I have seen dr Boltz for the last 5 years. Within that time she has treated me for nerve damage back pain and leg pain. She give me my options and didn't push for a treatment. I have Been able to continue working with minor aches. I definitely recommend her to anyone with back problems.
I went to see this "doctor" when I moved to AL. I had flawless records from my previous PM docs and an excellent and responsible history where my medications were concerned. Yet, she treated me like I was a junky just pill seeking. She raised her voice and talked over me. Listen to the prompt when you call her office. Press 1 for billing. Press 2 for insurance. Press 3 for appointments. That should tell you what she cares about most! And her exam rooms are dirty and not private at all no doors!
This practitioner was abusive. She was manually moving my legs and arms in such a manor that is was an attack. I should have called the police on her. She screamed at me and called my primary to insure I wouldn't get any prescriptions filled. I have never been treated like this by a so- called professional and I would highly suggest anyone thinking of being seen by her to think twice. read all her other reviews which I should have done before I went.
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