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  • Heidi | Sep 6, 2019

    After moving here and finding a pain management doctor to carry on with my pain management care, I must day the doctor’s and staff are very compassionate a...

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    Dr. Shazia Siddiqui, MB

    This review is for Dr. Shazia Siddiqui, MB

  • Wendy Brooks Lafayette, IN | Nov 19, 2018

    Dr Kamal helped me more, with my uncontrollable pain, than any other Doctor had before her! I just went through more tests with my Neurologist and he kept...

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    Dr. Saima Kamal, MD

    This review is for Dr. Saima Kamal, MD

  • B.L Michigan City, IN | Oct 17, 2018

    In my personal experience Dr Miller is one of the best pain management specialist there are. I feel that he truly cares about his patients and has your be...

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    Dr. David Miller, MD

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