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  • | Nov 18, 2019

    Dr. Bono did my open laminectomy In October. I was scared, but it had to be done! I definitely recommend him for your spine surgery. He saved me from pa...

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    Dr. Peter Bono, DO

    This review is for Dr. Peter Bono, DO

  • Sismj | Oct 28, 2019

    He's very thorough with exams and he replaced both of my knees ('13 and '14). I'm doing well and glad I had them done! My quality of life has gone up since...

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    Dr. James Verner, MD

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  • Brenda N | Aug 14, 2019

    Dr. Higginbothom is the best! It doesn't even hurt when he gives me a cortisone shot in my knee.. He is a true gentleman with excellent bedside manners. A ...

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    Dr. William Higginbotham, MD

    This review is for Dr. William Higginbotham, MD

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