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  • Gwendolyn Allen | Oct 4, 2019

    First time meeting Dr. Trawick, he is very professional and has excellent bedside manners. I am so blessed by the great news of my condition and I would re...

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    Dr. Eric Trawick, MD

    This review is for Dr. Eric Trawick, MD

  • JoAnn Franktown, CO | Aug 9, 2019

    I feel so blessed to have been referred to Dr. Gupta for the severe stomach pain I was experiencing. He listened to what I had been going through and clear...

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    Dr. Maneesh Gupta, MD

    This review is for Dr. Maneesh Gupta, MD

  • Courtney Connor Erath , Louisiana | May 26, 2019

    Although I am in the medical field myself (medical assistant and EMT) he still explains to me what’s going on and his plan to treat my acid reflux and irri...

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    Dr. Jacob Karr, MD

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