While there are many reasons I can not recommend this doctor, the next to the last appointment is what drives me to write this review. After telling me that he would be "right back" to answer a question, I was left waiting in the exam room for OVER HALF AN HOUR! Then a nurse walked by the room and basically asked why I was still there. I told her I was waiting on Dr. Wright to which she replied "He WENT HOME FOR THE DAY, about 25 mins earlier!" Forgotten for over half an hour was the last straw
Dr. Howell started me on pain medicine for 3 years. He continues to push for increasing pain medications when I asked him not to. Then in January he fired me for unknown reasons. I have to go through rehab because I am now hooked on pain pills. I hope that others will learn a lesson.
Has anyone had any complications with this doctor? Everything with a 'friend' and their procedure has seemed rushed including the short period of time in surgery for a total hip replacement. I am concerned because, personally, I put my faith in a more credible establishment such as Vanderbilt or Semmes Murphy. None of my friends in the medical field have ever heard of this guy. I am worried.
I think dr Hovater is wonderful. However, I feel that the nursing or clinical assistant is very unprofessional. When I went for my first post op appointment 2 weeks after surgery, she told me to take off my dressings (which included a half cast) and she walked out of the room. I was very reluctant but I took it off. I do not think that is professional at all. My daughter works for an orthopedic out of state and she said she ALWAYS removes the post op dressing. Unprofessional for a nursing staff
Hands down, best shoulder surgeon in North Alabama
Extremely rude. Ordered MRI and Urine tests. Spent 5 minutes with me. In and out. Did injections that did not help. Charged hundreds of dollars that went to his pocket. Then fired me when I told him that I was not better. My chiropractor has warned me not to go there. I should have listened.
He has GREAT bedside manners and is just an awesome person and his staff is GREAT too.
Dr. Aaron Howell is very patient friendly. He listened to me very well and ask appropriate questions in order to help me. He made me feel comfortable while I talked to him. He explained my condition to me very well. He is working with me and he listens to me when we discuss my best options. He is helping me and I appreciate him for his direct honesty and his caring attitude. I am thankful for doctors like him.
Do not go to Dr. Howell or his father if you have a work related injury. He will always give you a negative report and works for the employer. He gets paid by them not you. He did injections that did not work and falsely accused me of faking my injury. I had 2 back surgeries after my work injury.
Broken right foot return visit. He said it was worse than he thought it was and removed the cast and gave me a cast shoe even though o ask for another cast. The shoe is very hard to wear and hurts my foot more. Also charged me for shoe and did not tell me the shoe was 32.00 my foot hurts more now than when it was first broke. Now my ankle on the same side hurts bad also and my left hip hurts.
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