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  • Rachel Sierra | Nov 6, 2019

    After 2 falls, an MRI showed I had torn one of the tendons of my right rotator cuff. The first time I visited, Dr. Clark had a picture of the tear and took...

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    Dr. Jason Clark, MD

    This review is for Dr. Jason Clark, MD

  • William Carter | Oct 20, 2019

    The nerves in my lower back were pinched when I stood for over 5 minutes or walked for a block or two. Then my legs would become numb and eventually fail ...

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    Dr. Michael Dolphin, DO

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  • Nicholas E Langenderfer | Oct 11, 2019

    Total knee replacement surgery required for both knees. One down, the second already scheduled because of Dr Wynn's professional, easy laid back and patie...

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    Dr. Shawn Wynn, MD

    This review is for Dr. Shawn Wynn, MD

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