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  • M. Horton | Aug 3, 2019

    I met Dr. Gibson 5-6 months ago to evaluate a bad shoulder. In June 2019, Dr. Gibson performed Total, Reverse Shoulder Replacement surgery. I am overjoye...

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    Dr. Scott Gibson, DO

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  • | Mar 28, 2019

    Dr. Martin gave me a total hip replacement and in every encounter he was warm and personable while answering every question with clear explanations and alt...

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    Dr. Cody Martin, MD

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  • Kevin Douglas Prescott , AZ | Nov 4, 2018

    Had ALIF at L5/S1 and artificial disc at L4/5. After several years of suffering and meeting many Drs, I was quickly comfortable in choosing Dr Hall for th...

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    Dr. John Hall, MD

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