Dr. O'Connell has been FANTASTIC! I've recommended him to at least two people who are now his patients and have heard raving reviews from other friends. If you're looking for a primary care doctor who uses common sense, has a great bedside manner, and takes the time to LISTEN to your situation go see Dr. O'Connell. The staff has always been friendly and helpful and his nurse always gets back to me quickly. Great team!
Saw Gordon when my primary had no openings; had been to the ER, ENT doc,my doc and nurse due to weeks of excruciating headaches. He helped me with pain meds and referred me to a nuerologist. He was a breath of fresh air,down to earth,easy to talk to, explains things clearly. I was 100% at ease. He made me feel he genuinely cared, gave my 5 year old a fist bump and let him listen to his heart with his stethoscope, told me what a well behaved young man I had. Every doctor should have his demeanor.
This clinic is a ripoff. They charged me a very high flat rate ($200) for a procedure that took less than 5 minutes and cost less than $5 in medical supply costs. This was on top of the office visit fee. The billing is done through MANA so you have no contact with the people at the clinic once you receive the bill. Very unsatisfied with this clinic. No personalized care, as you are billed at flat fees and not based off what was actually done.
Dr Hennigan excels in two important areas: she listens to the patient, and her medical knowledge is broad and considerable. As a result she is an excellent diagnostician, and I have confidence in her work. In 67 years, the best GP I have experienced.
1st time seeing Dr. Baldwin. Of course nervous about new Dr. Made me feel at ease and that she cared. Very nice.
She was condescending and unhelpful. She was impolite and would not listen to what I had to say. I would never go to her again. If you are going to go to Mana, go see Dr. Gordon, he is the best!!!
I just moved to the area and met with the doctor over a month ago and was supposed to get a referral for a neurologist. I still don't have a referral. My medicine runs out in 10 days. I left messages in MYMANA web portal with no response. I left voice messages but received no response and no action. I tried calling neurologists directly but they won't see me without a referral.
Do not go to this clinic...lost med records twice...will not accept medicare...waited 3 weeks for appt. Only to be turned away because of medicare which they knew i had..patients beware...
Dr. O'Connell is a physician who truly cares about his patients. I am recently diagnosed with breast cancer. My oncologist said I did not need any blood work prior to starting me on meds with potentially serious side effects. It was Dr. O'Connell who took the time to have labs done and prescribe medications accordingly. When he is with you, you are is only concern. He takes time to get to know his patients. He follows up with a letter explaining lab results and adds notes of encouragement.
Best there is!
I saw her 4 times. The first 2 appts, I waited in the room 20-30 min, 3rd appt I waited 45 mins, and on the 4th, 1 hour and 15 minutes in the room. This may be more the fault of the First Care north, however, once in the room the Dr. seemed very short, and uninterested in anything beyond basic symptoms. She seemed in a hurry to get a list of symptoms and write a bunch of scripts rather than trying to diagnose what was actually wrong. Saw another Dr. and got physical therapy and better now.
Terrible. Dismissive, made me wait an hour and 20 minutes. Warned staff up front that I had several things to discuss, and then she got mad that the appointment lasted 30 minutes and didn't finish. The dismissive part was the worst. If you want someone who will listen, don't go to her.
While having been a patient with Dr Gordon for many years, I really like him - however, the office/practice is ridiculous to deal with. Staff is unfriendly, and it is impossible to be able to communicate directly with him unless you schedule and pay for an appointment just to ask him a question.
He is respectful of parents making decision for their children and doesn't push an agenda like so many pediatric doctors do. Dr. Gordon is excellent with children. My son (age 8) describes him as fun. Office staff is overall okay. HIs nurse, Gail, is very nice and competent.
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