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  • LeeAnn | Oct 7, 2019

    Dr Jerez is a “few and far between” doctor! She cares about her patients and their well-being. Dr Jerez believes in finding the problem and fixing it, not ...

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    Dr. Catherine Jerez, MD

    This review is for Dr. Catherine Jerez, MD

  • Joe Gordon | Aug 9, 2019

    Dr Rapp has help me to lead a normal life. Work Is so much easier now. My back was so bad I used to be on multiple pain meds and all the Dr did before Dr R...

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    Dr. Jeffrey Rapp, MD

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  • | May 9, 2019

    He was very helpful with me the few times i been to him , he seems to get rid of my problem quick .I will keep using him i have a ear infection pretty ofte...

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    Dr. Joseph Badeaux III, MD

    This review is for Dr. Joseph Badeaux III, MD

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