Best surgeon for carpal tunnel.
I have been a patient of Dr. Yocum's for 22 years. I've had 2 knee scopes & 3 total joint replacements. I've had excellent outcomes with every surgery. He thoroughly explains everything, spends time to answer all of my questions & has realistic expectations of his patients. I'm completely satisfied with my care & highly recommend Dr. Yocum for any orthopedic problems.
Dr. Yocum is a wonderful doctor and very nice man. He had done 4 surgeries on me and all have been great. He is the man I go to for bone and joint help.
As soon as I was informed that our daughter was having surgery, to be performed by Dr Yocum, on her right index finger the following morning I lookef up his reviews. They were not good & I stayed awaked most of that night deeply concerned about this. It was all wasted worry because this man was so nice, down to earth, concerned & very helpful when we talked to him before & after her surgery which went very well & could have been extremely serious. He was great - 5 stars !!
I have been seeing Dr Chi and Debra for 5 yrs every 2 - 3 months . I've seen Jordan once . All are very concerned and professional . Very compassionate team . I love that they listen and try to help me with my many issues . Good nursing staff and reception too. Wish I had found them earlier in my life .
My experience with this office and staff was top notch. My surgery was as successful as possible given the mess they had to work with. I am extremely happy with the outcome. I do not hurt anymore in my back!
My experience with him was deplorable. I was diagnosed with JRA at the age of 10 months, & it turned into full RA in my early teens. I'm now 29 years old, & I have seen several Rheumatologists in my time. I am having great results with my current Rheumatologist. His bedside manner was the worst of any doctor I've ever met. I waited over 6 months to see him, & he took all of 3 minutes to visit with me. He said I didn't have RA, & dismissed me. He was VERY wrong. I will NEVER recommend him!!!
Great doctor! he helped me so much. I could hardly walk and now im exercising daily. took time to explain my problem with me and my family. I highly recommend Dr B!
I have seen Dr Barnett x 2 and also have another appointment scheduled! Thank YOU so much! Under your care, you have given me the most pain relief that I've had in months! I do understand that I have a ways to go, but THANK YOU for your dedicated service and care!
I saw Dr Johnson for evaluation for surgery to fix a bunion and bone spur in my left foot which has been very painful. He was kind and caring and took time to answer questions and fully explain the procedure. So far so good and surgery is scheduled soon
I had a very good experience with Dr Chi and all of his staff. I went in there to talk about my RA. The only thing that he didn't really discuss with me was the bone spurs that I didn't know I had, and what I'm supposed to do about them. Other than that, everything about the visit was fine.
Dr. CHI humiliated me during my appointment. I'm a teacher with chronic pain due to autoimmune disease and herniated discs impinging upon nerves. While I was attempting to explain my symptoms, he started yawning incessantly, shaking his head no with a severe grimace and even covered his eyes with his hands in seeming disgust. I asked what was wrong. He said, "Too much information in an untimely fashion". I left in humiliated tears. My rapport with all other doctors is truly amazing.
I broke my ankle while roller skating. Doesn't sound like a big deal, but unfortunately it was. I was in my late 50's when it happened. I got to the ER at Baptist in LR and was seen about as fast as paper work will allow. Dr. Johnson evaluated my situation and splinted my ankle scheduled surgery for the next morning. My surgery went well. My after care was excellent, too. Thank you, Dr Johnson!
He doesn't listen. His mind is made up about what's wrong with you before he lays eyes on you. Didn't want to spend the time to send me to X-ray for full diagnosis. It's okay though I have good insurance so I have options with seeing specialists.
I love love love him and his staff. Especially Jordan. First and only dr that actually tries to help me. I feel lucky to have found them.
