With so many options in the Conway area I would certainly choose another option.
I've been seeing Dr. Massey since she started at the Conway Medical Clinic. She has provided terrific treatment, listens, helps to explore options and receptive to my choice of specialists should I need one. When issues with staff have arisen she has been helpful in directing me to the right person for resolution. The office is cold in the winter time.
Very friendly and helpful .
Dr. Massey is the best doctor I have ever had. I recommend her to everyone. Her nurses and staff are super knowledgeable as well as friendly.
Dr. Massey always listens to my problem, she is willing to take the extra steps and run the test to get the answer. I love the ease of getting an appointment and having a great doctor.
I don't understand the bad reviews. She's fine. I mean, she is a bit slow and you might wait a bit for her to see you (maybe like 15 minutes). Other than that though, she is very professional.
This subject is the worst medical provider i have ever had the misfortune of meeting. she is judgemental. she makes fun of you to your face and shames you. her preformance was so vicious and poor i filed a formal written complaint with conway regional. i would never recommend this person as a care giver. i will never refer to her as a doctor and i would certanly never see her for any reason again.
Ever spent almost three hours to see a doctor, spend some time talking and get home to find one of your prescriptions required a written one? I just had this happen. We had talked about it for over 10 minutes. I called to ask if I could pick it up and was told I had to come back for another appointment. I pay fully out of pocket. I already missed three hours of work......and his forgetfulness means I have to spend another $100 and half a day out of work?!
If you disagree with her on any subject she will refuse to see you again. Her communication skills are simply non existent. Very poor attitude. Without a doubt the worst service I have ever received.
Dr. Massey recently denied seeing my wife due to a unhealthy doctor / patient relationship. She was given no specific reason from Dr. Massey. After speaking to the clinic manager regarding this matter, Dr. Massey supposedly would not give her any specific reason either. Bottom line, you do it her way, or hit the highway. If you want some control over your own care, this is not the doctor to see. I feel it was very unprofessional of Dr. Massey not to give us a valid explanation as to why.
Excellent doctor and staff.
I think Dr. Lea is a wonderful doctor. He is friendly always has a smile on his face when he comes in. Asks how you are doing since your last visit. He is up to date on the new meds on the market and how they will affect you. I have seen a lot of doctors and none are a good as this one. If their is Doctor of the Year award, he should definitely receive it.

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