Dr. Shander is caring, very considerate, professional, and trustworthy. Not to mention, extremely intelligent. He certainly takes his time with his patients exploring options without overlooking or under telling them pieces of information. I would definitely advocate and recommend him to others.
Although he is an expert in pacers and ablation, he has no interest in the patient. When asked if extreme fatigue, dizziness, blood pressure dropping, and incidents of pulse of 122 were due to pacemaker failing, he had no idea of what I was talking about. His response was a blank look and no answer. My husband has been a patient of his for 12 years, these events had been discussed with Dr. Shander's assistant. Apparently the doctor doesn't care enough to read his patient's chart
An excellent doctor, cares about his patients.
inserted replacement ICD. Stated lead placements were fine. Stated it is Institute policy to not issue new monitors until approx. 30 days post-op. The “old” monitor did not read the new ICD. Went 30 days without monitoring. Really doubt accepted standards of care were followed. Subsequent evaluation by another EP physician revealed one lead not in correct position. LONG wait times for 10 - 15 minute office visit.
Did not show any genuine interest caring for my husband with serious heart issues. Seen physician at new patient visit and not again until 16 months later at what proved to be our last visit by our choice. Extremely LONG wait times with 5-10 minute interactions. Husband routinely seen by his nurse practitioner. Group practice focus seems to be on volume and revenue. Annual visits for serious heart patients does not edit for reasonability.
He is the BEST, he will make sure you understand everything, always takes time with you, he is mine and my wifes doctor, without him and the LORD I would have left this world over five years ago
Incredible! Saved my life!
Excellent communicator and bedside manner. Outstanding cardiologist!!
This is a pathetic excuse of a doctor. He will absolutely ruin your life. Stay away.....
Dr. Lisy showed genuine concern. He listened to my issues and researched my previous medical history. I left his office feeling that I was being well taken care of.
Office wait was very brief and staff are friendly. Dr. Ramjee is great, he explains everything very well and makes sure I am comfortable with the plan. Great cardiologist!
I am blessed to have gotten to see Dr Robert Berglund. I liked him instantly!!! I was impressed mostly because of his bed side manner, and second his knowledge and the way he took the time to explain his findings and rekay them to my understanding. And then you will also encounter the best nurses ever. The front desk people were nice enough they just need to smile.??
On March 10, 2017 , Dr. Monroe and his team saved my life at Memorial Hospital . His confidence, manner, and approach to my emergency is not only greatly appreciated, but has earned my everlasting respect. Alex Emerson
Dr. Carkner genuinely cares about her patients. She takes her time to address all of my questions and concerns. She's warm and courteous.
Lack of coordination and inconsistent feedback, not following written recommendations, with/from other cardiology specialists (referred to); Interpersonal patient interaction stiff. Could be perceived as uncompassionate. Resultant in patient concern and confusion. Favorable experiences with other physician providers, including cardiology specialists.
He's very kind, listens to all you need to tell him. I have had excellent care from Dr. Fowler and his staff. ?
This man is my father's cardiologist. He is absolutely the rudest, least compassionate doctor I've EVER met. My first issue came the night he put a pacemaker in my dad. He had a consultation with my mom and me, and he gave us bad news. We had concerns we needed addressed, but in the middle of my mom asking a question he cut her off and said "I've been here since 6:00 am, I'm going to call it a day". He then got up and walked out. Since then, he has continued a trend of rudeness. DO NOT RECOMMEND
I liked Dr. Ledford at our first appointment, and even more as we worked out my heart issues, as I needed vascular surgery & there was a question about my heart's faction number. He followed up at the hospital after and ordered a pint of blood to help my recovery. He's interested in the type patient one is, and is a great listener.
Very capable and smart. Knows his stuff and shoots straight. Highly recommend.
He is the BEST.
Dr. Monroe is extremely knowledgable in his field of cardiology & excellent in cardiac stent procedures. He is very easy to communicate with & takes time to explain cardiac health care to his patients.
Dr. Fowler has been my cardiologist for the past 5 years. He placed stents in me after a heart attack. He has a wonderful manner about him and my visits with him have never felt rushed or hurried. A wonderful doctor!
I have been Dr. Hoback's patient for over 20 years. He is one of the prime reasons I am alive today to provide this review.
Awesome! Excellent physician with a lot of compassion!
Walks on water
Dr. Lisy is brilliant. I have had 2 open heart surgeries and living in different areas of the country have had several cardiologists. I feel very at ease with him and when I was hospitalized at Memorial he came to see me every day and has always taken excellent care of me. I would highly recommend him to my Friends and Family. To anyone who wants a doctor who is on top of all the latest procedures and is caring.
I thought I had what was a decent cardiologist, but after having switched to Dr Ramjee, I've truly found out what an excellent doctor is like. The level of knowledge, professionalism, bedside manner, ethics and any other criteria by which doctors are judged by, this doctor is tops! After years of not have a great cardiologist, I'm glad I finally have one that listens, cares and is an excellent caregiver who works to get you feeling better.
Listen to what you have to say very well
Recently had my first visit with Dr. Monroe. He was personable, listened to my concerns about being cleared for an upcoming knee replacement, answered all my questions, did the exam, and went over my current medications. He was thorough and has a staff to be proud of. They were welcoming, informative, and courteous. Will continue to use him as my cardiologist.
Communications within office and with patient are terrible.
I would highly recommend Dr. Bergulnd. He is very personable, friendly, takes adequate amount of time with you, answers all of your questions and explains everything. He is a very experienced physician in his field and is well respected by his peers.
She is excellent, very good in all areas
Dr. Ledford showed sincere interest in me as a patient and as a person. He listened to my issues and took time to explain my condition. He was recommended to me by two friends who see him and they've had great experiences with him also.
Staff is very rude and acts like patient questions bother them. Dr was very upset and rude because he had to return a call. Left me in tears.
My parents always told me, If you can say nothing nice, then don't say nothing at all. ...........
Dr. Ledford is a wonderful Dr. Not only is he a wonderful Dr. He is just as nice! Never to busy to sit and talk with you! We Love Dr. Ledford!!!!!!!!he saved my husbands life!
I have been to him twice and he let you talk, without interrupting you. That to me is something many Drs. don't do now days. His bedside manners are excellent. I see him again soon and so far he is the best heart dr I have had.I fired 3 other heart Drs. I think I will keep him.
Dr. Fowler clearly cares about his patients and has an excellent bed side manner. He is attentive, thorough and does not try to rush through the appointment. I would certainly recommend him to anyone in need of a cardiologist.
My husband was in the hospital with heart issues and Dr. Negus was the cardiologist that saw him. Dr. Negus was very patient, thorough with his explanations, gave us a sense of peace while we were there with his confidence, caring and intelligence.
Although I have been Dr. Ledford's patient for several years, my two recent experiences with him were unsatisfactory. I went in for my annual checkup, eager to talk with him, since I have had a few issues lately and had been denied the chance to speak with him a few weeks ago. Dr Ledford was in the office but turned me over to a nurse practitioner with whom I was uncomfortable because of his condescending attitude. I experienced a lack of compassion and professionalism, felt disrespected.
Dr Carkner is cold in delivery and communication, doesn't inform the patient effectively, and appears to worry more about her appearance than being a good Dr. I came away from Dr's visit with her with more questions than when I came in to see her.

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