Have him as a Docter but never met him always nurse.
Very caring and very smart!
My mother has a pick line in her arm right now,delap is her doctor. She is sick for 6 days. While in those 6 days she called delap every day about it while she just told my mother she wasn't going to do anything for it. Friday she calls the nurse and the nurse calls dr delap because my mothers face is puffing up and she is blood red, dr delap replied with "I am so sick of dealing with this patient everyday!,etc.(screams)" I could lose my mother at 19 years old and all she cares about is her day.
Not enough attention given to my check up. If there was no up and coming issues, fine. But I learned way too much about his personal issues, including his meds. As a medical professional, having the patient have to redirect the conversation back to the patient's issues is unacceptable. Really hope he was having a bad day, as we all have them. You must separate your daily life to address the pts. issues. Would not recommend.
Dr. Cook always takes the time to address any and all of my concerns. He never fails to be thorough with all aspects of my care and treatment.
Started taking allergy injections at Dr Cook Office with William. Not only did we have to chase him down to get appointments, but for the last 3 months doing allergy shots we get a phone call on a Wednesday that the program will end on Friday (72hrs later). It has turned into a circle fiasco of finding a new provider that takes our Insurance as well as no one seems to want to pick up where Dr. Cook Office left off.
As far as infectious disease goes, this doctor will try find a cure. He is approachable, smart, nice, and has great bed side manner. Go see him if you have a problem that's hard to diagnose.
Dr. Zawada is the best one in the state. He is patient, nice, very knowledgeable, and super friendly. Dr. Zawada will perform tests to figure out what the problem is. I highly recommend him.
I took my mother, who is a senior citizen to Dr. Greenwood and he seemed irritated with her questions. So I asked him if he was, and he informed us both that it seems he has to repeat the same information each time we come. My mother told him that she was 78 years old and she doesn't always remember things. He said that he remembered that I was with her the last time she came and he said that I acted like I was also 78 years old and it seemed that I was having a hard time remembering also.
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