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  • David | Oct 25, 2019

    Dr.Kaufman did an amazing surgery on my ankle, so good that I was able to walk after 5.5 weeks and I’m riding my mtb after 9 weeks without a physical thera...

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    Dr. Adam Kaufman, MD

    This review is for Dr. Adam Kaufman, MD

  • B. Soyars | Oct 7, 2019

    Dr. Steward is the best of the best. He cares as a doctor and as a person. He saved my life on 2 separate occasions with an excellent diagnosis each time...

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    Dr. Robert Steward, MD

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  • Angelica Pascual | Jul 15, 2019

    She is amazing. She is helping me while I am currently pregnant and I hope I can stay with her and my child can use her as our doctor!

    Dr. Marina Macnamara, MD

    This review is for Dr. Marina Macnamara, MD

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