Dr. James was thorough, extremely compassionate and the staff got me in very quickly. I was shopping for a new primary care physician- I've found him!
I can't imagine seeing anyone else. I meet her in Collinsville and followed her to Owasso. Her P.A. is great as well. They give you the time and compassion you deserve.
Today had a app @ Maloy, did not care for Drs. At all, too snooty and hateful and ,I will look for a nicer family Dr, they will not give me my med., very hateful!!!
Rushes in and out and has no time to listen. I came with 3 concerns and she got up and tried to walk out the door after answering the first. I had to stop her to ask her about the second and she answered the third as she stood at the door.
I find none of the criticisms that are made about her coincide with my personal encounters with her. She listens to me when I speak and has a pleasant personality. I feel she is more than competent as my primary care physician. I do think at times she is rushed but I attribute that to the pressure the system places on physicians to build up a large panel of patients. I would not hesitate to recommend her.
Dr. Laughlin is wonderful. I've been a patient for almost 30 years. He takes his time to explain things to you and doesn't try to rush you out of the door. He really cares about his patients and wants to do the right thing for them. I have referred many people to him over the years and will continue to do so!
Been with him for years------shame on me. Still poor, but you can get in on the same day you call.
I have been a patient for many years. Dr. Laughlin and his staff are always very efficient and professional. It is rare to wait longer than 10-15 minutes. Dr. Laughlin always takes plenty of time and listens well. I highly recommend Dr. Laughlin.
Shows no empathy for patient's concerns. Is not prepared to listen and answer questions. Incredibly abrupt manner and prioritises phone calls rather than the patient in the room. Seriously bad temper, hospital staff seemed nervous to contact her. Very poor follow up post surgery.
I was finally able to switch to Dr. Laughlin and I am so glad I did. I have never had a Dr. be so thorough and actually listen to what you tell them. My blood pressure was a little high when his nurse checked it and he rechecked it himself to make sure it was accurate. I have only saw him twice now and both times I waited no more than 5 minutes to be called into the exam room and he was in to see me in 5 minutes unlike Dr. Crotty who was my previous Dr. You will love Dr. Laughlin. He truly cares
Was my doctor for over 10 years!Then all of sudden doesn't want to prescribe a mediction to me anymore even tho he has for the past 3 years.Told me to "get over my pain and toughen up"very uncaring and unprofessional and the waits were sometime 2 hours long.Much much better pcp around Tulsa I wouldn't recommend my worst enemy to go to this doctor.
Dr. Coggins was very kind and professional. Excellent Doctor. Everyone on his staff was also very friendly and helpful. I would absolutely recommend him to everyone. Dr. Coggins takes all the time you need to answer all of your questions and concerns. He never makes you feel like he doesn't have time or doesn't care about your issues. I'm very Happy and pleased with him and his staff. Thank you all.
Dr.Thomas has a great bedside manner. She is straight to the point. She is very efficient and knows how to take care of her patients. In the past I felt like she was in a rush and didnt really listen but things have gotten better. I'm not sure if someone said something to her but she has turned the office visit into a better visit. I would recommend her.
Dr. Thomas has a poor relationship with patients. She will not answer questions, even after asking repeatedly. She either doesn't know or doesn't think as a patient one is smart enough to discern test results. She is condescending and belittling to patients and acts as is she doesn't have the time. Don't waste your time!!! On the other hand, the staff is great!
Rebecca Shephard literally saved my life, sending an Assistant out to the parking lot to tell me to come back for one more test. One hour later she told me to check into St John's Hospital where confirmed her diagnosis that I have a Pulminary Embolism. I was kept in the Hospital for 7 days. She identified my condition and the Cardiologists confirmed her diagnosis.
I had been seeing this physician for over a year with a few long term issues. He switched my anti depressant, which was working quite well to something to pacify my complaints of joint pain. I lost 30 lbs in 6 months and visited 4 times regarding this, twice with his PA, and nothing was ever done. His front staff *twice* withheld medication from me because I called and was running late to a refill appointment as punishment. This is not a caring nor honest man. Please find health care elsewhere.
Her bed side manner is horrible. She brushes patients off and sends them to an ER for radiology exams instead of calling radiology to schedule appointments. She is NOT a patient advocate! Beware!
He was very patient and concerned. Ordered tests and listened to me. He did not make me wait a long time to see him.
My wife was a patient of Dr. Gordon's, during her employment with Oneok, in Tulsa, we live in Spring, Tx. Unfortunately, Linda suffered a heart attack and we returned to Texas. But,... if not for Dr. Gordon and his fine staff (Daniel, Lashawna, Glenda, et al.), I doubt that our visit to Tulsa would have turned out as well as it ultimately did. Fine, fine people! And, Dr. Gordon is, without doubt, the most caring, the kindest, and genuinely nice doctor we've ever known. HIGHLY recommended!
Dr. Thomas's staff is very nice and friendly. Dr. Thomas, however, is not. She does not listen to you whatsoever and always seems to be in a rush. She interrupted me multiple times on the first visit but I decided to give her a second chance. She didn't even remember me even though it was only two weeks later and tried to tell me I needed the same tests I took last time. When x-rays came in, her interpretation of them indicated that she wasn't even looking at the right area of the x-ray. Do not.
He doesn't listen to what you have to say. If you complain about one thing he says well could be something else prescribed meds.without checking meds your on. Have gone to him many years. But plan to be changing. No one listens to you in that office.
I've been bringing my son to his practice since he was born, and now I bring my newborn to him as well -there's none better! He's always pleasant, considerate aND thorough. I've never been less than fully satisfied after every visit. His office staff is mostly very pleasant, I've only come across one or two unpleasant receptionists in the last 3 years. His wait times do seem excessive, half an hour or longer after the scheduled appt time before Dr. Gordon even comes in.
I understand why this doctor has low star ratings. She required my elderly wheelchair bound mother to do a follow up visit after being released two days from the hospital. Just to tell my mother she has gallstones and referring her to a surgeon. A 3 minute visit in which she could have authorized a referral through her assistant. Info my mother already knew from the doctors in the hospital. Advised she would call in two medications for my mom. Only called in 1script. DID NOT CALL BACK!!!
Dr. Higbee was a bit short tempered and impatient. He didn't respond well to questions and did not seem thorough.
She's taken good care of me and I appreciate it.
Great Doctor
My experience with Dr Gordon has always been pleasant, however I have grown very frustrated with his staff that answers his calls for appts and prescription refills. I have been awaiting a call back for several weeks regarding a fill for a prescription that Dr Gordon issued. They called in a generic which I have advised them several times with each call i make (and them advising me they have made a note in the.chart) but continue to send in the wrong prescription to the pharmacy (3 times).
Always treats you as if you are the only patient needing care. Answers all questions possible and is willing to find answers for you if none are available at the time.

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