bypasses the previous endo by 300%. She actually took the time to review my records, listen to my symptoms, and even physically examened me. As for bloodwork, she only ordered necessary tests, nothing too extravagant like the previous endo that got up into the $1000+ costs. So far very impressed.
She is knowledgeable and on point. She wants to find the best solution for her patients.
Dr. Belitsky is knowledgable, and kind. However her office staff is horrible The front desk people lie to cover each other, you can NEVER get a real person on the phone. I was hung up on by the medical assistant when I asked to speak to the doctor before I started taking a medication I was told may make my symptoms worse I would recommend Dr. Belitzky but it is not worth it if the people you come into contact with more then the MD are rude, untrustworthy, and have no compassion. RUN FAST
The doctor herself is intelligent, nice, and wonderful. Her office staff never gets back to you or your pharmacy, so if you need your medications to stay alive, DONT GO HERE.
The staff were very friendly. Dr. Belitsky was very professional and listened well. But as others have mentioned, it is very difficult to reach anyone by phone. I walked into the clinic to make my initial appointment. This is the only reason I gave Dr. Belitsky 4 stars instead of 5.
I have been seeing Dr. Belitsky for many years, and have never had a bad experience or complaint of her or her office staff. She has always been very attentive and caring. She listens and explains her suggestions and diagnosis. The staff has always been helpful and kind in the office and on the phone.
My first visit I felt the office and front office staff was rude and uninviting. After waiting a hour and a half to see the Dr. and explaining I had to pick up my son know one ever apologized. When the Dr. came in She said nothing about the wait time and was also cold. I made my follow up apt. for 9 am and on the day of the apt was told it was at 3pm rather then 9am and would be charged $50 for rescheduling day of even know this was NOT my fault but theirs!
DR. LYUBA BELITSKY, MD office is extremely unprofessional! They don't answer the phones nor give call back. I called on 05/11/2016 and voice mail box was full; I called on 05/12/2016 trying to schedule new appointment, left a message and didn't get a call back! Well what a wonderful doctor, when you cant even schedule an appointment with her!
Office staff never answers phone. When you leave a message they don't call back. I had an issue with billing after they only received 6 dollars of the 96 that I owed. What a coincidence that the bigger bills were missing. Very unhappy I will be requesting a different Dr. Just to avoid the staff.
Dr Belitsky seems to be better and more proactive with diabetes than with thyroid. When I asked for specific tests for thyroid she said I am not going to give you tests just because you ask for them!. these are blood tests that I'd pay for so why not? Argumentative. Domineering.
Dr. Belitsky is wonderful. She really cares about your over all health. I'm grateful my primary recommended her.

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