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  • | Mar 31, 2019

    Unhurried, friendly, open discussion, polite, professional. Dr. Lewis has been my primary care physician for a number of years. No reason to change.

    Dr. Max Lewis, MD

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  • | Mar 24, 2019

    I have seen Dr. Smith for a couple of years, since my previous doctor retired. Other than the fact that she occasionally runs late toward the end of the da...

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    Dr. Holly Smith, MD

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  • | Jan 1, 2019

    Dr. Romero is one of the best! He doesn't rush you through like another number/paying customer. He genuinely listens to your concerns and won't push things...

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    Dr. Luis Romero-Cortez, MD

    This review is for Dr. Luis Romero-Cortez, MD

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