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  • Joanne Lakin | Oct 6, 2019

    Dr. Scholl was such a blessing and a huge help when my daughter was diagnosed with Lyme disease. When we met with her she was great about explaining how di...

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    Dr. Candice Scholl, ND

    This review is for Dr. Candice Scholl, ND

  • Kirk | Sep 14, 2019

    Great place to get back on track for dental care. Had a tooth extracted the other day, it was a boy!!

    Dr. Sameer Dogra, DMD

    This review is for Dr. Sameer Dogra, DMD

  • melodee mimasian | Sep 10, 2019

    I brought my 2 adopted children to Dr Patil with very difficult behavior issues and mental health problems. He was a God send. He not only treated them, ...

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    Dr. Jayakumar Patil, MD

    This review is for Dr. Jayakumar Patil, MD

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