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  • Botelho's | Sep 9, 2019

    My family has been with Dr. Kevin Kurohara over 25 years. HE IS FAMILY. He goes above and beyond what any other Dr. will do. He is the reason our daughter...

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    Dr. Kevin Kurohara, MD

    This review is for Dr. Kevin Kurohara, MD

  • Cato | Sep 6, 2019

    Doc H is the best doctor I've ever had. Very refreshing after living in California and having every doctor treat me like garbage. Not judgemental, friendly...

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    Dr. Stefan Harmeling, MD

    This review is for Dr. Stefan Harmeling, MD

  • | Aug 31, 2019

    Excellent physician! Caring, thorough, spent a lot of time and answered questions. A little eccentric, but I think she's from CA so that didn't bother me...

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    Dr. Sheareen Gedayloo, MD

    This review is for Dr. Sheareen Gedayloo, MD

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