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  • Betty Lou Fuller | Aug 15, 2019

    Dr. Freilich took care of my late husband for several years and treated him like he was her dad. She is amazing! Smart, sensitive, kind and caring. I now g...

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    Dr. Felicia Freilich, MD

    This review is for Dr. Felicia Freilich, MD

  • Kathleen Mellen | Aug 7, 2019

    He is awesome. He is smart, kind, professional, patient and is a wonderful doctor. He once called me back from California when at a convention. Who does Th...

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    Dr. Kenneth Piva, DO

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  • Dana S Peterson | Jul 17, 2019

    Office visits were very informative. While in the hospital prior to and after surgery, Dr Kelty was certain to take plenty of time to answer all questions...

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    Dr. Patrick Kelty, MD

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