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  • | Mar 27, 2019

    Dr. Cobb is a life changer! Thanks to his forward thinking medical practice and getting to the true cause of the issues, he has saved our daughter!

    Dr. Marcus Cobb, MD

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  • | Mar 25, 2019

    Dr Barger and his staff are always quick and efficient in getting you in and out of the office. Have been a patient for many years with no complaints. Alwa...

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    Dr. Shannon Barger, DC

    This review is for Dr. Shannon Barger, DC

  • | Feb 20, 2019

    Amazing, she has managed my migraines, degenerative disc disease along with many, many other spinal issues! Has taken care of my grandchildren and my daugh...

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    Dr. Leslie Glick, MD

    This review is for Dr. Leslie Glick, MD

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