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  • | Apr 4, 2019

    Dr Felix has provided me with consistent logical health advice and has managed my ongoing neurologically challenging condition

    Dr. Ana Felix, MD

    This review is for Dr. Ana Felix, MD

  • Patient IL | Mar 8, 2018

    We had an amazing experience with Dr. Henry. She ran in the hallway with our son, holding his hand the whole way. She explained everything that she did wit...

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    Dr. Julia Henry, MD

    This review is for Dr. Julia Henry, MD

  • Spokane, WA | Mar 6, 2019

    Lack of compassion is sad. Not wanting to put much effort into finding a diagnosis if it’s not in plain site not willing to put in the work to find a diagn...

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    Dr. Jessica Craddock, MD

    This review is for Dr. Jessica Craddock, MD

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