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  • Thea Nabity | Sep 13, 2019

    Dr. Werner was my doctor for many years. He even delivered my first three babies. He always took time to listen to my concerns and address them. I moved ou...

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    Dr. Thomas Werner, MD

    This review is for Dr. Thomas Werner, MD

  • Kathee Demontforte | Aug 8, 2019

    Great experience. Friendly staff throughout. I had both wrists (4 weeks apart) carpal tunnel release. The surgeries went well, healing went well, I will te...

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    Dr. Scott Lemek, MD

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  • | May 8, 2019

    Dr. Sextro was very professional in his work. I was not sure to begin with if I wanted to do my hip replacement, but with talking to him and seeing my fina...

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    Dr. Gregory Sextro, MD

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