Very Pleasant!!! Everything thing was great. EVERYONE was AWESOME! Thank you very much
Dr. Capocelli is such an outstanding Neurosurgeon for Chiari Malformation that it IS going to be hard at times to get an appointment. You are going to have to wait in the office once you get there. You may be rescheduled. Do not let this deter you. He IS worth waiting for! He is by far comforting and reassuring about the process and he knows CM. As far as treatment it's been exactly as he has said from day 1. I feel like he has given me my life back!
This is the rudest Dr. I have ever delt with. He is completely unprofessional to colleagues and has an entirely to large ego. He also has no regard for patient safety. He does not take the time to talk about decisions and is to busy to worry about individual patients.
I was able to be scheduled for fusion for my ankle the day I met with Dr Johnson. I had a number of questions which Dr Johnson took time to answer each question. I am waiting to get my cast off. So far I have not had any pain from the surgery. I appreciate his openess and candor. Thank you Dr.
I was referred to this office through the ERIC. I went to the appt. Was informed that I tore my meniscus. I was unable to have surgery as soon As i would like but was able to walk and pain was fine. We'll I started experiencing pain in my leg and wanted an office visit while Dr. Gilliam was out of town. I called and asked the nurse was there anyone else that I could see while he was out of town. They weren't very helpful. I had to show up physically in the office in order to be seen. ??????
I have two daughters w/severe kidney diseases. We have had many doctors over the years. Neurology, Nephrology, Ortho doctors ect. in the past 39 yrs. I have learned, if you do not listen to the patient, you cannot help them. He was very aggressive w/my shoulder. I felt he did not care he was hurting me, even more. I was going to my knees with the pain he inflicted. My son which was present felt the same. I would not send anyone to him at ALL!
He is very rude and impatient - does not spend time need with patient - would not recommend anybody see this man
Dr. Johnson performed bunion surgery one my left foot. He did a great job and I no longer have any pain.
Great guy but it's impossible to actually get an appointment with him.
I had rotator cuff surgery on my right shoulder 4 years ago. I recovered completely, following physical therapy. I would recommend him to anyone. My husband had him for surgery, also, and he highly recommends him. He is very nice, friendly, and very skilled.
He is a very wise Dr. Explained everything to me and my daughter. Refered us immediately to another Dr. Who could manage her pain. He was God Sent. His staff was plesant and helpful. So glad I choose him for a second opinion. He is straight to the point and tells you how it is. Treatment was booked quickly and so were the follow up appointments.
I was actually there with an older relative who had hurt her back. The wait was terrible in both the waiting room and in the exam room. 2.5 hours total. As we went back to the exam room, I overheard Blankenship make a snide remark about finally a patient who was on time. And it wasn't us. The big problem is the amount of paperwork required to fill out upon arrival. The Dr did not listen and only asked questions. He was in a big hurry to finish. I would like to say much more but not given space.
Dr. Siems is an excellent physician. He has treated my whole family. From my father's broken hip, my mother's broken tibia, my uncle's shoulder surgery, to my shattered ulna. Not only is he excellent in the operating room, but Dr. Siems always takes time to explain the procedure in a way that is very understandable. Calm, cool, he just makes you feel everything is going to be alright. I couldn't recommend a doctor any higher than Dr. Siems.
Upon entering the office of Ortho Arkansas and Sports medicine in North Little Rock, AR. located on Richards Street I was immediately taken care of by the receptionist which sent me to fill out the initial Life Biography paperwork. Once this was all done and also need to remind you that I was basically a walk-in that was referred to Dr. Siems just 2-1/2 hours earlier. GREAT Staff/Great Dr. and my extra thanks go out to Larry (The initial Staff to see me) and Megan (Nurse) GREAT EXPERIENCE!!
Dr Siems is top notch! 5 starts not high enough recommendation!
I have used Dr Siems numerous times and I am always treated awesome!!!! He has never disappointed even for the small things, he is very caring>
Really took time with me from the first visit till my last one. Good ole boy from this area...and my surgery experience was a lot smoother than I expected. I got out of hospital the same day and I have had no pain. Great guy and great doctor. I send all my family and friends to see him.
