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  • Jeanne Krajewski | Nov 4, 2019

    My experience with Dr. Singhal was excellent, and if you review the list of conditions he works with, you will find it is very broad. He carefully listene...

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    Dr. Peeush Singhal, MD

    This review is for Dr. Peeush Singhal, MD

  • | Apr 1, 2019

    Dr Lindberg listens to all of what you have to say. He treats you like an individual-treats the whole person. He's very easy to talk to, he gets to the pro...

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    Dr. Douglas Lindberg, MD

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  • | Apr 1, 2019

    Easy Going Great Guy, Had a discomfort in my elbow and called Dr Wood's office and they schedule an appointment next day, Dr Wood was extremely easy to tal...

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    Dr. James Wood, MD

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