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  • Montani | Aug 4, 2019

    Dr. Adkins did the surgery to replace both of my wife's knees. The results were fantastic! He is a very kind and skilled surgeon that my wife and I would r...

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    Dr. Clark Adkins, MD

    This review is for Dr. Clark Adkins, MD

  • Neil Kidd | Jul 30, 2019

    He did my anthroscopic shoulder shoulder. I feel wonderful and normal. I was in pain for so long, before surgery. I had heard alot of horror stories about ...

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    Dr. Paul Legg, MD

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  • | Jul 29, 2019

    Our family has been seen by Dr. Bailey for almost 15 years. Very professional and always explains things thoroughly. Always very prompt, never had to wait...

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    Dr. Justin Bailey, MD

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