Dr Nagy provided excellent guidance and my laminectomy was a great success. What I liked about Dr Nagy was that he didn’t try to automatically move toward a spinal fusion solution and was able to determine very quickly that a laminectomy from L2 thru L4 would give me about 80% pain relief and would not compromise my back movement in the future. Aside from the immediate pain of the surgical procedure, I can report that my pain is gone and I now have my life back. Thank you, William Flader
Absolutely love Dr Nagy. He has always been kind, friendly, and easy to talk to.
Dr. Nagy was patient and understanding.
I first saw Dr. Nagy about 3 years ago at the urging of my primary care doctor. I mentally was not ready for surgery and Dr. Nagy listened to me. He did not pressure me and told me whenever I am ready - just give him a call. Well, I was not ready but my back was, so in July I called Dr. Nagy. Again he listened to me express my fears and calmed me down. It has been five weeks post-surgery and I now wonder what was I afraid of, I haven’t felt this good in years.
It was almost to the day when he said I would want to thank hi. He was right on the money and I no longer have the nagging back ache that had been taking all the fun out of my life for the last 5 years! He performed a PLIF on my spine, which was somewhat complicated as the L5 vertebra was in about 6 pieces. Excellent, Exceptional, whatever; words do not do justice. He did a great job. I am thankful he is here in Las Vegas, Thank you Dr. Nagy!!
I was referred to Dr. Nagy by my primary care doctor. I fell in a supermarket and fractured a vertebrae in my lower back. Dr. Nagy said we could wait and see if it healed on it's own,and if not, he would perform a procedure inserting cement into the fracture. Fortunately I didn't need the procedure. It took several months, but finally the pain is gone and I was released this week. Dr. Nagy is a wonderful doctor and I would recommend him. His staff is always courteous and helpful.
I received excellent care from Dr. Nagy for my recent back surgery. He clearly explained the procedures to be performed, provided a visual illustration, and reviewed everything the day of the surgery. He provided post surgery information for my wife and made continual follow-up visits while I was in the hospital for 3 days after the surgery. I was very pleased with Dr. Nagy and his staff; as well as his team at St. Rose Dominican-Siena Hospital. Thank you!
Being my first appointment, I arrived w/ my MRI in hand as requested. Dr. Nagy spent at the most 5 minutes with me in the exam room. Looked at my MRI and said Lumbar L4 - L5 Discectomy. I had to ask him what entailed in this type of surgery, that's when he picked up a prop and explained. Sent me over to America his scheduler. America is extremely unprofessional. Didn't make eye contact with me. Needless to say, I didn't use Dr. Nagy's services.
My name is Dawn and I was diagnosed with Cervical Myelopathy. I was headed for a wheelchair at age 49. Dr. Aury Nagy is so intelligent, he can determine at lightning speed what he needs to do for You. He has an Incredible Gift on the operation table. He is a very Blessed, Superb Doctor. He is an on demand Doctor & spends most of his life devoted to just that as you read this review : Surgery was Successful!! He has given me my vibrant health back!! :D I highly recommend Dr. Nagy!!
My husband has a Butterfly Glioma Brain Cancer. Dr. Nagy performed the biopsy on a Wednesday. After waiting the allotted time to have staple out ten day. Dr. Nagy had an emergency OR and couldn't make the appt. The MA Secretary called and wanted to reschedule for a week later because Dr. Nagy was in the OR and then would be gone for a week. Dr. Nagy was very nice in the hospital but this is unacceptable and his office Manager was not nice.
(1) He did surgery on my mother and left the hospital without speaking to the family to advise whether she had even survived the surgery. We sat for hours and finally asked a nurse who told us that the surgery was successful and Dr. Nagy had already left the hospital. (2) He does not communicate with patients or family members. (3) My mother is currently in the hospital and unable to leave, Dr Nagy was contacted to assist and refused, which as resulted is a week long delay in diagnosing her.
Terrible bedside manner. Does not listen and has terrible communication skills. Will not go back and would not recommend!

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