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  • Now in Southport , NC | Oct 18, 2019

    Seven years ago, I could walk about 50 feet with a cane. After a totally successful lumbar fusion surgery with about 8 decompressions, I had my life back....

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    Dr. Moe Lim, MD

    This review is for Dr. Moe Lim, MD

  • Danny M. Smith | Sep 18, 2019

    I highly recommend Dr. Daniel Cavanaugh who who corrected a failed spinal fusion by another surgeon which resulted in ostsomylitis rendering me immobile a ...

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    Dr. Daniel Cavanaugh, MD

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  • Jon Durham, NC | May 31, 2019

    Dr. Merz performed a hip resurfacing and labral repair on my hip joint in 2019. After seeing 2 other orthopedic surgeons, he correctly diagnosed my problem...

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    Dr. Michael Merz, MD

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