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  • Dolly C. | Sep 11, 2019

    My visits are always informative and things explained clearly to me. I try not to take up a lot of time, but I never feel rushed. Dr. Kaul is one of the be...

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    Dr. Nidhi Kaul, MD

    This review is for Dr. Nidhi Kaul, MD

  • Ron Tanner | Sep 11, 2019

    Doctor repaired my left eye retina detachment on May 31, and my right eye retina detachment on June 26. I'm very happy to report that both eyes are doing ...

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    Dr. Robert Kraut, MD

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  • | Sep 10, 2019

    Dr. Jose Roman is a really good doctor. I went through quite a few to find him. Not only this but the office staff are not only friendly, but get back with...

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    Dr. Jose Roman, MD

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