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  • Tony Pranzo | Aug 21, 2019

    Dr. Benaderet is very quick when it comes to patients’ pain. He solved mine in no time. He is patient, considerate and willing to listen and laugh when y...

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    Dr. Steven Benaderet, MD

    This review is for Dr. Steven Benaderet, MD

  • Hartford, CT | May 17, 2017

    Dr Parnas has an incredible knowledge of medicine. Our family is waiting for him to reappear in a local practice. This is a doctor worth seeing!

    Dr. David Parnas, MD

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  • Denise | Jul 8, 2016

    She is amazing Doctor. She kind and patient and supportive with a wonderful professionalism. She recently left but I know she will be helping others in her...

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    Dr. Sally Ciron, MD

    This review is for Dr. Sally Ciron, MD

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