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  • Beverly Fall River, MA | Feb 27, 2019

    Dr. Smyth is a great doctor. After years of suffering she really helped me. She was the only one of the ENT's that knew what to do and did it. I recommen...

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    Dr. Mary Smyth, MD

    This review is for Dr. Mary Smyth, MD

  • MA | Feb 16, 2019

    Dr. Ward was my dad's oncologist, when he was diagnosed with late stage cholangiocarcinoma (bile duct cancer). Dr. Ward helped my dad and my family underst...

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    Dr. Peter Ward, MD

    This review is for Dr. Peter Ward, MD

  • New Bedford, MA | Aug 17, 2017

    I came into to see Dr. Stern about 2 years ago with a lot of discomfort in my throat I was diagnosed with silent reflux which is very difficult to treat. ...

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    Dr. Wendy Stern, MD

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