very unprofessional doctor. We were very uncomfortable with the jokes and loudness and talking of all of the staff. Alot of it was private and negative things said about other patients. Then we were laughed at for asking about our daughters rash and fever. Not at all what we want in our childrens doctor.
I love Doctor Thorne, he is a well experienced professional who knows how to make you feel comfortable. I love him and will most definitely recommend him in the future.
He has been my mother's doctor for many years now. On several occasions, his decisions have saved my mother's life. Dr. Harrelson was a pharmacist before becoming a doctor. I believe that experience with drug interaction wa what saved her life. He told her not to take one of the newer drugs because the side effects would be detrimental. I really like his no nonsense way of communicating. He is straight, forthcoming, honest yet he is still compassionate. He's an outstanding Doctor!
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