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  • | Apr 3, 2019

    Dr. Varanasi performed my breast cancer surgery. I have the utmost respect and fondness for her....Professional to a tee, but with empathy and a clear und...

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    Dr. Sai Varanasi, MB

    This review is for Dr. Sai Varanasi, MB

  • Amy R. Waterford, CT | Aug 17, 2018

    She is everything you need in a medical professional! Courteous, respectful, caring, professional and, it goes without saying, very knowledgeable about he...

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    Dr. Sapna Khubchandani, MD

    This review is for Dr. Sapna Khubchandani, MD

  • | Aug 12, 2018

    I owe so much to Dr. Caminiti. He’s helped me tremendously over the years and has improved my quality of life. Unequivocally an excellent doctor. Keep up t...

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    Dr. Stephen Caminiti, MD

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