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  • Ashley M. | Aug 16, 2019

    Dr. Weiand and his staff were great in treating my knee issues. He thoroughly explained all possible issues and treatment plans. The front desk staff were ...

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    Dr. Raymond Weiand, DO

    This review is for Dr. Raymond Weiand, DO

  • Norm B. | Jul 27, 2019

    He talks 150 miles an hour so listen closely lol, however he explained everything in detail and is an amazing surgeon. Is very well respected as a surgeon ...

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    Dr. Zakariah Mahmood, MD

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  • Katherine Devall | Jul 22, 2019

    Dr. Denard is an outstanding doctor. He and his team were amazing and took excellent care of me. My recovery is going awesome and would refer him to everyo...

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    Dr. Antony Denard, MD

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