He didn't even read my case sheet before he sat me down in his office so he was unprepared. He basically said I should lose some weight and get a dog and that was all I needed to get over my depression... I could have saved my time and gas if he was just going to make me feel more depressed .... If my therapist Mrs Barbara wasn't nice and knowledgeable I would never set foot inside grandview ever again!
I saw him in the nightclinic and it was a wonderful experiences and the staff was awesome. Highly recommend
After a few required visits with the therapist before I could be able to see Dr. Grant, I regret my first & last appoint. w/ him. Written in big red sharpie covering appr. half of my first page in my file, was I am deathly allergic (anaphylactic shock & after emergency treatment, caused first manic episode leading to my diagnosis) and that to never prescribe. He rushed, asked very little, didn't look/review at my file. He prescribed the med that I would die from. He's dangerous. Don't go to him
He doesn't listen or he isn't qualified enough to deal with children. He should see his patients more often than every 3 months. They want you to take your child to therapy and change therapists 5 times. Therapy isn't helping because the medications aren't working. The whole facility seems to be unqualified and very unprofessional. It's horrible!
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