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  • Robert Powell | Oct 19, 2019

    At the first appointment, well over three years ago, Dr. Kukunoor told me he was sort of a quarterback who directed his team as to my treatment. Well, I a...

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    Dr. Rajesh Kukunoor, MD

    This review is for Dr. Rajesh Kukunoor, MD

  • Elizabeth Farley | Oct 16, 2019

    Dr Patel is one of the best Physicians I have ever met. He is very honest and does not sugar coat anything. However he is most definitely very proficient i...

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    Dr. Sundeep Patel, MD

    This review is for Dr. Sundeep Patel, MD

  • Lupe | Sep 27, 2019

    Dr Wharton and his staff were very kind to me. These are the kind of people you need when you are going through a very emotional and overwhelming time in y...

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    Dr. Kurt Wharton, MD

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