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  • Debbie | Aug 22, 2019

    Dr Dwan sees two of my grandsons the other 3 goes to the clinic in Bogalusa. Dr Dwan always listens to what we are saying before making a diagnosis we are ...

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    Dwan Long, APRN

    This review is for Dwan Long, APRN

  • Shantelle Johnson | Jul 9, 2019

    Dr Bettencourt has been our pediatrician for over 5 years. We would have went to him forever, but sadly he moved and will be missed. I found him on a site ...

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    Dr. Heath Bettencourtt, MD

    This review is for Dr. Heath Bettencourtt, MD

  • J Kevin Cooper Bogalusa , LA | Jun 15, 2019

    Dr Myers is thorough in his assessment and treatment of my condition. His goal is for me to have the least amount of pain to ensure a better quality life. ...

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    Dr. Thomas Myers, MD

    This review is for Dr. Thomas Myers, MD

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