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  • | Apr 4, 2019

    Dr. Vaghela is wonderful. He is very honest,caring and thorough.After meeting with him twice I would definitely send my best friend or loved one to see him...

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    Dr. Mahesh Vaghela, MD

    This review is for Dr. Mahesh Vaghela, MD

  • | Mar 25, 2019

    Doctor and staff very caring, answered all questions to best of their abilities. I have a very complex medical history. Dr Gaudier worked hard to find out ...

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    Dr. Jose Gaudier, MD

    This review is for Dr. Jose Gaudier, MD

  • Danna Wilson | Nov 24, 2018

    Dr. Rubin and his staff is wonderful. They have helped me with so much. I am still dealing with my migraine's; but they are still helping me. I recommend t...

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    Dr. Jay Rubin, MD

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