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  • Lesley | Aug 8, 2019

    My visit with Dr. Soleymani was outstanding from the moment I walked through the door. You definitely get a sense that they care by the way the office loo...

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    Dr. David Soleymani, MD

    This review is for Dr. David Soleymani, MD

  • Marian | Aug 6, 2019

    Many family members (dad, maternal aunt... & I) had Dr. Ebert as their dermatologist for many years. He is a very respected doctor in this NW Indiana/Illi...

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    Dr. Terry Ebert, MD

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  • | Aug 2, 2019

    Great doctor, had an uncle with a heavy smoking problem for many years. We had seen many other doctors before who misdiagnosed him and we were unable to fi...

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    Dr. Satish Patel, MD

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