I had the best experience at Orthoarkansas with Dr. Siems. I didn't wait long and all my problems were taken care of. I would refer anyone that asked to Dr. Siems! Great place and Great People!
Dr. Siems spent all the time in the world on me at my appointments and answered all my questions. He is a great orthopedic surgeon. All of his staff was nice and courteous. If you want the BEST in the business Dr. Siems is it!
Orthoarkansas and Dr. Siems are top notice best of the best orthopedic specialist!
Dr Siems and his staff at OrthoArkansas did such a great job with my son. He is back on the field playing ball stronger than ever after his knee surgery. I highly recommend Dr Siems for his great compassionate skill.
Yes my knee still tighten up. Leg still little numb from the block he put in. Had total knee replacement in October of 2014. I feel it is still something wrong with this knee. Not a satisfy patient.
I would absolutely recommend Dr. Miedema to anyone. He explained my back problem using laymens terms and provided concrete treatment options. He also performed my injection. He was excellent at letting me know all possible solutions and worked with me to choose the best path.
It is obvious Dr. Miedema was fellow of the year at UCLA. His knowledge and expertise left me knowing I was in the right hands. He is caring, attentive and a wonderful doctor -highly recommend.
Dr. Miedema is a highly compassionate professional who took extra time with me to make sure I fully understood my condition and treatment options. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking a great back doctor.
Dr. Paulus is not only knowledgeable but also caring and kind and was never in a hurry to explain my condition and answer all my questions.
Very friendly, down-to-earth doctor, who takes the time to explain exactly what your diagnosis is, how it is treated and expected prognosis. Very well informed, very likeable...GREAT BEDSIDE MANNER. Feel very comfortable and confident with him. Also very gentle in his exam of the affected area.
The very best. I had a double knee replacement and have walked 9 Little Rock Marathons and four out of state ones. Absolutely no knee pain.
I got lymphatic edema after a botched meniscus repair surgery. When he saw me my leg was obviously abnormal and he didn't inform me of what was going on. It just continued to get worse and worse until I saw a vascular surgeon who gave me prescription Ted Hose. I'm now able to work but my knee hurt's worse now than it did preoperative. I had my surgery in May of 2016 and now it's almost December.
Dr. Miedema is not only knowledgeable but also caring and kind and was never in a hurry to explain my condition and answer all my questions.
All my friends said injections won't help, but he is amazing. I had 2 injections in my neck and I feel so much better and his nurse practitioner Kim is so caring. I recommend him to all my friends.
Very pleasant and answered all of my questions! Would definitely recommend!! Office staff was very friendly also!
Horrible wait for awful ortho- the staff is wonderful. Doc Seims has been a horrible replacement for Kilgore! 1st visit was a shot in the knee - swelled to size of basketball and Siems told me that "it'll be just fine" went back 2nd time - never again!!!
I went in to be seen about my ankle that was broken. Instead of dealing with the issue of my broken ankle, he felt the need to give me a weight management course! He went on further to say how I'm going to break my husband down due to my immobility and having to depend on him as well as my crutches to get around. I chose not to give him any stars. It has been said that the first impression is the last and in this case, I definitely won't be going back there! Heartbreaking for me!!!!!
Poor overall performance.
Chelsey Trout was very professional and caring. She listen to my concerns and responded in a very nurturing kind manner.
I am a 38 yr old male with spina bifida. I recently had Dr. TULLIS re detether my spinal cord as well as drain a syrinx in my spine. The likelyhood of me walking again after surgery was very low however Dr. TULLIS COMPLETED THE SURGERY with above average results. It's been 3 months since surgery and I'm able to ambulate more and more each day. The surgery was not without its drawbacks but Dr. Tullis did an extremely good job and I would highly recommend him to ANYONE needing spine surgery!
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Excision Of Tibia Or Fibula
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Percutaneous Vertebroplasty
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